Sam & Max Season 2

Episode 202: Moai Better Blues

Episode 203: Night of the Raving Dead

Episode 204: Chariots of the Dogs

Episode 205: What’s New, Beelzebub?


Episode 201: Ice Station Santa

ACT 1 (Teaser): unwelcome home
>> How do i stop the robot?
well first we need to confront the ting in person, go outside...
ok, now what?
2 ways to do this... force, or talking... try shooting it, or talking to it well force is not working, and talking to it is not helping either, now what?

you need to disable the robot somehow... do you happen to see any sort of a week spot? that wind up key on his back looks like it... but you cant reach it, can you get higher up? can go up to the office, but he is not facing the right way... maybe you can distract him and cause him to turn his back?
SOLUTION: talk to the robot and ask him one of the impossible to answer psilosophical questions and he will turn his back to think about the question... then you can quickly go upstiairs and grab his wind up key while his back is turned
ok... hes down for the count, what now?
go outside and look at the corpse


ACT 2 Revenge is a....
look around the outside of santas compund and go inside when you are ready to get your next seneraio (keep in mind that you cannot leave the north pole for this act, everything you need is here)

>> How do i get that gun off of santa?
well he is not going to talk to you, and he is not opening that door for anyone
maybe you can find a way around?
ouside the compund there was a chimney on the roof... it does not seem to come out in the workshop does it, maybe it leads into santas office
good idea, but i cant get up there...
you need something to climb on, look around the workshop and talk to the elves... maybe inspiration will hit

>> How do i make the green elf cry?
SOLUTION: talk to him using both max and sam and eventually you will find something that will hit him good and make him sad... when he is done, pick up the watering can of elf tears

>> ok i have the elf tears, now what?
they make plants grow to a tall huge size, know of a situation where that ability may help?
SOLUTION: use the elf tears on the tiny topiary to make it large enough to use as a ladder to the chimney

>> ok i am in the office, now what?
you cant get close enough to santa to get the gun off of him still, but you can look around his office to some degree, maybe there is something in here that may shed some light on why he is gone crazy
there is a parchment on the podium near the fireplace, have a look at it...


ACT 3: the fore horsemen
so santa is posessed by a demon... and we have a conveinant set of instructions to help, who would have thunk it?
>> so i need a record and four dolls, how do i get them?
>> lets take care of the record first
this is the easiest one to get, it is in santas office, on the shelf in the back

>> so where can i find the 4 horseman figures?
those dolls are part of a toy set, it is possible that santa gave them all out as gifts... go talk to the elves
you can now use the car and go back to the street, look around and it should not take long to find all 4 figures

>> 1st Horseman figure (C.O.P.S.)
the cops are offering this one as a custom part for your car...
Um, where are the cops this time?
they are in the garage next to stinkys diner
they want you to take a driving challenge first to earn it
this one is quite self explainatory... just run over 30 torture me elmers
ok i did it... where is my prize?
well they gave it to you as an upgrade for your car... check the desoto for it

>> 2nd Horseman figure (Jimmy two teeth)
jimmy has this one... it is the trophy he won while boxing
ok, where is jimmy?
he is the the remains of the maintron 9000
he wont give it up? and i cant get in there to him to beat it off him, what gives?
despite the maintrons size neither you or max can fit inside it...
you need to find something to go in there and do your dirty work for you... remotely
there is something at santas workshop that may help
SOLUTION: under the tree there is a boxing betty doll, you can use her to go in there and fight on your behalf... the controls of the fight are laid out for you,
where is jimmy, why am i fighting all these other rats?
he is the champ, you have to make your way up to him, 2 wins should make him mad enough to show himself... oh, and watch that right hook of his, its lethal

>> 3rd Horseman figure (Bosco)
Bosco has this one...
he does? where?
look around his "store" he has an x-ray over the counter of the package
ok... how do i get the package off him?
he does not know if that package is his mothers yearly bomb... we need to make up his mind for him
how do i convince him the package is harmless?
well, lets send him a bomb... that ought to make up his mind
how do i do that?
go to the north pole, and look at the gift options
there is no "bomb" that i can send to him...
does it really need to be a bomb?
just send him something that ticks
SOLUTION: select the alarm clock and use a tag from the table by the monitor to send it to bosco... then go back to boscos shop

>> 4th Horseman figure (Stinky)
stinky has this one... she is offering it as a prize for winning her trivia game
these questions are too easy
are they?
ok i think i have the right answers... but she always says i am wrong
stinky is a looser
what does that have to do with anything?
i just wanted to point out she is a looser
oh, ok... can you help me now
sure, 3 things should be clear to you by now... we need to cheat
... it dont matter what the answer should be... to her, its wrong
and... we need to trap her in a lie, have sam and max take the last possible answer
ok so how do i trap her in a lie
we need to know what the payers are going to pick, or influence what they are going to pick , and set it up so that the other 3 players vote differently from each other, so there can only be one "correct" answer for sam and max to take... i am going to have you handle each character at a time

>> how do i take care of sybils vote?
she is not easily persuaded, and you are not going to change her mind about her answers
so i need to know what she is going to pick then, but she wont tell me
sybil went to college... sort of, she is smart
SOLUTION: she always knows the actual answer to the question, she picks that one
so how do i figure out the correct answer
they are all obvious questions... the answer to all of them, is in the question

>> how do i care care of the bugs vote?
in talking to him, you find out that there is only one suggestion he always likes...
and he always only picks one answer anyways...
SOLUTION: he always picks "D"

>> how do i take care of abes vote?
abe really does not have a clue...
he is very open to suggestions
SOLUTION: he will vote for what ever you tell him to vote

>> ok so now i know how they will all vote, how do i set myself up to win?
well... the actual answer is always what sybil picks... and the bug always picks "D" so that leaves 2 options
SOLUTION: tell abe to pick one of the 2 left out answers, and take the last one for yourself >> ok i have all 4 figures, what now?
we have to do the exorcism... remember the instructions?
we need to place the 4 figures around a magnetic pole... know of one?
there is something magnetic in the workshop
SOLUTION: place the 4 figures around the magnetic north pole
now just play the record... there is a player nearby

>> the record is skipping, how am i supposed to know what to say?
it dont matter... the instructions say that we need to sing the song using personal detals of the demon
how do i learn personal details about the demon?
well most people just go dumpster diving and steal your personal papers you threw out... but we need to figure something else out
be a detective, look around the workshop... you should be able to find out about the demon
i see the box of goo... that must be how it got here and it tells where it came from too
how do i find out its name and its favorite game?
know of something you can play games on in the workshop?
check the elves computer
SOLUTION: its a blob of goo... from lower manitoba... its favorite game is minesweeper.... and it is the shambling corperate presance from 105


ACT 4: Scrooged
>> ok so i need the spirits of christmas... where are they?
well there are only a few items in santas office you could not get to before, have a look around now that santa is gone
SOLUTION: they are in the safe
ok so i need to make the spirits happy... how do i do that, and where did they go?
they are outside the workshop, talk to each and go through their portal to learn the sitation they want you to fix

>> how do i satisify the spirit of christmas present
we need to scare the bugs family away
by talking to them in the real world, you learn that they one respect and listen to one bug... their father
ok, but we know the father is gone, what now?
the bug will act like people if he is reminded of situations...
try siming you gun at him... maybe the smell of gunpowder will set him off
nope, hmm... you talked to him, what is his most vivid memory of his fathers passing?
wasnt it the smell of bleach... know where we can get some bleach?
SOLUTION: there is bleach in the yellow snow reclimation bin... grab a snow ball and use it on the bug in the dream world

>> how do i satisfy the ghost of christmas past?
we need to give past jimmy his boxing glove to give him a chance...
well present jummy has it... but i dont want to kill him to get it
we need someone else to talk him down...
like his wife
how do i get her out of the hole... she is hauled up in there
turning on the tv will make her think jimmy is slouching, and she will come out to scald him
ok, but i still nedd to catch her
we need some sort of trap... have you come across a rat trap yet?
no? well... maybe something else will do, something that traps rats
lke a maze?
SOLUTION: there is a maze under the tree in the workshop, use it on the rat hole... then turn on the tv to trap her in it... then pick it up and use her on present jimmy

>> how do i satisify the ghost of christmas future
well this time you have to save yourselves
seems they need a way out... any ideas?
maybe they can use some sort of vehicle... and dont say the desoto... thank about it, that would trap present sam and max at the north pole (and i doubt the lava will do that paint job much good)
we can use the sleigh then
well we cant push it... and it is low on fuel
so we need to get some fuel then.... how?
it runs on coal... know of something that can give you some coal?
check santas office...
the stocking stuffer can fill a stocking with coal, but we need a bad persons stocking to stuff... any ideas?
well everyone sam and max knows is on the naughty list... but santa has one type of person he really hates
liars... do we know a bold faced liar?
stinky.... but how do we get her stockings?
well... talk to her, you may get a hint
her feet hurt? how can we use that?
remember what the gift choces were that you can give people?
one of them was a foot bath
SOLUTION: go to the workshop and send a footbath to stinky... she will take her socks off and leave them on her counter... take one of them and put it in the stocking stuffer.... then use the coal filled stocking to fuel the sleigh

>> ok we got all 3 ghosts... now what?
SOLUTION: well... use the spirit bottle on the corperate presence demon


ACT 5 (conclusion): Covering fire
santa still has that gun huh?
>> so what do we do?
we could just shoot him... but nah, thats too easy... and you would all complain if i just told you to do that... blah blah
ever watch tom and jerry? or road runner and wile-e-coyote?
ever hear of a ruth goldberg contraption?... ever play mouse trap?
starting to get an idea?
lets work it backwards... see something near him that could take him out?
yep... the flounder pounder... but we need to load it remotely
that cannon is a good source of ammo...
shoot the canon with your .44 to set a ball in play...
it just flys over the gift machine though.... out of my reach
well... put something in its way to bounce off of
press the gift computer to drop a box... shoot the cannon again
well now it bounces off of the trampoline, not nearly far enough across the room though
see anything that can carry it across the room?
that bomber looks it it will do... but the switch is all the way over there
um... shoot it? (not like any more bullet holes in this place can hurt)
try to stop the bomber over the trampolene... and see if you can get a cnnon ball to land on it...
got one? good... now start it again... and this time, try to stop it over the flounder punder... if you miss, try it agian




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