Sam & Max Season 3: The Devil's Playhouse

Bron Telltalegames

Episode 1: The Panel Zone

Act 1

Our story opens with Sam & Max, the stars of this particular intergalactic drama, caged in the clutches of General Skun-ka'pe—the power-mad Space Gorilla—while he gleefully unleashes destruction and havoc on the hapless citizens and light aircraft below in his bizarre spacecraft.

With the narrator's words already rapidly fading from your short-term memory, you might have missed him mentioning Max—that naked, hyperkinetic rabbity thing—being in possession of newfound psychic powers. Let's employ these abilities to acquire the proper tools for escape. Sam—he's the clothed, six-foot-tall canine shamus—needs his trusty (but currently unreachable) gun, as well as the cell phone that Stinky—Skun-ka'pe's apparent "shaven queen"— is using, but he's confined to the physical space behind the cell's bars. You can control Max by selecting the icon on the screen that bears his frightening visage. Do that now.

Once inside Max's mind, you'll find that "control" is a term used loosely when it comes to this particular lagomorph. You can't really move Max around in this mode, but you can select one of his psychic abilities from the colorful array at the bottom of the screen. At this moment, the only ability available is the one resembling a toy rotary phone, so go ahead and select it. It turns out that this plaything represents the Teleportation ability, and it allows Max (and also Sam) to travel to the location of any phone whose number he has memorized. Select "Stinky's Cell" by choosing her face on the rotary dial. This will transport Sam and Max outside of the cell, and Sam will grab his gun and fire it at the General, which achieves very little.

Sam & Max won't be able to contend with Skunkape without the right tools. Fortunately, there's a homing beacon in Sam's inventory that will help solve this problem. Examine at Sam's inventory by selecting the box icon on the screen. Then select the Homing Beacon, and choose the "take out Homing Beacon" option. Use the homing beacon on Skunkape, and you'll find that Sam can't quite get the device on the General without being seen.

From above, a disembodied alien brain chides them (telepathically), but then offers some help, in the form of a new psychic power toy. Examine the display case using Sam, which will unlock a new ability, Rhinoplasty (taking the form of a putty-like substance shaped like a nose). Enter "Max Mode" again by selecting the Max icon on the screen, and select the Rhinoplasty toy. This ability allows Max to take the shape of inanimate objects, so look around for a suitable disguise. Use Rhinoplasty with the "fine art" displayed on the wall, and then choose the wad of putty Max is holding in his hand. Max will take the form of a potted plant; switch back to controlling Sam by selecting the badge icon with his face on it. He can now walk closer to Skunkape without being detected, thanks to his newfound leafy cover. Use the Homing Beacon on the ape—open your inventory, select the beacon, and choose the "take" option—and then use the Remote Control in your inventory (open inventory, select the remote control, and then choose the "activate" option). This will open a portal to the Penal Zone, but alas, Skunkape won't be bested quite so easily, and he clutches tightly to the ship's bridge railing.

The alien brain suggests consulting with another prisoner on the ship, Harry Moleman—A mole man—who was devising an escape plan of his own. Walk to his cell and select him. Unfortunately, Sam is unable to communicate through the glass, and the Moleman appears semi-conscious at best. Fortunately, there's another display case nearby which contains a new toy for Max: Mind Reading. Walk over to it and select it. Appearing like a simple deck of cards, this ability will allow Max to reach into the minds of unsuspecting non-player characters and extract vital information.

Enter Max mode once again, and select the deck of cards. Use mind reading on Harry; this doesn't provide much in the way of useful information, but it does give the Freelance Police something to work with: a new phone number. While in Max mode, select teleportation, and choose "Harry's Cell" on the rotary dial. This will take you to where Harry's personal effects are stored on the upper level. Sam needs something that will loosen Skunkape's grip; that weapons display along the wall should do the trick. Enter Max mode and choose Rhinoplasty, and then use it on the weapons display screen, and then select the wad of putty to transform Max into the bazooka. As Sam, pick up Bazooka Max to fire the critical shot at the General, and then enter a rather stylish opening credits sequence...

Act II
After witnessing the end, the Freelance Police find themselves back at the beginning again. Max discovers the Future Vision toy—the 3D View Master—in an alley on Straight St., and predicts the General Skun-ka'pe's arrival less than a half-hour before his ship drops down to Earth, and lands on top of Sybil Pandemik's office. Fortunately, she's still on an extended honeymoon with the sentient disembodied head of the Lincoln Memorial statue—it's a long story. Max is still the president of the United States, inexplicably, so it's little surprise to see former Secret Service agent-turned-cabinet member Superball on duty. At any rate, they've got to get on board that ship!

Walk over to where Superball and Skun-ka'pe are standing, and initiate a dialogue with this newly-arrived extraterrestrial by selecting either him or Superball. Skun-ka'pe insists that he's come to Earth for a peaceful exchange of technology, and that he's in search of an artifact on Earth, but Max's vision seems to indicate that he has other motives. Exhaust all the dialogue options by selecting and listening to each one; you'll find out more about the General, why Superball is there, what the artifact is (it sounds remarkably similar to that View Master Max found moments ago), and other details. Once all the options are grayed out, exit the dialogue, and then enter the spacecraft by selecting it.

When Sam & Max board the ship, they'll go to the upper level, only to find that the Alien Brain they'd been getting help from appears to be dead. To find out how to revive him, enter Max Mode and use future vision with Sam. The vision reveals that Sam will need Stinky's Demon Broth and Momma Bosco's futuristic power core, whatever those are, to bring the brain back to consciousness.

Exit Max Mode and explore the upper deck a bit more. Open the "ominous door" on the left side of the deck by selecting it. Before Sam and Max can open the door, a mole man will appear and shove them aside to get in before they do. Apparently whatever is on the other side doesn't hold up to his expectations, as his muted screams emerge from behind the sealed door. His personal effects appear in the compartment next to the door shortly afterward; press the button to open the hatch, and then take them by selecting the hatch. You'll get a sturdy mining helmet and an off-world vacation ticket; apparently this mole man thought he was going on the holiday of a lifetime. Walk over to the door on the other side of the deck to get down to the lower deck, and then use the exit to get back to the street.

Enter Stinky's Diner, which is to the right of the ship. Grandpa Stinky and (Girl) Stinky are inside, and neither seems too happy with the other. The old man flips on the radio to a sea-shanty-exclusive radio station, which annoys the younger Stinky visibly. Flint Paper—a private eye who works out of the neighboring office to Sam and Max— is seated in one of the booths, clearly on his latest stakeout. Talk to each Stinky; you won't find much out apart from Grandpa Stinky being rightfully suspicious of Girl Stinky and grumpy about everything in general (excepting his fondness for General Skun-ka'pe's style of leadership), and Girl Stinky seeming very suspicious in her answers. Grandpa won't give up his demon broth, in any case.

Perhaps it's better to use Max's powers to get some real information. Enter Max Mode and use Future Vision on the people (and things!) in the diner. First, look at Grandpa Stinky's future: he appears to be overjoyed about something, indicating that his money troubles are over. Next, look at the radio with Future Vision: The huge lottery prize is awarded to one Harry Moleman. Next, examine what Girl Stinky's future holds: She has a very interesting phone conversation with an unknown caller, saying that the detectives have left, and then exits the diner herself. Finally, examine Flint Paper's future: he takes an axe to the back of the head, and passes out in his spaghetti! Sam and Max will have to stop that from happening to their friend, somehow.

Exit Max Mode and go talk to Flint. He seems determined to eat his meal before discussing anything further, especially about the power core; go ahead and use that hard hat in your inventory on Mr. Paper. He reluctantly agrees to wear it, and then discovers that there are peanuts in the pasta; being allergic to said legumes, he takes issue with Stinky's preparation of the meal, and gets up to argue about it just as an axe flies by, missing him. Surviving this attack, he is now willing to talk to the Freelance Police: Ask him about Stinky or the Power Core, and he'll reveal that he's on a big case. Ask him about the Big Case. It sounds like Stinky's in cahoots with Skun-ka'pe, based on Flint's evidence—a mysterious note. This note will also give you Stinky's phone number, which will be useful later (and earlier) in the game. Exit the conversation, and then walk out of the diner.

Once they're back on the street, head over to the left past Bosco's to find Sam and Max's car, their trusty DeSoto, parked in front of the office building. Select the car to check it out; apparently the members of the Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society (COPS) have integrated themselves into the vehicle and will be providing some rudimentary assistance on the case. Go through the dialogue choices with the COPS: It turns out they are not fans of Skun-ka'pe or his so-called advanced technology. Be sure to ask about the Crime-Tron program they're setting up. The COPS will be able to analyze pieces of evidence to triangulate and unlock new locations to explore, but they're in need of more members before this becomes available. Once you're done talking to the machines, exit the dialogue.

While still in the overhead view of the car, pick up the jumper cables in the back seat. Select the phone ("Bob") to make a call; it's time to give Stinky some misdirection. Choose "Stinky's Cell Phone" from the options. Stinky will request a meeting in person, as she assumes this is the mysterious "S" character she was talking to before. Pick "Let's Meet" from the response choices, and Sam will deliver a convincing request to rendezvous at an unknown location. Stinky will leave the diner, and it is Sam and Max's turn to exit, as well. Select the steering wheel (or the map in the glove compartment) to drive to a new location. For now, there's only one place available on the map besides Straight & Narrow: Momma Bosco's Lab. Select the lab on the map.

The car will pull up outside a nondescript building. Use the entrance to get into Bosco-Tech labs. Sam and Max will enter the spooky dwelling and laboratory of Momma Bosco, a ghostly scientist who seems to have much unfinished work, and has not left the terrestrial plane. However, they first run into Harry Moleman, who fancies himself as some sort of assistant/medium for the spirit-mom. After she shoos him away, you're free to roam around the lab. Walk onto the levitating platform to get down to the lower floor of the lab, and talk to Harry. Select the "Vacation Ticket" option from the dialogue choices, and then select the "Lottery" option. Exit the dialogue, pull the vacation ticket out of Sam's inventory, and present it to Harry. In exchange for the ticket, Harry will trade you his soon-to-be-winning lottery ticket. Once he leaves, exit Bosco-Tech Labs. Outside, get in the DeSoto and return to Straight & Narrow by choosing it from the map.

Return to Stinky's Diner, and give the lottery ticket to Grandpa Stinky. He'll be overjoyed at this windfall and will leave the diner. The demon broth will now be available, so take it! Now that the place is empty, walk behind the counter and push the secret-but-so-enticing button below the cash register. This will open up a secret passage underneath one of the booths in the diner, leading down to the previously inaccessible side of the Sewer/Train Station underneath Straight Street. Enter it now.

After traveling through the tunnel, investigate the Intriguing Pile O' Junk. Sam will pick up the old all-in-one-scanner (named "Carol"); below that is Momma Bosco's power core, which Sam will collect as well. That's all you need down here, exit through the tunnel, and then exit the Diner above to return to the street.

When Sam and Max are back on the street, enter Skun-ka'pe's flagship. Go through the door on the right to get to the upper deck. To revive the Alien Brain, open the inventory and use the demon broth with the Brain. Next, use the power core with the brain. Finally, hook it all together by using the jumper cables with the Alien Brain. Once he's awake again, though, the ship's alarms will sound stating that toys are detected nearby. The Alien Brain is apparently under the influence of Skun-ka'pe's mind, but fortunately doesn't reveal the location of the Toys of Power to the General.

When the ape leaves, the Brain will uncover the Teleportation toy on the lower deck. After the short cutscene, the ominous door to the left that was previously closed off becomes accessible. Talk to the Alien Brain again to get some more info on Skun-ka'pe's potential weaknesses.

Before doing anything else, let's get Max his new power. Go to the lower deck, where you'll run into Superball, who debriefs the duo on Skun-ka'pe's motives. The ape escaped from The Penal Zone and is a wanted fugitive, and needs to be reunited with his Prisoner's Badge, a homing beacon that is used to track his movements. He also says that Momma Bosco was working on a trans-dimensional gateway that would return prisoners to The Penal Zone when opened. Once you're done talking to Superball, collect the Teleportation power from the display case on the right side of the ship. Enter Max Mode and choose the Teleportation Power. Then, use it to travel to Stinky's Cell.

After a mildly disturbing trip, Sam and Max arrive at an anonymous street corner where Stinky has abandoned her phone. Sam will pick up the phone, but there isn't all that much left to do here. To get back to Straight Street, enter Max Mode, select Teleportation, and choose "Sybil's" from the dial. Sybil's phone is stashed in one of the cardboard boxes in front of Bosco's store, so that makes for a handy shortcut.

Enter Skun-ka'pe's ship again, and head for the upper deck. There, use the ominous door to see the secret horrors that only Mole Men have endured before. The room beyond quickly turns into a slippery, sweaty, hot hell-hole, and the Freelance Police must escape! The only thing to do now is to use Max's Teleportation power once again, and choose Stinky's Diner—any place will do, but this will speed things along, since you need to go there next anyway. However, you'll be temporarily without all your neat junk in your inventory.

At the Diner, Grandpa Stinky has returned, sporting a new (and familiar-looking) badge, signifying his entrance into the ranks of Skun-ka'pe's army. Talk to him, and be sure to pick the "We Love Skun-ka'pe" option at some point. Old man Stinky is incredulous about their ability to serve in the General's army, which causes Max to attack him. While they continue to struggle, enter Max mode and teleport to Stinky's Cell phone, which has been stowed in the Personal Effects compartment on Skun-ka'pe's ship.

Sam, Max, and Grandpa Stinky will all transport to the Mole Processing room, which will remove the homing device from the elder Stinky's person. The old man will abort the processing sequence and open the sealed door, but seems fed up with Skun-ka'pe's operation. Press the button next to the Ominous Door to open the Personal Effects compartment. Use that drawer to get all the items back in your inventory, plus the homing device and a collectible Meesta Pizza Shot Glass—a potential clue! After getting your items back, teleport to Bosco-Tech Labs by selecting Momma Bosco from the Teleportation dial in Max Mode.

Upon arriving, Sam is promptly tossed out on the street by one of Skun-Ka'pe's goons, while Max is left behind to be worked over by another space ape. They'll have to clear out these creatures from the lab before they can get anything useful from this visit. Walk over to the left side of the Bosco-Tech building and use the fire escape. This will get Sam up onto the roof, where a bird with something shiny in its beak sits at the edge of a flagpole. Sam can walk out onto the flagpole, which is directly above the ape guarding the door. Do that, and then try to grab the pigeon. The bird flies away and drops the object—a ring—onto the sidewalk below. While Sam's still standing on the flagpole, enter Max Mode and teleport to Stinky's Cell (which Sam is still carrying). This will cause Max and the ape "research assistant" to reappear in midair next to the flagpole. Sam snatches Max in time, and the goon falls on top of the door guard, taking them both out of the picture.

Teleport to the interior of Bosco-Tech Labs, and Sam will immediately notice a torn receipt from an unknown toy store. Another potential clue, but it's too hard to determine the significance of the item by itself. Exit Bosco-Tech and pick up the "shiny thing" on the sidewalk. It's an engagement ring, most likely purchased by Skun-ka'pe. It's time to make some more sense of these seemingly random objects.

Teleport to the C.O.P.S., and look inside the DeSoto again by selecting it. Open your inventory and use the scanner with Bob (the phone). They will welcome the new addition to the society, and Sam will now be able to analyze objects from his inventory in pairs. To start, select the Crime-Tron scanner in the back seat. To start, take the cell phone out of Sam's inventory and place it in the scanner. If Stinky went some place to meet Skun-ka'pe, she probably has the number on speed dial. It seems clear that the General visited a Meesta Pizza location based on the shot glass, so drop that into the scanner next. This will unlock the correct Meesta Pizza on the map; select that location while in map view and drive there.

Max confirms that Skun-ka'pe was there not very long ago; it's time to look for some more clues! There is likely some evidence in the trash cans behind the restaurant, but there are too many to sort through. Plus, those pigeons probably carried off a lot of it to their nests, anyway. Why not pay them a visit? Drop Stinky's cell phone in the trash can. Indeed, not long after doing this, a pigeon comes along and swallows the phone whole, flying up to the roof afterward. Enter Max mode and Teleport to Stinky's recently-swallowed phone to get up there. On the roof, Sam finds a vintage postcard in one of the bird's nests. Appearing to belong to a collector of rare toys and family heirlooms, the postcard is yet another baffling clue, so Sam will need to use the Crime-Tron again. Sam grabs the phone, rather hesitantly, and they head back down to the street level. Select the DeSoto, and then select the scanner. From Sam's inventory, drop in the postcard, and then drop in the engagement ring. Success! This will unlock a new location across town: the Pawn Shop. Select it on the map and drive there now.

At the Pawn Shop, there's another guard standing outside the store. Sam can't get in until the guard is dealt with, but maybe there's something useful in those trash cans over to the left. Investigate them; Sam won't know what to look for, and isn't willing to dig around for ages trying to find something that may or may not be useful. To solve this, enter Max mode and use Future Vision on the cans. Max's vision points to a banana peel being the tool used to extract the guard from his post, so examine the trash cans again to acquire it. Next, use the manhole in the middle of the street. Sam will take the lid off, creating an appropriately hazardous situation for the guard to find himself in. Use the banana peel on the manhole cover; the guard is upset with Sam's littering, and is distracted long enough for Max to ambush him and toss him down to the sewers. Use the pawn shop entrance to find some more clues. Sam will emerge with a paddle ball toy, which Skun-ka'pe seems to have rejected after it was deemed less than magical. Head over to the DeSoto to start another Crime-Tron analysis. Select the scanner in the back seat of the DeSoto; add the new paddle ball toy, and then the receipt Sam found earlier to unlock the Toy Store location. Drive there now by choosing it on the map.

Arriving at "Bob's Toys!s", the Freelance Police have a brief exchange with Harry Moleman, who reveals that Skun-ka'pe is harvesting Mole Man sweat for some sinister purpose. The General must be nearby, but how will they draw him out? Enter Max Mode and use Future Vision on Sam. Max predicts Skun-ka'pe's arrival, and the capture of the Future Vision toy, which is soon repeated in real time. Yikes! Sam and Max are knocked out cold and taken to the flagship.

Act IV
Things start to seem fairly familiar once we arrive in this act. Sam & Max are behind bars on Skun-ka'pe's spacecraft, and all they have to do is get everything back to the way it was in the opening scene, right? For starters, Stinky should be seated on the throne, not behind bars. Perhaps if she warmed up to the General, she'd be released. Talk to her, choosing the "Stinky" option, followed by "Skun-ka'pe's not so bad". Then when she asks you to name one of his good points, select the "Spaceship" option. She agrees, finally, and beckons to Skun-ka'pe to be let out.

With Stinky back on the throne, all that's left to do is teleport to her phone. Use the Teleportation toy in Max Mode, and select "Stinky's Cell". Once they're out of the cell, however, things seem to be following a different track since the opening act. Skun-ka'pe possesses all of the toys used in the opening act (apart from Teleportation), and used Future Vision to see how Sam and Max were planning to defeat him. Since Sam still has the homing beacon, Skun-ka'pe is able to open up a portal to the Penal Zone and hurtle the duo into another dimension! What's more, Skun-ka'pe strapped an antimatter bomb to Max's back while they were knocked out. Fortunately, Max is able to shake it off, and still possesses the ability to Teleport. It doesn't matter where you pick, just get them out of there!

No matter which option you choose, they'll be picked up by Momma Bosco and returned to her lab, where she and Superball are waiting for them. Find out more information by going through the dialogue choices; it sounds like the best way to trap Skun-ka'pe again is to create another Penal Zone (since the original one was destroyed by that bomb). Momma Bosco has been working on a Rift Generator, which actually creates a new dimension. Exit the dialogue once all the options have been exhausted, and take the Rift Generator from the table in the middle of the lab, and then teleport to Stinky's Cell to return to the flagship.

Once there, the General is busy gloating about his victory, long enough for Sam and Max to sneak to the upper level and converse with the Alien Brain; he seems a little worse for wear, being forced to power the higher functions of the ship and all. Exit the dialogue, and return to the lower level. Since the Rift Generator also works through the use of the Homing Beacon to draw in the target, use the beacon on Skun-ka'pe's. Eventually, the badge makes it onto the General's back, but the Alien Brain appears to have expired in the process. Teleport to Sybil's to get back to Straight Street.

Once there, walk to the right; Skun-ka'pe will spot you from his ship, and begin to shoot his disintegrator eye beams at your location. Watch out! To get out of this situation, stand next to the pile of Sybil's boxes and wait for the General to fire. The boxes will be dropped down into a gaping pit, which leads to the Train Station level. Use teleportation, and select Sybil's phone to get down to the tunnel. Once down there, enter the mysterious tunnel.

Sam and Max will stumble upon a strange Mole Man cult, whose beliefs revolve around a mysterious Toy Box. The Freelance Polices arrival appears to have been foretold in their various odd tablets and scrolls, but talking to the mole men doesn't provide all that much useful information at this point. They are unaware of Skun-ka'pe or the Rift Generator, but are convinced that Max is a sure sign of the coming apocalypse—Lucky guess. Pick up the cable to the left of the cultists, and plug it into the Toy Box. Next, plug the rift generator into the outlet next to the boiler, and turn it on by selecting it once it's on the ground and plugged in. Skun-ka'pe will be pulled toward the new dimensional rift, but again stops himself by grabbing onto a protruding piece of metal. Use the dial on the boiler to turn the heat up, causing the cultists to sweat profusely, creating a disgusting and slippery pool close to the General. Next, use the Paddle Ball toy with Skun-ka'pe. He loosens his grip to snatch the toy away, and is sucked into the rift!

You win! That brings us to the end of the first chapter, and all that's left to view is a chilling image to hold you over until the next episode.

Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

Use Charlie Hotep to activate Psychic Ventriloquism and use the power on the huge Squid like statue head on your left. Now after the cut scene, use The Train to Egypt movie and click on the start button to start the movie.

You meet Baby Amelia Earhart and you have lost the train tickets. Use Maximus's powers and use the Can O' Nuts to hide from the conductor. You will go back to the projector. Use The Sphunx Challenge reel. After the cut scene, talk to Papierwaite and after talking to him, then walk to the left and use the Can O' Nuts. After the cut scene, use the Fake Can O' Nuts. Use the Hieroglyphics on the statue's head. Go down the stairs and use the Cookie Jar near Kringle to get a Cookie. Talk to Kringle and ask him about the Challenge twice so that he leaves. After the cut scene, use the bag on the floor. Head to the exit and pickup the newspaper on the floor near the exit.

Go into the Entrance on your left side. Talk to the Mole Woman and ask her about the Hieroglyphics. Also talk to her about the Sphunx Inscription. Go back to the Theatre. Move Sameth on the Statue's Tongue and use the Cookies with the Nostrils. Now for the second step, select Fut Snek Squigl from the dialog text.

Put The Standoff movie and select the Fut Snek Swigl Sqwigl Burd from the text dialog. Go outside the train door. Move to the left and pickup the glass from the tray on the floor. Open the door to your left and go to the Moles door. After talking to the Mole Girl use Maximus' Ventriloquism powers with the Trunk. Open the trunk and use the Parchment. Go out and back into the Blue Car. Now go back in the Green Car, After the cutscene, go inside Jurgen's door and pickup the love letter. Click on the Steamer Trunk and Jurgen will kick you out. Jurgen will go into the Mole's door, follow him. Give the love letter to the Mole man. Maximus will be turned into a Cow. Use the Glass with Maximus.

Go back into the Blue Car and use the Glass of Milk and Cookies with the tray in front of Kringle's Door. Use Kringle's Door and before he opens use the Can O' Nuts from Maximus Powers. Move to the right side. Use the luggage. Then use the exit to the Yellow car. Go to the far right and click on the luggage.

Use the movie power of Maximus and load The Train of Egypt film. Select the Ride of the Valkyrie dialog and then use the Can O' Nuts from Maximus Powers. Now go down the stairs and go up the stairs to reach the toy box. Go down and pickup the Ventriloquist toy. Go to the stairs near the door where the Mole man came out and after talking to Jurgen, use the Sconce on the wall near Jorgen and go up the stairs. Use the Bust in the middle.

Now talk to the Guardians and ask them if there is a way around. You have to answer the riddle by answering with the cut the cucumbers cut lengthwise dialog. Now go through the door on the left and go through the left passageway. Once through talk to the Mole man about his daughter.

Use the Maximus power of the Movie to load The Journey Home. Go to the second door to your right and pickup the Music Box. Now after the cutscene, go to the 1st door which reads Elves and use it. Ask the Elves 'Kringle wants you', then 'Secret Project'. When Slushie comes by talk to him about 'Secret Project', 'We can get you a kid'. Now go back into the Door of the Mole man and talk to him about his daughter. Tell him that she's still has a crush on you. He will curse you. Now go to the Elves door and talk to Slushie and that you have a child for him to test the Machine. Use the door to the right of Baby Emilia.

Use Maximus's power to load the Movie of The Sphunx Challenge. Go the exit and near the Elves. Talk to them and talk to them about a toy concept. Tell them about a Toy Biplane. Now go back to the theatre and go to the Sphunx Challenge. To get past the gate, use the Can O' Nuts. This will complete the Sphunx Challenge movie.

Use The In The Tomb movie and go the through the door on the right of the Toy box Stairs by using the Sconce. Go to the far right and use the Brochure near Grandpa Mole man. Tell him You are from Stuttgart. Now you have been cursed with bad luck. Go back near the Guardians and take the door to the left. Use the bust with the doorway (anyone) to have the sliced bust. Go back near the guardians and use one Bust Half with the niche on the left and the other on the niche on the right. This will move the Guardians. Use the Trip Plate in the middle to be transformed into 2D in the wall. Move to the far right side to the marquee.

Go to through the door on the left next to the Guards and past the doorway. Go in Nefertiti room and before the snake eats you, use the Can O' Nuts. Talk to Nefertiti to change Maximus back from a cow. Use Maximus's Ventriloquism powers on Nefertiti. Select 'I love Sameth and Maximus' to be cursed by her father. Now go back near the grandpa Mole man. Baby Emilia will be thrown near the tomb. Use the Ventriloquism power of Maximus to on the tomb to throw Baby Emilia in Grandpa Mole man’s hands. Now, go down the stairs and use the Hieroglyphic Blocks near Grandpa Mole man. Go near the Guardians and down the stairs to enter the door to lead you near the Marquee. Use the Hieroglyphic Blocks with the Marquee. This completes the In The Tomb movie.

Put The Journey Home movie. Get out from the Mole man Door and use the Can O' Nuts from Maximus powers, then use the Ventriloquism powers with the Mole Girl and ask about the Vampire reverse-curse, It's in the Sarcophagus. Follow Jurgen to the Sarcophagus. Go to the Elves door and talk to Slushie, tell him that Kringle wants to see him. Now go in Jurgen's room and use the Steamer Trunk. Now tell Amelia to 'Watch your step'. This will complete The Journey Home movie.

Say the following words to Messier Papierwatie:

Can O' Nuts
Undid Protection Spell
Beat a Baby

This will get you your deadly reward. Now use Sameth and use the Newspaper with the Torch near him. Now use the Torch from Sameth with the Counterweight for the moon (the one next to him). Use the Cookies with the Statue Nostrils. This will get Ventriloquism powers to Maximus. Now use Maximus to Trick Papierwaite. Now use the power of Ventriloquism on Papierwaite and enjoy the ending

Episode 3: They Stole Max's Brain!

Act I
So By Watching The Opening Sequence You'll Find Out That THEY STOLE MAX'S BRAIN! So Through Anger And Rage Sam Becomes A Dirty COP!
When Your Talking To The Molemen,
First Click Hurry It Up
Then Click The Your Lying
You'll Find Out That Skunkape Got Out Of The Penal Zone, Took The Devil's Toybox, and STOLE MAX'S BRAIN!
Then You Will Get To This Space Ape Holding A Sign
First Listen To His Story[B] Then When He Mentions A Rat Click What Rat[/B
He'll Tell You About Frankie The Rat, So Looks Like You Got Another Perp To Interrogate.
When You Get To Frankie The Rat,
He'll Tell You He Was Giving Directions To A Tourist
Click Directions Where
He'll Tell You Where He Sent Him So You Can Interrogate The Tourist
So Now When You Get To The Tourist
Just Keep Clicking Tell Me More, When Your Talking
Then Click Leave When He's Done
Now Go Back To Frankie The Rat On The Map That Appears
When You Talking
Click Your Lying
Click Threaten
Click Hurry It Up
Listen To This Whole Part Of The Story No Click
Then Click Tell Me More
Then Leave And Go To The Dark Alley On The Map
When Your Talking To The Tourist
Click Hurry It Up Twice
Then Click Your Lying[
Then Leave
The When You Leave And Get Past The Cutscene With The Cops
Go To The Sign Spinner
Then Click Your Lying
Click Tell Me More
Listen To This Part Of The Story No Click
The Click Noir
Then Watch The Cutscene Congrats Your Done With Act I.

Act II
When You Get To The Museum Go Up The Stairs To The Light Show
After The Cutscene Opitional(Click On Everything And Everyone To Get Info On Everything Thats Going On) Or Go To Sam
After The Gorillas Search
You'll Meet Sal The Security Guard. He Won't Get In Your Way But He'll Throw Max's Body Into The Incinerator If It Isn't Alive. And Max's Brain Is With Sunkape And Papierwaite, Hmmm What To Do What To Do?
So Now Go To The Egypt Exhibit On The Left Side Of The Stair Case
Click On The Pharaoh's Brain
Leave And Put The Brain In Max.
Click On The Max Icon After The Cutscene To Get The Rhinoplasty.
Go Back To Sam
Walk In A Circle Around The Exhibits (Not Going Up-Stairs) Till You Get To The Space Gorilla. Then Walk UP-Stairs Go To The baner And Walk To Papierwaite's Office To The Rigth. Oops! Gaurded By Evil Tentatcles. So Go Up The Stairs On The Right, And Go To The Hindenburg Picture. Use The Rhinoplasty On It, And Become It. The Go To The Yog-Soggoth Exhibit On The Right Side On The Main Floor. (Its The One With The Sword And Shields) Then When Hindenburg/Max Flys In Front Of The Portrait, Shoot The Hindenburg. It Will Set Fire To It And Might Get The Atention Of Papierwaite. After The Cutscene Go Back To Sam.
Click On The Telephone To The Left Of Sam
Then Click On The Max Icon, Click The Phone, And Click Office.
Click The Max Icon And Use The Rhinoplasty On Map On The Desk.
Then Right Click And Click On The Phone And Click On Info Desk. Then There Is A Small Rack Behind That Says "Guided Tour" And There A Little Headset. Click It And Put It On Sal.
Click The Max Icon And Click The Rhinoplasty And Turn Into The City
Then Talk To The Space Ape
Then Click Your Inventory And Click The Remote.
Enter The Buttons Like This 10-4-9
Watch The Cutscene Congrats You've Beaten Act II

So SammunMak Has Made The World Into An Egypt Style World Where Everyone Worships, Him Here's What To Do,
Click On The SammunMak Statue. (The Gold On Not The White One)
Go To The S&M Office And Click On It, Then Go Down.
After The Cut Scene Go Down The Manhole At Stinky's And Talk To The Moles.
Click Salute
After The Cut Scene Click The Max Icon Click The Phone Then Click C.O.P.S
Then Click The Desoto And Go To Frankie The Rat
Click The Phone
The Click The Max Icon And Use The Rhinoplasty On The Toaster Poaster. Then Go To The Desoto And Go To The Musuem
Go Left
Click The Corndogs
Click The Max Icon And Make Him Use The Rhinoplasty Too Turn Into A Toaster.
Click The Corndogs
Go Back To The Enterance And Go Right, To The Control Panel To The Light Show.
Click The Control Panel And Click The Green Button
Try To Go To The Throne Of SammunMak
Then Go Back To The Entrance And Go Out To The Gift Vault
Have Max Turn Into A Toaster And Talk To Sal
Click Gift Then Toaster
Click The Max Icon Then Use The Rihnoplasty On Worse News
Then Click The Max Icon, Click The Phone And Click Stinkys Cell
Use The Rhinoplasty To Turn Into A Strom Cloud.
Talk To Grandpa Stinky And Click Kneel
After The Cutscene Click The Max Icon And Use The Rhinoplasty On The Meesta Card Sign.
Then Click The Phone And Click C.O.P.S
Click The Desoto And Go To The Musuem
Click The Max Icon, Make Him Use The Rhinoplasty To Turn Into The Meestacard
Click The Corndogs
Click The Max Icon, Click The Phone And Go To Frankie The Rat
The Rats Are Making Bets On What Move Skunkape Will Use.
Click The Max Icon And Use Future Vision On The Rats
Based On What They Say Talk To The Rats And Make A Bet On What Move He'll Make.
Click On The Rats And Click Gambling
Then Place A Bet
Once You Get It Right You'll Get The Final Pendant
Now You Have Three Pendants
Go To The Musuem And Go Right And Make Your Way To SammunMak's Throne.
Use The Brain Screw On SammuMak.
When Your Figting Skunkape Do Exactly This

  • Taunt
  • Age Taunt
  • Taunt
  • Moleman Taunt
  • Taunt x3
  • Papierwaite Taunt x3
  • Max
  • Use Future Vision On Skunkape,Max,Papierwaite
  • Taunt
  • Getting Dumped Taunt
  • Attack
  • Any Finnish Him
  • Do This To Defeat Sammunmak
  • Max
  • Kneel


Episode 4: Beyond the Alley of the Dolls

Talk to Stinky and then pickup the Peanut butter balls from the counter near Skun-ka'pe. Now use the Radio which is near the cash register and this will get your rid of Skun-ka'pe and leave you with the card toys that give Max, mind reading powers. Now go where Skun-ka'pe was sitting and pickup the Treat from the freezer. Use Max's mind reading power on Stinky to learn that she will escape through the back tunnel when you are not looking.

Talk to Stinky and ask her about the BACKUP secret tunnel. Now use Max's mind reading power again on Stinky to discover how to open the secret tunnel.

You need to get rid of the grabbing hand near the toaster behind the counter to open the secret tunnel. Use the Peanut Butter Ball, and then grab a Treat from the freezer to get a Fudgecicle. Use the Fudgecicle with the grabbing hand near the Toaster and use the Toaster.

Move to the back and you will notice some tunnels. Use the tunnel near the Box of Stuff which will lead you to the Museum and use the Trashcan near Papierwaite's office. This will get you the resignation letter of Sal. Use the letter to get a new teleportation location. Use Max's teleportation powers to get to Sal's new job.

Pickup the Charlie Ho-tep puppet near the dumpster to get Max's Ventriloquism powers back. Use Max's Ventriloquism powers with the Samulacra to get them distracted then talk to Sal. Now talk to Bluster Blaster, the arcade machine on your left and you will get the letter from Bosco to Momma Bosco. Use Max's teleportation powers to go back to Stinky's.

Talk to Flint Paper so that you can interrogate Stinky.


Use Max's power of mind reading with Grandpa Stinky to learn his favorite cake i.e. Upside Down Uzbekian Blood Cake Surprise.

Go back into the secret tunnel and go through the tunnel opposite (the one with the rail tracks) which will lead you to Boscotec. Talk to Harry the mole-man and then bang the Bong on the table to start the Séance. Use Max's power to read minds on Harry and then talk to Harry. Select Uncle Morty and then use Max's power of ventriloquism on Uncle Morty's picture on the table. Now use the mind reading powers again on Harry the moleman and then use again the ventriloquism powers on Uncle Morty's picture. This will make Momma Bosco appear and after talking to her, give her the Letter from Bosco.

Click on the Dimensional Destabilizer to open it's controls. Use the lift on the back and click on the Telephone to get the teleportation location. Use Max's power of mind reading on Momma Bosco and talk to Momma Bosco about who hired her. Keep talking to her about how she can help and you will get a sample DNA of her body.

Now go back to the Museum through the tunnel and click on Papierwaite's office door. He will come out and close the door again. He will remain behind the door. Use Max's power of mind reading on Papierwaite to get the code for the door lock (which is somewhat familiar, hehe) Foot, Snake, Squiggle Squiggle, Bird and then use the keypad near the door to enter the office. Talk to Dr. Norringhton about everything, but especially about the Tentacles to learn how you can destroy them and about the Chtonic Destroyer. Pickup the Study Manuscript page which Dr. Norringthon explained the Chotnic Destroyer. Now go back to the Tunnel and to the Bosco-tec tunnel.

Here you will need to find the Chtonic Destroyer with the use of the Dimensional Destabilizer. You must set the dials to what the Study Manuscript page i.e. Flash of light, Vision of insects and Eaten by a beast. This was set by setting the dials of the Destabilizer which can be set as:

Green - 3
Blue - 3
Red - 2
Yellow - 1

This will get you the Chtonic Destroyer which will give Max the power to destroy anything from the dark dimension. Go back to the cloning facility and use the Chotonic Destroyer on the tentacles. Use Momma Bosco's DNA and the Letter from Bosco with the Clone cooking Controls and this will get an almost 100% clone of Momma Bosco.

Look at the lights of the platform up-high and use the Revolver with the lights. This will alert the maintenance procedure.

Use Max's power of teleportation to go to Sal and then use the power of ventriloquism on the Samulacra to get rid of them. Talk to Sal and ask him about the Cake. He will draw the Upside Down Uzbekian Blood Cake Surprise cake on the floor; use Max's power of Rhinoplasty on the drawing. Use Max's power of teleportation to go to Stinky's cell and use the power of Rhinoplasty to transform into the cake. This will get you free from Grandpa Stinky. Use Max's power of teleportation to go to Stinky's Cell.

After the cutscene, look the platform in the air and shoot it's lights. This will get Sal on the platform and lower the shield. Shoot the evil coffee mug to get rid of Sal and get Stinky on the platform. Use Max's teleportation powers to get to the platform.

After the cutscene you will gain control of the clones. Talk to them through the microphone and select 'Go to The Toy Box'. This will get you to the Toy Box. Use Max's power of ventriloquism on the clones.

When you are in front of the Statue of Liberty, you will gain control of Max, and loose all his powers. Look closely to the statue by clicking on the wall in front of you. Gaze at the Statue's face. Switch to Sam and talk to Charlie Ho-tep and select Junior, this will enable you to change the music from the Piano. Change the music to:

Take 2 Tablets 4 the Mind Plague [Will transform the Tablet]
Face of Darkness – [Will transform the face]

Use Max and move to the right so that you will be thrown on the tablet. Use Sam and change the music to:

Flaming Crowns [This will move left queue]

Use Max and grab with the swinging tentacle, and this will get you in the last fight with Charlie Ho-Tep. Switch to Sam and change the music to Take 2 Tablets 4 the Mind Plague and then use Max's power of mind reading on Sam. Keep doing this procedure until you have all the cards floating near Max.

The cards will appear and when the power of Rhinoplasty is used on them, Charlie will transform accordingly

  • Mind Plague - Injection
  • Tongue of Flame - Water
  • Eternal Darkness - Candle
  • Charlie Ho-Tep - The Destroyer

So, to get Charlie Ho-Tep to destroy the toybox, use Max's power of Rhinoplasty on the Charlie Ho-tep to make him transform in The Destroyer. Then user the power of Ventriloquism on the Toy box using Dr. Norringhton's voice and prepare for a very huge and horrible ending...

Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep

WT By Noel Pulis

You have to find a team of highly trained experts. Talk to Momma Bosco, and Mr. Papierwaite will offer his assistance to be the expert on Dark Dimension creatures while after a moment, Sybil Pandemik will come down to offer her phychological powers and of course all the other skills that you need.

Use the elevator on your right and head to the exit. Move to the left and after Flint leaves, talk to Grandpa Stinky and ask him about the Corn Dogs to get the Secret Recipe. Pickup the Box of Corn dogs.

Use the Fire Escape next to Bosco tech labs. Talk to Satan and tell him Behind the scenes! When he drops the Microphone on the floor, use the Box of Corn dogs with it. This will scare away the Satan and Jurgen and will get the Vegetable oil in the Ridiculously-sized pothole.

Go near the Delivery truck and use the Box of Corn dogs from the inventory. This will get Max's attention. Wave corn dog so that he grabs the truck. Now move Sam in near the Fire exit ladder (left side of Ridiculously-sized pothole) and eat the corn dog. This will get the Corn meal in the Ridiculously-sized pothole. Go down to Bosco Tech and talk to Mr. Featherly about an Egg. He will tell you that everyone is watching him. Talk to Momma Bosco. Talk to her about the Dimensional Destabilizer and this will teleport Mr. Papierwaite away. Talk to C.O.P.S. and tell them about the Virus so that they shutdown. Talk to Agent Superball and tell him to Turn Around. This will get you an Egg from Mr. Featherly.

Go outside and use the Egg with the Ridiculously-sized pothole. Go near the Desoto and use the Box of Corn dogs and wave the corn dog. This will get Max to grab the Desoto. Now go near the Fire exit ladder (left side of Ridiculously-sized pothole) and eat the corn dog. Max will throw the Desoto in the Pothole and the little Max head minions will heat it up and make a massive Demon Corn Dog. Click on the Corn Dog DeSoto which will get you inside Max. When you get inside Max, use the Espresso beans from your inventory and use them with the Food processor near Messier Papierwaite. Now use the big tube with the brain sign on it to get to Max's brain. Use the Tumor and then use the door to the brain next to Messier Papierwaite. This will get everybody scattered. You will be thrown back in the stomach.

Getting Control of Max's legs Use the tube to go to the brain, then use the tube to go down to the legs. After talking to Sybil, take the tube which has the sign of the open box. Walk to the right and on top of the shelf, you will see the Roach Farm, use it so that the egg hatches.Use the Spare cables on the floor to transform into the small vaccum cleaner and crash into the shelf where the Roach Farm is until you drop it on the floor. This will get you the Cockroach. Move into the tube to change back into Sam. This will get you back to Sybil. Use the Cockroach with Sybil to get her on the threadmill. Now you can control Max's legs. Getting Control of Max's arms Go up and uset he tube with the sign of the arms. After talking to Papierwaite, use the Arcade machine on your left and follow the instructions below to gain 3 stars. Basically you have to say the first part in the opposite. And example is below: RightFoot Bomb - LeftHand Bacon RightHand Brass Knuckles - LeftLeg Bullet RightHand Pistol - LeftFoot Flail When you got the three stars, select any dialog and you will pass out with radiation. You will be taken back to the Brain room. Now go down to the Stomach and use the Cockroach with the Platter.

After the cutscene, pickup the Cockroach and talk to Sal. This will get you full control of arms and body. After talking to Sal, use the Max icon near the inventory icon to control Max. Now, you need to find the Battery Pack. This can be found by going in the South East direction. Once you get there click on the Battery Pack. After the cutscene Open the door near the Tumor to get into Max's brain. Here you will meet the 'Super-Ego'. Talk to him about the Master Plan twice. On the left hand side of the room there is the Curcuit Breaker, use it. Go outside and after talking to Dr. Norringthon control Max and find the spaceship of Skunkape flying around. Click on it to remember and go back to Sam. Go into the brain room near the Super-Ego and look into the Book of Memories you will see a second slide of Skunape's ship.

Use the Skunkape's Flagship slide, this will get you into one of the Samulacra's bodies and into Skunkape's ship. Use the Astral Pyramid to get into Clone HW-021-S, this will get you the Ring of keys. Use the Astral Pyramid to get into Clone SP-42-X. Use the Fuse box to open it and then use the Water bottle. Spit on the Fuse box. Use the Astral Pyramid to get into Clone HW-021-S and use the Wheel. This will put you into the original clone. Click on the Back Drop of the cell and then use the Wires on the right of the cell. This will get you free. Use the door on your right to get to the upper deck. After talking to Sammun-Mak's brain, keep asking him about the mole men until Grandpa Stinky comes out of the Mole men door. Talk to Grandpa Stinky and ask him about everything, the ask him these in the following order: Mole Processing Grandpa Stinky Skunkape He will tell you where Skunkape is.

Now go back to controlling Max. You need to find the building which Grandpa Stinky revealed and also identify the other building on the road. Federated Consolidated Building Bosco-Tech Labs Generico Incorporated Headquaters Hairy Arms Apartments Cloning Chamber Once you find the Cloning Chamber switch to Sam and use the Cloning Chamber Slide from the Memory Book in the brain room. Here, use the Fog Machine so that you can make it past the Lasers. When you get past the lasers use the Devil's Toybox Photo with the Video Camer on the floor on your left. Skunkape will come down near you. Talk to him and ask him about the Toy Robot. He will tell you that he will never give it up, then tell him you will trade it with the bomb and he will throw you the Toy Robot. No go to the tunnel passage on your right side. You will be back in Max.

Use the Toy Robot with the Tentacles near the tube. After the cutscene, use the Tear Duct between the Stomach and Arms tube. Go to the Record cabinet and pickup the record reading 'Are you there, Great Bear Spirit'. Use the Record with the Record Player. Go back to the Tear Duct and use it to escape. After the cutscene give Max's Snot to Momma Bosco and enjoy the ending.



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