Sherlock Holmes



Level 1 - Section A (Hall)

You begin the game from that room; pay attention to cursor, if you see it changes it means you can move in that direction.
You cannot go up to the first floor for now.

1.You have to check all sarcophagi and memorize its dates of origin. They will be used further.

2.Click on the left sphinx. Panel will appear, enter date corresponding to the different sarcophagi period.
Correct answer is:                                    

OK 2200      or
MK 1650
NK 1069
LD 0332
AE 2200
ME 1650
NE 1069
BE 0332

Click on the right button to validate.

3.After animation go to the stairs and get the key behind the chair.

4.Go to the door near the stairs, turn around and approach to plant and grab the seal (it is under leaves)

5.Take the key from the inventory, go to the door and open it.

  Level 1 - Section B (Egyptian exposition)

1.Get the seal behind “Head” statue

2.Come to mummy, open coffin, grab everything you will find there (hammer, oil flask and screw driver)

3.Take tie pin under stool

4.To exit click on the door near big vase

You can choose other doors too

  Level 1 - Section C (second room of Egyptian exposition)

Do not forget you are visiting an exposition, so take your time and look around, you can find interesting objects brought from Egypt.If you are in hurry, ok!

1.Approach to sarcophagi click on the biggest one, it should move aside.

2.Get screwdriver from inventory and open the lock with it. Grab a key.

3.Approach to the big stone, pick up the seal from the floor.

4.Approach the stand with gods’ statues, click on it and read descriptions (pay attention to the information!! You will need it in the future).

5.Walk to the door between big stone and sarcophagus, use oil flask and key from inventory (as the lock is rusted). You will get to the next section .

  Level 1 - Section D (Room under repairs)

In fact you are pursued by a mummy, look at the mirror (click on it), and you will see it.

1.Walk to scaffolding and look at the closed box to you on the floor

2.You have to break the cover, get hammer from the inventory and use it on the cover.

3.Grab three gear wheels, and wood.

4.Walk to the cupboard and open it with a tie pin, take bottle of whiskey.

  Level 1 - Section E (Room Egyptian exposition)

1.Grab a seal near dog statue.

2.Click on the door with symbols.

3.You must have 5 seals in your inventory, you were able to collect them in previous rooms.

You have to take seals from inventory. We provide a solution for you.

Solution :

Symbols that are to be placed Place where you should place it
(two faces) Mummy 4 (jackal head ) Anubis
(arched women) Hieroglyph 3 (head of a bird ) Ibis
(head of a bird ) Ibis Sun 2 (arched women)
(jackal head ) Anubis Knife 1(two faces)

After solving enigma on the door you get to the section F.

  Level 1 - Section F (Study room)

Here you are. Lord spent much time studying Egyptology. You have to make the following actions:

1.Get newspaper on the table

2.Go to the table at the end of the room

3.Take matches on the table and Light candle.

Approach the oven

4.Take three gear wheels from the inventory and put them one by one in the mechanism on the wall.

This heavy mechanical door is opened by steam mechanism. You have to light a fire in the oven to activate mechanism. 5.Open door of the oven, put paper from the inventory in it.

6.Put wood from the inventory into the oven.

7.Put whisky bottle from the inventory into the oven.

8.Light it with matches

Oven is lit, mechanism is activated and the door will be opened

End of level 1

  Level 2 – Library

Here you go. You are on the second level. Sherlock Holmes arrived to the library.
All doors are blocked first he has to find a key which is hidden in white book, but it will not be so easy.

1.In a corner of the room on the first floor, just behind a column you will find first book, the blue one. Take it, it is about History.

You have to make the following actions:

1.In a corner of the room on the first floor, just behind a column you will find first book, the blue one. Take it, it is about History.

2.Go and put it on the shelf with blue books on the second floor of the library.

All these books are in disorder you have to put them in right places.

3.Put the green book on green bookshelf.

4.Red to red one on the first floor , then white, black, yellow.

5.After yellow you will find second white book. This time it is a book with key hidden inside. Now you can exit to the corridor by using that key. on the table to read the newspaper.

  Level 2 – Corridor

From here you can go to different rooms. You can choose any room you want to go, but some are closed and require keys.
1.Take a fork, which is on the floor

Ok, go to the room just in front of library door
After resolving all enigmas you should have two scepters.
Go and put them in crossed hand of a statue. Bigger one in left, smaller in right, now you can push statue and pass through secret passage.

  Level 2 – Small living room

1.Take a ramrod from the cupboard
2.I know you would be happy to open another cupboard and to look what is hidden under lions head, but you need to have special instruments to do so. Go and get them!!
3.If you have a cane (from study room) in your inventory you can open hidden place under lion head.
4.Take package, you will use them in the future.
5.Click on the package in the inventory to unwrap it, you will have wood tiles.
------- If you have Soap from bath room Ramrod from the cupboard Big sheet of paper (page from register) - from the study

You can try to get key, which is inserted from other side of the door
6.Open curtains which hide door
7.Slide paper under the door
8.Use soap on the door lock, as it is very old.
9.Put ramrod into the lock and push the key, but not very hard or it will not fall on the paper.
10.Pull the paper back and grab your key. It is a key of bedroom: you can enter
11. If you have a key from study (messy room) you can open a cupboard and take a scepter

  Level 2 - Bathroom

1.Take a glance in bath, you can empty water from bath, on the bottom you will find traces of sand. “Hm, the same sand you have seen in small living room”
2.Take soap on the on the wash-bowl, you will use it in the future .

  Level 2 - Study room

Wow, what a mess, someone was here just before you came and was looking very thoroughly for something.

1.Grab register on the floor, you can take it, but it is to big to be carried with, instead one page appear in you inventory. You can reed it if you want to.
2.Use the fork (from corridor) to open hidden place covered by picture, here you are, take a cane and a real register.
Now you can open hidden place in lion head with cane in small living room
3.Use scarab (from bedroom to open safe fitted into the table of Lord, after opening it you can take everything he has kept there. You have a letter from “Dawn of gods”. You can open key box next to the strange clock.
4.Click on the key box, which is under clock, you will have an enigma to solve. It will take time as it is not easy. When you solve it you will take a key of cupboard from small living room.

  Level 2 – Bedroom

1.You can find night table near a bed, use your wood tiles (found under lion head) to reconstitute cover of table.
After you can open drawer of the table and read some new articles, which will proved you with more information about lord.
But the most important is a paper of which you have eye, woman, cat, and man.

2.if you were enough attentive you could see some strange document among your letters having eye, woman, cat, and man. The same elements are present on the picture, click in the same order, and you will find hidden place under picture 3.Take a scepter can see something on the blade of fan. But you will need something long to active it. Use the scepter you have just found.
5.Go grab a golden scarab near broken vase. You can use it in study room.

After resolving all enigmas you should have two scepters. Go and put them in crossed hand of a statue. Bigger one in left, smaller in right, now you can push statue and pass through secret passage.

  Level 3 – Wine cellar

Go to the left, you can see that someone had a meal here. Who can it be?!!
1.Take matches, water flask hidden behind bred, as well as a stick on the floor near table.
2.go to the right and find a hammer under tanks
3. Look under mattress, use hammer to open the hidden place and take a statuette
Go back to bottle stands
4.You have to gather 5 different bottles and one more stick.
5.You can also find an empty bottle in the stand, it will not be easy, as is very dark.
6.take a second rag on the other side of the empty bottle stand.
When you have 5 bottles (not counting empty one) go to the completely empty cell of the stand.
7.put five bottle in it in the following order.
d.Spain wine

Enigma screen will appear, you fill have to resolve it, no cheats is available for lazy boys. J

Hint: Look for the sand and traces of the mummy on the floor, you will find immured hidden door
Before going further you will have to make a torch!!!, to do so you should go to the inventory
-take a rag put it on the stick
-then put some gin on it too,
-use matches to light
Your torch will illuminate the way to you during 25 minutes, After you will be able to make the second one. You will be warned beforehand.

  Level 3 – Laboratory

Here is a room where Lord was working on his artifacts brought from everywhere.

1.On the right side of the entrance door there is a small vase on the floor, you can break it by using hammer from the inventory.Take a key. (it is one of the keys you will need to open table in the laboratory).
2.On a table you can find two wooden boxes, take a key in one in it (it is a key from storeroom).
3.When you are between table and a cupboard you can take an oil flask under the table, to do so you have top bend down and take it.
4.There is a key hidden in the hole in the wall, to get in take a chair near table put it on the left side. Climb the chair and get a key from the hole. It is the second key needed to open the drawer of the table.
Attention, Lord set a trap in the drawer, if you open it incorrectly it will blow up and kill you !!!!! I would advise to save the game in that moment.
5.Go to the table and take a scroll, describing how use keys in the table.
It stands for
S - ACW sinistra (left) anticlockwise
D - CW dextra (right) clockwise
6.approach the small table, click on the drawer, on the full screen of the enigma put two keys , and first click on the right anticlockwise arrow of the right lock then on the clockwise of the left lock.
7.Go to the other door, and take sand from the floor.
8.Go to the door near the chair put some oil in the lock as it is very old, use key (from the wooden box) and now you can go to the storage room.

  Level 3 – Storage room

Room where Lord kept all his stuff, most of artifacts before repairing.

You can see 5 pillars.
You can put object corresponding to the element represented by the mark on the pillars. You can do it in any order:

1.On the first you can see a volute, which stands for air. Put there an empty bottle there from your inventory.
2.Go to the pillar marked with triangle icon, which stands for earth. Put sand inside.
3.Put water flask in the pillar marked with water droplet.
4.Put use matches on the pillar with fire flame.
You will hear the sound of a new enigma appearing near entrance door.
The answer to the enigma is S V K.
You will have a seal of Brahman in your inventory. You will use it later.

After resolving this enigma you can take a statuette from a pillar, which moved.
Now you can go to mirror room trough the laboratory, door will not be locked, as you have resolved an enigma.

1.After resolving enigma of Treasure room door, go to the storage room.
2.Put seal of Brahman from your inventory to the central pillar of the storage room. It will open the door in the Mirror room.
3.Go to the mirror room, to the door on which you have seen enigma, now this door is open.

  Level 3 – Mirror room

In that room strange mechanism is embedded: it turns room each time you move, it makes it very difficult to cross the room and reach treasure room.
As you do not have notes that would help you to guess algorithm of room turning I will help you.

4.You should click each of four statues in order to open hidden place under door you have entered.
5.Take a fourth statuette in the hidden place.
6.While being in the position when you have just entered click 4 times to the center of the room.
7.On the fourth time you will get to the center, then click the between two statues and keep the door you want to go behind you.
8.You will get to the door to Treasury room, it will be on behind you!
9.On the door you will have and enigma. The clue of the enigma is the “truth”, which is Brahman.
10. Now you should go back to the STORAGE ROOM.
11.Put seal of Brahman from your inventory to the central pillar of the storage room.

  Level 3 – Treasure anteroom

You can see a pool of water and a scale – stone in the room. Your objective is to put 4 liters of water on the scale.
1.Take small 3l bucket, take water and put water in the 5l bucket.
2.Repeat the same operation.
3.You will have 1 liter in the small bucket and 5 l in big bucket.
4.Empty big bucket.
5.Put 1 litter from the small bucket to the big one.
6.Take 3 litter of water from the pool and put them into the big bucket, you will have 4 liter is the big bucket.
7.You can put it on the scale.
You will have a chess board appear in the center of the room.
Put four statuettes in the corners of the chess board.

  Level 4 – Devastated treasure room

You start the fourth level from that room.
Two scorpions are waiting for you, so you have little time before they bite you.
1)You can take two buckets in initial warp.
2)Cover with one of the buckets first scorpion.
3)Go to the door,
Huh, it was close and I am pretty much sure you die several times before you will do it.
4)Then go to the other side of the statuette table, cover another scorpion with second bucket and take a plank of wood.
5)Get back to the door; take a bag near body of poor Jonathan Parkey.
Now you can go through the door to the mirror room.

  Level 4 – Mirror room

Here you can see the mechanism, which was turning the room, the last time you were here.

1)Go to a statue on the right from you, to do this you will have to put a plank of wood on the floor. Now you can pass.
2)Near statue you can take a chain and a gear wheal.
3)Go to the center of the room, take you chain out of inventory and attach it to the ring in the ceiling just above you and click to the hole in the wall.
.... see what will happen after it .

  Level 4 – Wine cellar

Here you are, Tarzan! You are in the wine cellar.

1)Search the barrels, you can open one of them, powder will pour out.
2)You can’t take the powder with your bare hands, so take a bag (from the treasure room) and put it in it first.
3)Grab a lantern on the table.
4)Approach the shattered bottles; you can take one of them.
5)Approach the fake doorway. You can find a brush on the barrel.
6)Click on the door, and use your brush to clean the upper central stone of the door.
7)You will see number “3” appearing.
8)Now you should click on each third stone of the doorway in order to open it.
9)Once you have done it you can click on the door and go to the hall.

  Level 4 – Hall

So, you are in the hall. You can visit the hall, look around, go to the first floor…
If you want to be quick, would you go to the stairs?

1)Find hair pin on the staircase.
2)Now you can go to the umbrella stand with mirror (near the entrance door).
There is a paper hidden behind mirror, use the hairpin to take it out from there.
3)There is something written on the paper, but you can’t read it like that. Go to the chandelier and put the paper above the flame.
Now you can read the strange secrete code. Keep it, it will be very useful.
4)You can also light the lantern you have taken in the wine cellar.
5)Now you can go back to the stairs, find a mechanism around it.
6)Then the hidden place will be opened you will have three levers which are to be moved in the strict accordance to the paper you have taken under the mirror.
7)Levers will open the door and allow you to go out from the hall.
Above lever there are three red dim lights. When you will activate the door, they will become green.
8)Go to the first floor, some door are blocked, some will lead to rooms, that are on fire, so be careful. You will find the door you have unlocked after resolving enigma with levers. It will lead you to the corridor.

  Level 4 – Corridor

1)Look among fallen pictures for two coded messages, you will need them in the future. Write them down .
2)Note Egypt will help you, is a clue to enigma.
3)You can also find three small hooks.

You can go to other rooms now.

  Level 4 – Small living room

This room is on fire, it is full of smoke, you can barely see, and you can be stay there for a long time, so I would propose to you save before going in.

You can take some fresh air by going out from the room.

1)The first thing you can do in the room, take out shattered bottle and cut a piece of curtain near another door. You will be able to breath through it and now you will spend more time in the room.
2)Approach the shield, behind you will find an enigma, which ca be resolved by using the coded messages and the clue you have found in the corridor.
3)The answer to the enigma is words written in the strict order.
4)After resolving enigma will go up. And you will see drawing of the wall behind you with marking of a place where the hidden place is.
5)You can take a head of spear near the lion head.
6)Approach the hidden place under wallpaper, use spear to cut it. You can take everything from the hidden place:
three weights, small key, and a letter.

  Level 4 – Study room

When you have weights, key (from small living room) and hooks from the corridor, you can go to the study room.

1)Click on the clock.
2)Put hooks on the ends of chains .
3)Put gear wheal in the center of the clock.
4)Now you should put three weights, and keep all of them in balance (in one line).
5)When you will find then right combination the clock will open.
6)Put the key in the clock, and turn it.
In fact you have activated a count down of the bomb. All doors are blocked. So you should be in hurry now.
Open the door to the library, Lord Montcalfe is locked there. To do this you should blow the lock, which can not be opened
7)Put bag with powder on the handle and put a lantern under it.
Get back it will explode. See movie

Now you can go to level 5

  Level 5 – Library

Attention, do not touch the handrail of the stairs, or you will be electrocuted.
Try to find a machine, which provides electricity.

1)In front the door to the corridor you will find a gun, examine it closer.
2)Click on the book shelves, and find a blue book and click on it.
3) It will open a small room where Faraday machine producing electricity is hidden.
4)Take a shovel on the right side of the machine.
5)Use it to take carbons out from the machine, and stop the fire.
6)Then you can pull the lever of the high pressure boiler, the machine will be stopped.
Now you can go down, stairs are safe.
7)Take a ladder near the stairs.
8)Go to the red bookshelf and put your ladder near it.
Climb it and take a pipette.

It looks that you have taken everything, so you can go to study room of the ground floor.

  Level 5 – Study room (ground floor)

1)Take a candle on the table.
You can see a Japanese enigma in the wall but before you have to find all needed draughts.
Go to other rooms.
2)Solve the Japanese enigma to save time click several times on the upper right corner to cheat and solve simpy, after clicking 4 or 5 times click with the right button on any squares in the enigma.
3)After solving the enigma you can take a lever.
Now you can return to the section E and put it in the bulkhead.

  Level 5 – Section E (Egyptian exposition)

1)Look in the drawers, most of them will be locked.
2)So find first a sacrifice knife. Now you will be able to open a drawer containing some draughts.
3)You can also move a big vase and take a batcher under it.
4)You can also look under carpets, you will find a. You have to put a lever to open it. (after solving Japanese enigma.)
5)Take a lever (from Study room) from your inventory and put it in the right place in the bulkhead.
6)Click on it.
7)Secret passageway will be opened to Storage room.

Before going down you should light your lamp, as you remember it is very dark down there.
1)In your inventory take oil and fill lamp with it.
2)Take your lamp and and try to light it from other lamps on the walls click.
3)You will find a lamp in the section E above covered sarcophagi.

Now you can go down to Storage room.

  Level 5 – Section B (Khaepaseth mummy)

1)Use your knife to check drawers. You will find more draughts in there.
2)Near locked door to the hall you will find small vase with oil.
Keep searching drawers, you can find something interesting. 3)Take an axe on the floor.
Now you can go to sections C

  Level 5 – Section C (Fallen sarcophagi’s)

Keep searching the drawers by using your knife.
1)Find more draughts, and a cup .
2)In the another you will find two plates.
3)On the floor near Egyptology screen you will find Ancient Egyptian lamp.

Now after gathering all draughts you can return to study room, to solve Japanese enigma.

  Level 5 – Storage room

You arrive here after going down from the section.

1)You should find a rope.
Go to the laboratory.

  Level 5 – Laboratory

1)Find a box on the big table near the wall. You will use it in the future.
In that room you will find the deadly bomb, which is to be disarmed.
2)Put a small box on the big one.
3)Then put the batcher on the small box.
4)Put a cup on the left plate of the batcher.
5)Attach a pipette above the cup.
6)Put candle on the right plate of the batcher.
7) In the inventory you should attach the axe with rope.
8)Then put it on the hook on wall.
9)Light the candle in order to set the rope on fire which keeps the axe. Axe will fall down and break the stream pipe. Bomb is disarmed.

You should hide yourself; there is always a chance that everything will blow up.

Enjoy the final movie





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