Super Jazz Man

The game puts you in the unitard and cape of a musical superhero who waits tables at the Zanzibar restaurant under the cover of night. After playing a weekend concert that revolutionizes the local airwaves, our saxophonist receives a phone call at work.

Super Jazz Man explores the fundamental elements of an adventure, unfolding locations with the progression of the narrative while featuring nostalgic low-color graphics. Play through four unique endings!

1. Grab the NAPKIN from under the empty table.
2. Grab the bottle of MERLOT residing on top of the same table.
3. Walk to the left of the screen to meet Steve's manager.
6. See the manager again.

7. Use BED.
8. Grab the CELLULAR PHONE right beside your bed.
9. Click on the door and head out to the streets.
10. Go to the park at North Gentoo.

11. Greet the vendor, then try to change the subject.
12. A new location will be revealed.
13. Say goodbye, then head right.
14. Use the city or click on the streets to leave the park.
15. Head towards the new location, Felmont Records.

Record Shop
16. Take the single CD from the floor, located near the row of records on the left.
17. Take the POCKET VACUUM, right behind Donovan.
18. Head out to the streets, then return to Stevie's apartment.

19. Look at refrigerator.
20. Now, use POCKET VACUUM with underneath fridge.
21. There are several remotes in the room.
22. First, use the remote on the left side of the table to turn the stereo on.
23. Next, use the remote on the right side of the table to turn the CD player on.
24. Switch CD (twice) until you hear the recording of Stevie's concert from last weekend.
25. Eject CD, then turn off the player and exit back to the street. Head for the park.

26. Use CD on CD case, then use CD with Procetron Boy.
27. A new location on the map (the Zanzibar) will be revealed.
28. Exit back to the map and head for Zanzibar.

29. Talk to Anne.
30. End the conversation to get a note, which reveals another new location.
31. Grab the HUBCAP lying on the road, then exit back to the map.

Record Shop
32. Head back out to the streets, then drop by Felmont Records.
33. Use POCKET VACUUM with Donovan.
34. Now return to the streets, then head back into Felmont Records.
35. The trashcan behind Donovan should gain a new item. Grab the PHOTO.
36. Look at the PHOTO to reveal a new location.
37. Exit the record shop, then head to the volcano.

38. Use the CELLULAR PHONE on yourself to call Cadence.
39. A new location (the library) will be revealed after the conversation.
40. Exit back to the map and head for the library.

41. You'll be whisked into a car.
42. Try and kick the bottle out of the henchman's hand.
43. When you've got it right, the bottle will hit his partner.
44. This is your queue for a quick escape back to the apartment.
45. A new location (the beach) will be revealed after the cutscene.
46. Exit back to the map and head for the beach.

47. You'll find Cadence at the beach just about ready to leave for work.
48. Use SAXOPHONE with tiki bar to attract the bartender's attention.
49. Ask the bartender about drinks four times.
50. Request for the fourth drink offered (the flaming drink), Cadence's favorite.
51. A MIXED DRINK will be added to your inventory.
52. Choose the Use icon.
53. Click on the MIXED DRINK in your inventory twice to use it on yourself.
54. Use the SAXOPHONE with tiki bar again, then order the same flaming drink.
55. Exit back to the map, then head for the gym.

56. Just beside Cadence are several weight plates, including 5lb ones.
57. Take two 5lb plates, then use HUBCAP with weight plates.
58. Use one 5lb plate on the same location to place it back.
59. Attempt to exit the gym with the other 5lb plate.
60. Cadence will stop you and offer a SPORTS DRINK. This will be added to your inventory.
61. Exit back to the map and head for Arlington Library.

62. There's a FLYER on the lamppost. Grab it.
63. Look at FLYER to find out that Donovan's been charging for your autographs.
64. Exit back to the map and head to the record shop.

Record Shop
65. Use FLYER with Donovan.
66. He will admit to charging for your autographs, then hand you some MONEY.
67. Exit back to the map and head for the antique shop.

Antique Shop
68. Grab a CANE (near the entrance).
69. Stevie will head towards the counter and pay for it automatically.
70. Exit back to the map and head for the Library.

71. Use the CANE with passing cyclist.
72. Take or use student to acquire a STUDENT ID. Enter the library.
73. Look at the books in the rightmost shelf until you find the ones about local geography.
74. Choose the look icon, then use your mouse cursor to examine this area.
75. Try and find a clickable spot marked BOOK instead of BOOKS.
76. The book in question is 'Exploring Derringer's Volcano'. Take it.
77. Now try and exit the library. Stevie will check the book out at the counter.
78. Head for the volcano.

79. Use BOOK OF MAPS with path to find an alternate route to the volcano.
80. Use MIXED DRINK with pit bull to chase it away.
81. Head further right until Stevie stops to discover mines in the ground.
82. Use the nearby tree to grab hold of it's branch.
83. Use the 5lb plate in your inventory on the path to detonate a mine.
84. Use tree again to get your feet back on solid ground.
85. Use the path to move past the rest of the mines, then use the door.
86. A fight will ensue.

How to win the fight:
a. Click on the henchman twice, then pause for a moment. (2 combos)
b. Once his head tilts back into position, click on him six times then pause. (8 combos)
c. Hit him twice, then wait for him to recover. (10 combos)
d. Finish him with another three hits. If you mess up on the combos, repeat step a.

87. Look at cards on table to reveal a new CARD. Take it.
88. Move towards the elevator.
89. Use the CARD on the slot right underneath the button on the right.
90. Now use the button to operate the elevator.

There are several endings here.

Ending 1
Take Bebop by force, or use SAXOPHONE on Rio.

Ending 2
Use the SAXOPHONE on the ground, then use the contract.

Ending 3
Use the SAXOPHONE on the ground, then use the POWER DRINK on Bebop.
Grab your SAXOPHONE and use it on RIO.
Watch past the credits for a special outtake.

There are more endings




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