By Future Games

Official walkthrough by Pavel Cernohous (Tol)

October 2010


About playing Tale of Hero in general


Left mouse button- executes context actions like communicating with NPC, collecting objects, pulling a lever etc. and exploring objects, if nothing of the things mentioned above can be done with them.


Right mouse button- is used for exploring an object in a scene, including characters or objects Olaf would otherwise take. In inventory, it is used for exploring inventory objects, opening books, maps etc.


In scenes, it makes no difference whether you examine objects with the right or the left mouse button - the result is either the same, or Olaf gives a more detailed comment of the object if you use the right button.


The important information hidden in object comments in scenes will be given if you use either left or right button. Therefore you don't have to explore everything with both buttons. 


Do not forget to examine inventory objects as well - comments for them sometimes contain an important hint or information for advancing in the game, sometimes you obtain another object in this way (e.g. opening the bag etc.)


Pay attention to everything that is happening in a scene. Some hotspots sometimes show only while there is an distinctive change on the screen (e.g. light in a dark corner in which hotspot is situated).




Olaf falls into a cave of a monster he was hired to take care of. His two companions leave him and the only way out of the cave is blocked by a big boulder.


*examine boulder.- Olaf notices that the ground beneath him is jagged.


*take the rope


*take the leather on the ground.


*go right and you fill find out what you are against. It will be a tough adversary. Go up to the statue and collect the squash there


* take one stone from the pile of stones by the lamp


* take the ladle from the scaffolding


*go back to the main cave, explore the table and take fork from it. You can try to collect the stone bowl as well, but it is very heavy and the noise will almost wake the monster.


*explore the small cage and when Olaf takes a closer look, take the leather in the detail


* uncork the jar with the fork- the fork will twist, but the cork is out. Inside the jar is wine.


* you can't take it in the leaking ladle, that's why you use knife for the squash, to scoop out a provisional jar.


*use ladle to pour wine into the squash jar


*notice a strong bar in the cage construction and the structure that holds it. Cut off all four holds, Olaf automatically binds them together and you get a strong rope.


*collect loose bar.


* go back to the small cage and soften turf under the boulder with wine. The boulder will incline and admit a strange dark cloud which will fly past you into the big cave (the den).


*roll away the boulder completely with the bar - escape route is free! Now is the time to deal with the work you were hired to do.


*go back to the statue, a strange creature made of dark smoke will appear - the one you let in earlier. Talk to him.


*go to the small cave and notice the leather on the ceiling Smokey talked about-  if you don't see it, that means you haven't rolled the boulder away completely and there is not enough light in the cave.


*in one of the conversation topics, Smokey carries on in such a way it activates the defense crystal magic above Nog's bed which is supposed to keep Smokey away.


*talk about it with Smokey and you will find out about the nightmares he used for sucking optimism out of Nog's consciousness which the smart dolsimian then caught in the lamps set around the cave.


*after the crystals light up, notice the ladder next to Nog's bed which could not be seen in the dark. Try to take the ladder, but as soon as you come near Nog you will almost wake him up - he is a darn light sleeper.


*talk about it with Smokey. He will explain he could make Nog  sleep harder for a brief period of time; if you manage to extinguish or at least turn down the crystal, he'll help you.


*about the nightmares and the lamps which catch them you already know. Notice that the nightmares don't fly just around the lamps but around the crystal as well, when its on. Cover two lamps you can reach with leather, to turn down their light.


*the last light which sculpture holds in its hand is out of your reach and that's why you have to risk a bit of noise-throw a stone at it to break it and the lamp will stop shining.


*now, when the lamps are turned down, most of the nightmares will move to the crystal. Hundreds of dark wings will dim its light.


*tell Smokey about it


*take the ladder


*put the ladder to the leather on the ceiling in the small cave and climb to it.


*tie a string to the twisted fork and stick it in the leather- the trap is set, it is enough to pull the string and the leather will tear completely.


The rest will play automatically


Alternative solution

-          the bent boulder can also be rolled away with the rope

-          the cork can also be removed with a knife

-          if you have uncorked the jar with a knife, you don't have a twisted fork in the end. Try poking a crack in the rock by the leather in the ceiling where something is glittering- you will find only dirt, but the fork will bend





* talk to Pripogala in your courtyard


* go inside and click on the bed



* explore falling door on the floor leading to your pantry. Your fiance payed a joke on you and put a lock on it


*go outside of your cottage and notice the basket on the bench. Your fiance Alie has left breakfast and a message in it. Read it and eat the cakes by clicking on the basket again


*you are leaving the farm and going to the swamps, where Pripogala the sorceress lives


*in the swamps try to get further in the swamps- an incredible and possibly poisonous smell knocks you to you down so you rather go back.


How to get to the swamps

 * go to the tavern and talk in detail to its owner Masek, mainly Swamps and Smell in the Swamps topics. He will tell you he goes to the swamps to get herbs and that he fights the smell with a mask on his face on which he puts perfume from a certain alchemist.

*continue talking with the tavern owner until you get that perfume recipe from him and  until he tells you about the incident when he threw the mask into the well.

*ask Masek about the lock which Alie used to lock your pantry- he will deliver a message saying you should clean up your cottage.

*at the end of the conversation Masek will ask you to sharpen his sickle- take it from the table on the left down


Mixing the perfume

*at home take the jug from the table

*in the courtyard take water from the well

*use jug to take water from the pail


Ingredients can be obtained in any order:

Obtaining charcoal

* You will find charcoal in your house, on the stove by the door under the kettle.

*add charcoal into the jug with water


 Obtaining artorian apples

*because neither you nor Masek have heard about Artorian apples before, it wouldn't be a bad idea to consult a book about plants. You have one such book at home on your bookshelf, where Olaf will automatically find a herbarium.

In the herbarium you will read that Artorian apple is just another name for meeshpon, and you have meeshpon juice in your pantry.

*as Alie commanded in her message, clean up your house- tidy the clothes on the chair, the fish net from the other chair and dirty dishes from the table. You will find the key to the pantry

*use the key to unlock the pantry

*down in the pantry you will meet an old acquaintance from Nog's cave. Promise to find him work instead of the old one, but tell him he must be patient.

*pick a jug of meeshpon juice and pour its content into the jug with unfinished perfume


 Obtaining sayside nuts

*ask Masek if he knows about a sayside bush near by. He will tell you he saw one growing on a tree by the swamps.

* in the tavern, get the cord hanging on the wood pillar supporting the ceiling

*in the Olaf's cottage courtyard, pick the wooden rod leaned against the house

*inside Olaf's house explore the casket on the left down. A closeup will open

*in casket closeup explore the jug with primrose- under it you will find the casket key

*unlock the casket

*get sharpening stone and oil from inside

*sharpen the sickle with the sharpening stone

*tie sickle to the pole (you must have the string with you)

*use this tool to cut sayside bush from tree branch from the swamps- you will get sayside nuts

*according to the recipe, you must crush the nuts. You will do that with mortar at the tavern.

*throw crushed sayside nuts into the jug with unfinished perfume

By using all three ingredients you will obtain jug with perfume.


How to fish out mask from the well

*go to your cottage  and take fishing rod in casket detail

*look into the well in front of the tavern, if Masek has told you about the mask in the well already, Olaf will notice it and closeup of the well will open

*use the rod to fish out the mask caught on a dry twig in the well bricks

The mask is incredibly dirty, though.

*take the dirty mask to Masek, who will promise to wash it. Leave the tavern.


For further progress make sure your perfume is ready (order of mixing the perfume and fishing out the mask is arbitrary). Go back to the tavern and ask Masek whether he has washed the mask. He will tell you it needs to soak for a while and he will ask you to take lunch to old Mr. Carrot to your own door, where the grocer will pick it up.


*collect basket with Carrot's lunch and take it to the bench in front of your cottage

*go back to the tavern. You will meet Alia, with whom you'll have a fight

*after the fight talk to Masek- your mask is washed.


*put perfume on the mask and you can go to the swamps.



*find Pripogala's house, enter and talk to her.

Pripogala will put magic spell on you which will help you with the swamp smell, so you won't have to wear the funny mask any more


She will further say you need dead sorcerer's advice on how to defeat Krugell. Luckily, one of the reasons for her living just here is the near-by source of water of life in one of the ruins of an ancient city swallowed by the swamp. To reach the source you will need a small statue as a key. She prepared it for you on the table.


*take the statue from the table (don't let an angry piece of furniture scare you)


*take the tin by the kettle


*go out and go right toward the ruin of an ancient building. Thick thorn bush which cannot be cut by a knife is blocking the way, though.


*return home. One of the neighbors has left a flail which they once borrowed from you.


*take the flail- unfortunately, it is broken, the strap which held the head is torn


*go down to your pantry and take the old bag hanging on the wall


*cut off its strap with the knife


*use the strap to fix the flail


*use the flail in the swamps to make the way to the building-temple with water of Life.


Temple with Water of Life- above

*notice the pedestal with a statue on it, just like the statue Pripogala gave you. Take a closer look of the pedestal.


*in pedestal closeup explore the opening- there is a mechanism in it, which is dirty


*clean up the opening with oil (if you haven't taken it yet it is in the casket, just like the sharpening stone was)


*place statue in the opening and turn them by clicking on one of the statues. You will set off a mechanism, which will turn into a small lightning from somewhere in the ceiling.


Energy  will run through the floor and for a while one of the tiles will shine as if something reacting to the energy flow was under it.


*click on the tile while it is shining. If you accidentally don't make it, just make the lighting again by turning the statues.


*in tile closeup you will notice seams. Use the knife to force the tile out


*take the crystal under the tile


*put the crystal into the opening in the middle of the floor


*turn statues again- a path to the staircase leading to the temple opens in the floor


Temple with Water of Life-down

The basin is empty, the gargoyles are ugly and a statue of some ancient goddess is greedily reaching for sacrifice.


Read the notice on the wall, you don't have to, but it will give you a rough idea of how things work here.


*pull the statue's hand-a hissing sound will come from a place signaled by a blinking ear icon.


*while you hear the hissing sound,  click on it-a closeup of panel on the side of the statue stone throne will open


*the usual tricks don't work with the panel- joint around it is too thin to force out. By clicking on the panel you will find out that the openings are loose, but there is no handle to grab and take out


*back in the room take the stone hand on the floor


*go out and use knife to cut a piece of root from vine on the wall


*go to the crossroad in the swamps- you will find dry resin on one of the trees. Collect it.


*put resin in the tin


*go to Pripogala and notice the red hot fire under the kettle.


* place the tin with resin on red hot stone.


*after a short while the resin in the tin is melted, take it from the stone and take the tin with melted resin


*go back to the temple to the panel on the side of the statue throne


*dip the stone hand into melted resin


*glue the hand to the panel


*take the hand with the panel- interior will show, with a leaky pipe, it would be good to gag it somehow


*sharpen vine root with knife


*dip sharpened piece of root into resin


*use this root to gag the hole in the pipe


*pull the statue's hand again-this time water will flow from the gargoyles, but only shortly and it will immediately flow off through canals.


*go home and collect the cart wheel in the courtyard


*use the cart wheel to weigh down the hand so the whole reservoir flows into the basin and the basin stays full


*use the jug you previously used for meeshpon juice and fill it with Water of Life


Alternative solution:

* you can weigh down the hand with the pail from your courtyard, filled with water from the swamps


* you can try to place a vessel in the reservoir and let water fill it. If you place the jug, the water will overturn it. If you place the pail... well, see for yourself, but you won't be successful.


*it is also possible to weigh the hand with a piece of walling which you can pick up in the upper part of the temple, or with empty pail, but it wont be heavy enough



Mykorus the seer

*go to the place Pripogala marked as Mykorus's grave (left from the entrance to the swamps)


*apply Water of Life to earth- the seer Mykorus will show up... and he's a bit different than you expected.


*chew the fat with Mykorus, but he doesn't want to advise you, he wants his peace and quiet


*go to the crossroads and notice how bringing seer back to life hasn't remained unnoticed by the other inhabitants of the swamp. A slug invasion heading towards Mykoros!


*go to Mykorus and tell him about the slugs. He will get scared and will promise you anything, even work, if you protect him from the slugs.


Offer him your good old rooster, he's great with the vermin.


*get the rooster from the fence back home and bring him to Mykorus- the old warrior is hardly standing though, and the Water of Life isn't working its magic - this you find out when you try it (every magic rule has its exceptions)


*remember you've promised a new job to someone and a Smokey can certainly possess any beast he chooses. Go home to your pantry and tell Smokey about the rooster. He agrees to share one body with the rooster and thus gives him health.


*return to Mykorus - the rooster possessed by Smokey is already kicking and Mykorus can do nothing but keep his part of the deal and give you a prophecy.


You will find out that you need a magic object called God's Breath to defeat Krugell which is in a ship wreck at the bottom of the sea.


Scale of a white catfish

*go to talk to Pripogala- she will promise to use her contacts in the sea world to find the wreck and open teleport for you there. But to move, breathe and speak under water, you need  scale of White catfish


*go home and take Bestiary from your bookshelf (just click on the books, Olaf will find what he's looking for)


*find the page about White catfish- you will learn that this fish changes color after death, taking color of plain catfish; only the white spot on the tail shows what it was while alive.

Another important piece of information is that the scale must be given by the fish in order to be magical


*go to the tavern and explore the trophy catfish above the door- you'll find out it has a white spot on the tail and that your father once caught a White catfish and gave it to in-keeper Masek


*talk to Masek whether you can take the catfish. He refuses, because an empty space above the door brings bad luck.


*offer Masek stone hand glued to the panel in exchange for the catfish- Olaf introduces his marketing plan how to attract more customers with new decoration and a new name.

Masek agrees


*in the catfish closeup exchange it for the hand


*go to the temple and use the dead catfish for reservoir with Water of Life


*After obtaining  the magic scale go to Pripogala who will take you to the underwater kingdom.



* if you have previously taken Water of Life in the jug again, you don't need to take the catfish to the reservoir, it is enough to pour water from the jug on him




How to get out of the temple

On the right is a gate opened by the panel on the wall, you need to insert a key.


*Explore the back part of the temple indicated with a question mark- you will swim up to the shrine


*click on the window in the statue and in the closeup keep turning to the right until you find a strangely shaped key (you will learn something about the history of the temple while doing it)


*use the key for the lock in the gate and swim out of the temple.


Finding ship Dragon's Pride

*swim away from the temple and in the crossroads continue swimming up. From here you can already see the ship wreck in the distance, but when you try to come closer, ghosts will appear who will not let you pass.


*return to the crossroads. There is a hidden path among stone formations which will take you between the cliffs. There is a casket which drifted  from some singing ship long time ago.


*further away collect a stone and in casket detail try to break the lock with it. Unfortunately, the casket is substantial and the stone is soft so it falls apart in your hands.


*rather collect the casket as it is


*go back to the temple and notice grooves on the floor by the gate- the wings of the gate meet here and scratch the floor. Place the casket here.


*turn the key in the gate lock- the heavy gate will close and crush the casket.


*Examine the remains of the casket and collect a shining object from it- it will turn out to be a religious symbol.


*collect a goblet from the remains as well


*return to the ghosts and apply religious symbol to any sailor skeleton- it is important to use the symbol on a skeleton. It won't work with the ghost.


*go to the wreck and talk in detail with the ghost of Captain Halden. You will learn lots of useful things, especially about sea dragon Mjorgin, who stole God's Breath from the deck  and disappeared with it in the ditch under the cliff.


*Have a look at Mjorgin- go back to the location haunted by ghosts and go down the ditch on the right. Continue to the cave and look into dragon's den through the natural window. Besides the sleeping monster he will also see God's Breath exhibited on some kind of pedestal in the window of dragon's treasury. Olaf cannot defeat such a monster by brute force. He must try to learn more about him and find his weak point.


Cave passage

* go right from the crossroads this time, you will reach a rock barrier overgrown with a sort of underwater creepers


*use knife to cut one off. Olaf notices that there is an opening behind the creepers.


*cut through the creepers and an entrance to a cave will emerge. It is dark inside and if you try to continue to the other side towards light, Olaf  will bump his head against something and come back.


*explore one of the sailor skeletons, the one whose head is in the ship latrine. You will find a piece of spyglass and an old, already rusty gauntlet. Take both.


*Go down the ditch but instead to the cave this time continue to the back towards the location with mirror. He could use the mirror, but Olaf realizes that it would be difficult to take it up.


* Notice the Weird grass by the rock wall. Examine it closely- you will find out there is something in it


*try to get the object out of the strange grass- Olaf burns his hand because the grass (it is probably some kind of anemone)


*use the gauntlet for the stinging grass- take out metal suitcase of the ship doctor


*right mouse button in inventory on suitcase, take out dentist's pliers


*go back to the temple with the pliers and take a closer look at  crystal emitting green light on the right from the altar. In the detail, use pliers for crystal, take it out


*return to the cave with the shining crystal which now makes the cave light, in future you will be able to walk around here easily.


Inhabitants of the cliff

*Directly on the crossroads there is a strange creature on a piece of rock. take a closer look at it and by gradual excitation of it feet in the right order you will make it spit out a purple nugget she uses for attracting small fish it eats. Before  the nugget falls back into the small creature's mouth, collect it.


*with the nugget in the bag go to the cave and try to pass further. A small snake-like fish will appear from a hole in the wall and steal your nugget giving you an electric shock.


*After the cave you arrive to the cliff from which you swim down to a sand wasteland. Here you will first meet whale youngster Nomas. Talk to him in detail, especially about Mjorgin and how to defeat him.  You will find out about sea man Apidulas who fought the dragon many a time and their forces were even. He doesn't know where to look for him


*Nomas will be glad to help you, the dragon has eaten many of his relatives, but he has to take care of Minikin, a small yellow fish who is afraid of being alone.

*If you have already explored the mirror at the end of the ditch, tell him about it- Olaf will suggest to bring the mirror over here so that Minikin can play with it, like parrots in cages with mirrors, which keep them company.  All you have to do is think how to get the mirror from the ditch.


*a bit further, talk to Clam. It's so surprised to see you that it gets a spasm and can't open its mouth.


*after talking to the clam go back one screen, and a voice out of nowhere will address you. It turns out to be a small hermit crab resting by the at first imperceptible note growing out of corals. Talk with him, he'll ask you for something to eat.


Feeding the crab

*go back to the cave and in one of its parts cut a piece of sea sponge with a knife.


*use the sponge to gag the opening from which the flashfish appeared earlier.


*at the crossroads, get the nugget from the weird creature by exciting its feet in the right order and feed the crab with it. If you don't gag the hole with the flashfish, you'll lose the nugget again.


*the full crab will be a bit more communicative, so talk to him in detail.


Raising the mirror from the ditch

*go around the Clam and the statues  stay on the right, until you come to the cliff from which you will see a huge field of glowing plants


*descend and take a look at the big balloon-like plant closest to you. It could be used as a real balloon, but it must be weighed down with something so it doesn't swim up to the surface once it's cut.


*go back  to the edge of the cliff, where the souls of drowned sailors used to haunt and find a heavy bronze kettle. Collect it


*go down to the statues, from them down (towards camera) and in the ruins of an old building collect a loose stone block


*tie a piece of creeper to the stem of balloon-like plant


*tie the kettle to the other side of the creeper


*put the stone block in the kettle


*now you can cut off the plant and collect the improvised underwater balloon


*use improvised balloon  for the mirror in the ditch


*take out the stone block from the kettle


*above mirror take again


*give the mirror to Nomas- Minikin will swim to it and look at himself in it, apparently happy to have company. From this moment Nomas is at your disposal, to take you where you need to go


Curing the Clam

*Because Crab had lived with the Clam for a while, he knows how to cure some of its ailments. He will advise you to catch the flashfish and apply it to Clam. He will also  tell you about sea cucumbers by two statues who produce a sticky matter.


*collect one sea cucumber by the statues


*use it for the pieces of spyglass you collected by the skeleton in the latrine closeup


* go to the hole with flashfish. Make sure you don't have the strange creature's nugget with you, otherwise you'll get another electric shock therapy.


*take out the sponge and place the rest of the spyglass glued with the cucumber instead


* finally get the strange creature's nugget from the crossroads and apply it to the sticky tube - flashfish will jump at the treat, but the tight tube and the glue will safely imprison it. Collect the resulting "thunder stick" .


*apply imprisoned flashfish to Clam and when you cure her in this way, talk to her in great detail.



*Clam will disclose the place where Apidulas lives now. If you've already taken care of Minikin with the mirror, it is the right moment to ask Nomas to take you there.


*goto the tower. The door is locked an no one answers to knocking.


*go behind the tower and look at the window- you can't see through it, but when you sit back on the bottom, you will scare a small octopus which will swim out of a bunch to behind a big piece of rock.

Look there and you will see an object octopus is guarding.


She won't listen to reason (try it), flashfish shock is more likely to hurt you and Olaf doesn't want to hurt her with the knife.  Thus you need to think of a ruse.


*try going before the tower and coming back again. You will see that the octopus had returned to the bunch but as soon as you come near it moves to the hollow in the rock in order to protect the unknown object.


*glue the bunch it returns to with the cucumber, leave and come back again. When the octopus moves toward the rock again it will not get there, the glue will keep her in place.


*collect the unknown object- it is a strange shell with straps


*Apply the shell with straps on the door. You will hear Apidulas swearing about octopus losing his ear-trumpet again. Olaf realizes he is talking about this shell with straps and that he can't deal with Apidulas before he somehow delivers the ear-trumpet to him.


*go to the opposite side of the tower and swim to the opening  in the window.


*tie the ear-trumpet to flashfish (it is enough to place ear-trumpet on it-Olaf will use the straps) and push it through the hole in the window


* gag the hole with the sponge, so that flashfish can't swim out


*place the strange creature's nugget on the crossroads under the tower door  and what for what is coming.


*now that Apidulas has his ear-trumpet, you can knock on the door again- this time he will hear you.


*talk to Apidulas about everything under the sun, the important thing for you now is that he is willing to fight Mjorgin but he needs his jewel to do so. Olaf tells the surprised Apidulas he has met the jewel and will try to find it again.


*go back to the cliffs with Nomas, a surprise is waiting for you here- Minikin has disappeared and the mirror as well. Nomas is very unhappy about it and Olaf, who feels partly responsible, offers to help him, of course.


*ask Clam about Minikin- it will tell you about the Blue Starfish, a creature capable of finding anything and anyone if it has someone or something who had a relationship with the missing thing or person.


Obtaining the Blue Starfish


*talk to Nomas about Blue Starfish- he will tell you the legend according to which the Blue Starfish appears once in a while among green starfish feeding on moss


*keep asking Nomas until he takes you to the reef with green starfish


*go inside and walk through the cave to the room where the hall is well lit by shining rods. No visible path further ahead but that is not important, considering the fact that Olaf is blinded by the  light


*go out again, try to collect interesting stones on the left by the spring- they are red hot


*collect the red hot stones in the goblet you collected from the casket at the beginning of the chapter


*on the right on the rock is a strange creature, click on it and it will spit out a cloud of smoke. You could use such a talent, but the creature is holding fast to the rock


*place red hot stones on the rock around the creature (apply them on the creature)- when the ground beneath its "feet" becomes hot, it will let go


*take the creature


*use the creature against shining rods in the cave hall


*when the creature releases ink cloud, it will shadow the bright light for a moment and on the right an opening in the rock will show; it was hidden in the shadow before. Click on it, Olaf will get through to the other side


*follow the light all the way to the beach


*collect one of the Blue Starfish and return under water and head toward Nomas- you will find out the ebb tide has imprisoned you until the morning


*return to the beach


*collect another Blue Starfish in the morning


*go to the sea and all the way to Nomas


*return to the cliffs with Nomas


Looking for Minikin and Apidulas' jewel

*use Blue Starfish on Nomas- the starfish will start showing where Minikin is


*tell Nomas about it- he will take you in front of the cave passage


*go inside- Minikin has hid himself here and seems to be happy


*go out and tell Nomas about it. It is time to look for Apidulas' jewel


*go to Clam and use Blue Starfish on it- starfish will start showing the direction of jewel


*get Nomas and get a ride to the jewel


*in new location go to Place the starfish is showing- you will find crab Fenintair, Apidulas' jewel.


*talk to him in detail, until you persuade him to go back to Apidulas with you


*with crab in your bag go to Apidulas


*deliver crab to Apidulas


*return to the cliffs- Apidulas and Mjorgin are fighting already, you can go to Mjorgin's den in the ditch under the wreck


Mjorgin's den

*now you can descend to Mjorgin's den, but the path to treasury is blocked by a big turtle with sharp teeth, munching on sea weed, but you can't really rely on her being a strict vegetarian


*try to talk to the turtle- she speaks so slowly you can't understand her. Remember what Crab said about speed herbs and what they did for Clam


*go to Clam and cut off some speed herbs from the part of the cliff Clam is sitting on


*return to the turtle and while she is chewing ad herb to the weed


*wait until the turtle takes another bite, eating some of the speed herb

*talk to the turtle again- this time you'll understand her. You'll find out she is not too bright and you will assure her you are Mjorgin's ally. The distrustful turtle will still want to ask questions to see how well you know Mjorgin. Correct answers are:

- Mjorgin's flag- a head with snakes instead of hair (the same as on the tablets in the temple)

- What does Mjorgin eat- plankton (attention, this answer will show only if you have explored the mirror in the ditch which has reappeared there after Minikin's disappearance)

- Who was Mjorgin's teacher- titan Hedarius (you have learned this in conversation with Fenintair)

*if you give correct answers to all questions the turtle will let you through


*in the back part of the den examine the tablets- you will discover a classic slider puzzle, which Olaf will solve in an untraditional way... click on the tablets in closeup and you'll see for yourself


*return to the front of the den and collect several gold pieces from one of the junk piles (Olaf will take 4)


*return to the broken slider and place one gold object to every sprig to weigh them down


*take away a piece in the upper left corner of the broken slider and discover a button


*press the button- if all the sprigs are weighed down, a glass gate to the treasury will open and you will get inside


*in the treasury, explore the pedestal on which God's Breath should be. It is not here, though.


*explore 3x the gold pile- the first time you will find nothing, the second time you'll find a lost tablet from the temple and you will understand many things. Third time you will find a scepter with a diamond


*take the diamond out with the knife


*use the diamond to cut out a hole in the window on the left and get out of the treasury


*go to the place where Apidulas is fighting with Mjorgin and show Apidulas the Blue Starfish


*go to the temple, swim to the altar and place the Blue Starfish in the shrine


*go in front of the temple and talk to Apidulas. You will get God's Breath and a crystal shell for Alia


*go to the temple for the last time and use Pripogala's portal to return to her hut in the swamp


Back home

*talk to Pripogala


*go home and talk to Alia- give her the shell


*click on the house door- Olaf walks in and returns in different clothes


*go to Pripogala, talk to her- she will teleport you the the Ice Planes where you will confront Krugell




1. Village


*explore the house on the left, with smoke coming out. In door closeup try yo knock- no one will open. Notice an opening for a knob or a key.


*collect the shovel


*in the village on the right, under the path up to the house out of big scull  is a snow bulge. Use shovel to remove snow- you will discover a bone manger


*take a closer look at the manger, especially the bottom with some crust. By examining the bottom, Olaf discovers it is salt


*use knife to scratch salt crust on a pile and collect it


*to the right are two big bone notices. Explore the left one- there is something in the opening on the lower edge. Collect it- you will find out it is some sort of lamp with no fuel


*go towards the crack and notice the ship wreck on the right and particularly the lever. You will need it but you cannot collect it at the moment, it is frozen to the rock.


*continue toward the crack in the iceberg and you will reach a stone door. Left to the door is a crow which is frozen.


*You don't have fire, Pripogala's potion is only for living creatures, use salt to melt the ice on the crow.


*in crow closeup move it to position which opens the door.


*walk through the door to another room and notice the small door in the back wall. Take a closer look


*in small door closeup turn the knob and open the door- it is a sort of elevator like the ones used in castle kitchens to send food and drinks from the kitchen to the dining room


*when the little door is open, notice the pin which is holding the knob. Take the pin and close the door again


*take the knob from the small door.


*notice the empty opening on the right side of the door- something is missing in it


*go back to the village and using the knob from elevator door open the door of the smoking hut.


Deve's hut

Take a good look inside the hut.


*talk to the Deve lying on the bed- if she is thirsty, if she wants a drink.


*collect a bowl from another bed


*cut off a piece of fur lying on the bed on the right


*explore two objects on the left- the stove and the scuttle


*take a closer look at the scuttle- inside is not coal but dry dung. Olaf knows he could use some fuel, but refuses to add something that disgusting to other things


*wrap dry dung in a piece of leather (use a piece of leather to scuttle)- you will gain fuel, but not such you can use in the lamp


*look at the pantry door on the right and open it


*in the pantry, you will cut off a piece of fat from the meat


*use the fat as lamp fuel


*you can light the lamp in the stove now


*go outside the hut and notice the snow


*collect some snow in the bowl


*go back to the hut and wait for a moment for the snow in the bowl to melt


*give bowl with water to the Deve- she will drink the water and then spit it out saying she wanted a sip of something harder. She will tell you about brandy she has hidden in the shelter up in the hut from the big scull


*go outside and try to get to the scull- you won't make it


*tell Deve about it, she will tell you about crampons under one of the beds


*explore all spaces under beds until you find the crampons


*use crampons for icy path to the scull- you will make it with them on your feet



In the scull hut

*there is something like a basket on the floor, since it's in your way, collect it


*the secret shelter is in the space behind the stairs, just like the Deve said. In closeup draw leather aside, push back bone lid.


*first collect the box with explosive crystals- you might need them later


*you will find the brandy under crystals. Pick it up and take it to the Deve- now she'll happily talk to you.


*chew the fat with the Deve and don't be shy to go back to her several times during the game to share your experience and get new information.

Especially ask about the elevator you found behind the stone door (if the elevator theme doesn't show with the Deve go and explore it)

Deve will tell you that you activate it with a lever usually owned by the shaman, but she had her own copy made which she hid under one of the bowls in the scull hut.


*go to the scull hut, go up the stairs and you will really find the lever under one of the bowls.


*go to the elevator and place the lever to the empty slot on the right from elevator door. From this moment you can send the elevator up or down.


Door to the maze

As Deve has already told you, behind the big stone door there is a large maze leading to Krugell's hall.


You have maybe realized that the lever by the small stone door has three positions (up, middle, down) for some reason- it controls the small and the big door, the only problem is, they cannot be opened at the same time. Unless you found a way to keep the small door from closing...


*notice the wreck of a ship in front of the crack in the iceberg- outrigger with a big metal skate is frozen to the stone.


*use the fuel (dry dung) on the ice and light it with a burning lamp- the ice will melt


*collect the outrigger


*go to the small stone door and use the outrigger to support it (the door has to be open)


*pull the lever to open the big stone door (position all the way up- remember, it has 3 positions)


Navigation in the maze

Wandering in the maze on your own will get you nowhere, you must find someone with better instincts to help you.


Hint: Talk to the deve about the maze and if there is a map for it. She will tell you the story of Reul, which in their language means owl.


Equipped with this piece of information, go to the scull hut and take a look at the perimeter bone with carvings. Olaf will find an image of an owl and read the story next to it, about a tame she-bear who brought a young man home in a snow storm because her cubs were there.


*in the crack on the left is a hole in the wall with eyes blinking. Reach inside- there is a cat with kittens, but she is not in a good mood


*go to Deve's hut and explore the vial with aromatic concoction above her head (it is fastened to her bed)


*ask Deve about the aromatic concoction- it helps her fall asleep but you can take it


*collect the sleeping concoction


*take fish or cut a piece of meat in the Deve's pantry


*season the fish or meat with sleeping concoction


*offer this seasoned food to the cat- she'll sleep like a baby


*take the cat and put the kittens in the basket you previously obtained from the scull hut


*put the kittens in the elevator and sent it up to Krugell


*use the cat at the beginning of the maze- the cat will wake up and run to find her kittens who are now somewhere at Krugell's


*in the maze, follow the cat's footsteps in the snow


Krugell's hall

You have surprised Krugell in his den with his back turned. Unfortunately, it won't be that easy, he will throw his cudgel inscribed with runes at you, it will be a narrow escape and then he'll continue undisturbed with his previous, obviously more interesting activity.


*try to approach the cudgel- barb will appear from the ground


*look to your right, there might be a way around but you'd have to scratch your way up a big ice post


*take a closer look at the ice post- a closeup will open


*examine the ice fibers- Olaf notices that the places where the fibers intersect are weak spots in the ice


*use the knife to cut openings in all four weak places (there are 4)- ice is to hard for you to cut out holds for your hands, that is why just small openings.


*use explosive crystals on barb- the explosion  will not do the whole job, but it will blow off some barbs. Olaf collects them and you have 4 ice thorns


*collect the stone on the floor, left


*in the ice pole closeup, use ice thorns to the openings made with knife and use a stone to plant them deeper. Of course it is not plain ice and thus it will hold your weight easily- you've created hold to help you climb to gallery


*climb up to the gallery and explore a possible path around the barb- unfortunately, the barb is here as well


*explore the big ice cube and try to throw it- it is frozen to the ground


*explore the cube again, a closeup will open. Notice the crevice between the cube and the floor- insert explosive crystal here


*after the explosion the cube is down from the gallery


*collect the big ice cube and use it for barbs- your plan to push your way through will unfortunately fail, the barb is really very, very hard and they stop the cube


*the explosive crystals again- use it on the cube propped against the barbs and see what happens


*finally push the cube away from the path and climb the stairs to Krugell


Duel with Krugell

Not even in this exciting moment you cannot die, Pripogala's concoction is protecting you, so stay cool and explore the scene hotspots at ease and try out combinations.


If you want to leave the duel, you can use the same staircase that brought you here (exit in the left part of the screen). The duel will continue the next time you enter.


*Krugell will use his freezing breath against you- let him freeze you at least once

*after you defrost, let Krugell know his cool breeze don't impress you much. he will then try even harder and the snow cloud will be much bigger


*against flying snow, the only visible effect of Krugell's effort, use  God's Breath- this will turn the freezing breath against Krugell and you'll freeze his legs. This will earn you some time until Krugell breaks the breath on his feet.


*notice the big icicles up on the ceiling- how noise makes them vibrate (when Krugell shouts)


*notice the opening in the ice crystal close to the ground on Krugell's left- send God's Breath at it. The hollow crystal will make a loud sound (and the icicles will tremble)


*blow into the opening when the stalactites are shaking (Krugell is shouting)- one of the bigger icicles will come off, it will miss Krugell but it will make a hole in the icy floor and start a crack


*at the first chance you get, when Krugell's legs are frozen, throw explosive crystal into the crack in the floor...


Freeing princess Erea

*after defeating giant Krugell go back over the ice gallery, come to the room where

you will see petrified Erea.


*click on her- after a series of automatic events have a detailed talk with Krugell


*enter through the open mouth of the stone statue and either move the right crow or explore the reflexion on the wall- you will find out that Krugell's plan for catching the sorceress will not work because the small door is still blocked with the lever


*tell Krugell about it- he will tell you about a secret shortcut to the village


Catching the sorceress

*take the secret path (left from the stairs to ice head) to the village and go all the way to the small door


*remove the lever underneath the door- Krugell will close both doors from upstairs and thus catch Pripogala between them. She will start to burn her way out. You mustn't let her succeed


*use God's Breath on red hot door. You will manage to cool it, but not for long. Olaf tries to think of a way to prolong the effect of God's Breath without having to be there himself- if he could have a rack in the ice and fasten God's Breath to it...


*place the knife on the red hot door- it will become hot too


*use the red hot knife to cut a hole in the ice in front of the door


*collect the lever


*place the lever in the hole in the ice


*in inventory, cut fur into strips


*use strips to fasten God's Breath to the lever driven into ice


*you can go to Krugell and talk to him


*combine the warming potion with explosive crystals


*go to elevator controls in the mouth of ice statue and try to send the explosive pack down in the elevator- you will find out Pripogala blocked it somehow


*go to Krugell's hall and collect his cudgeon


*place cudgeon in the elevator


*ask Krugell to activate the magic barb of the cudgeon


*go to the elevator in ice head-ice barbs from the cudgeon have created a hole in the elevator


*throw the explosive pack into the hole in the elevator and wait to see what happens


*go down to the room between the two doors and examine Pripogala's remains


*collect Vamor knot and go back to Krugell with it


*have a good talk with Krugell


*go to the room in which Erea was, get the crystal Krugell spoke about


*leave the room, go down the stairs and enjoy the finish.



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