The Bad, The Ugly and The Sober

The Bad, The Ugly and The Sober

Cutcene - Indian arriving being chased by bandits. Bandits burn down Jack’s farm. When Jack comes to
> talk to Ben the farmer
> look at mailbox 3 times read poster
> talk to Ben
Tell him you’re going to Westtown to compete in gunfight tournament
> Ben gives Jack map
> exit screen right


> look at skeleton
> open skeleton’s bag
> take razor and visiting card
> look at vulture on log
> lift log - vulture will fly away
> take salesman’s boot
Exit screen right
> talk to Miguel - he’s going to Westtown, but wont give you a ride as you don’t have a ticket. Talk about the gunfight tournament
> look to the right and see the circular stone “whetstone on ground”
> use stone with razor to sharpen
> use sharpened razor on salesman’s boot sole to reveal ticket
> give ticket to Miguel and get in stagecoach
Come across priest tied to a tree
> talk to Padre Sanchez
> use razor on rope tying Sanchez to free him
> talk to Sanchez
He asks you to save the gunfight prize money from Black Bill’s bandits. They go to railway station.

Railway station

Go to dustbin at corner of station house
> take whiskey bottle and coin at the dustbin’s base
> talk to Padre Sanchez
> look in window of station house and see the sheriff is being guarded by a bandit
> go to center of railway platform (a red turning arrow will appear)
> go to masked bandit at end of platform
> throw the coin at his toe
> take his mask
> go to platform steps , put on mask and climb steps
> look at open carriage
> talk to Chuck
He tells you to check on the sheriff
> enter station house

Mini game - beat em up !

> see the gun fixed to phone on desk set to go off if sheriff moves
> cut rope with razor
> talk to sheriff
He tells you of prize money
Jack and Sheriff leave for Westtown


> talk to Miguel
> talk to Blind Mike twice and exhaust all dialogue
Learn about how Mike lost his sight, Jack’s opponents, about the city, the saloon, the Inn, the bank, how much is Mike’s tobacco
> Enter Westtown
> talk to Sheriff outside hotel
Learn about Benjamen Peck’s suicide bid - the sheriff will not allow Jack to enter the hotel.
> exit screen left
> talk to Maiden outside saloon
She’s entering the gunfight too. Exhaust dialogue learn about Maiden, the town, what she will do if she wins.
> Enter saloon
> talk to Silvio the barman
Silvio tells Jack he must have a gun, a grave and a criminal record to enter the tournament.
> ask where to find Padre Sanchez - at the cemetery
> leave saloon
> exit screen right
> talk to drunken old man on steps of bank
He’s trying to rob the bank
> exit screen right. Registration platform
> exit screen right
> go forward to Sanchez at gate of cemetery and talk to him
Ask him about Westtown, the tournament and tell him you need a grave. He will arrange a grave if you can find the parish register
> enter cemetery
> read all the headstones (laugh)
> knock on Billy B’s wooden headstone. A hand appears holding the register
> leave the cemetery
> enter courthouse left of screen
Judge is sleeping on desk
> look at umbrella in aisle twice. Take key
> leave courthouse
> go left twice to screen with bank
> climb steps to drugstore
> talk to Jane the chemist’s wife
Her whiskey making machine is broken. Exhaust conversation - her dead husband has locked all the cabinets and she needs a monkey wrench to fix her machine.
> leave drugstore
> go to Antonio’s shop next to saloon
> talk to Antonio. Ask for gun. Jack cant afford it yet
> go to the saloon
> ask Silvio about his patrons
He tells Jack about Henry Parker the owner of the local newspaper who needs a reporter and Silvio also tells Jack that the rodeo has started
> go to Henry Parker sitting at the table by the window
> ask him for a job
Parker asks Jack to cover the story of Benjamen Peck and gives him a business card and a camera
> leave saloon and go to hotel
> talk to sheriff outside hotel
> show him your reporters business card
He lets you enter hotel
> enter hotel
> talk to Benjamen Peck
Ask him how he knew you worked for Parker, why did he decide to commit suicide, republicans in congress, racism, and fashion tendencies
Ask Benjamen if you can take a photo of him killing himself - he agrees but first he needs his will signed by the justice of the peace.
> take scissors from table
> leave hotel
> go to saloon
> use the scissors on the Indians headdress to get feather
> leave saloon
> go to courthouse
> talk to judge to wake him seven times
Jack will give Judge the will and quill automatically
> leave courthouse
> go back to Benjamen Peck in hotel
> talk to Benjamen
Jack sets up camera automatically
> once deed is done pick up camera
Camera and photo now in inventory
> leave hotel
> go to saloon
> talk to Parker
Parker pays Jack $25
> go to Blind Mike at entrance of town and buy some tobacco
> go to graveyard
> click on Billy B’s headstone for the hand to appear
> place box of tobacco in Billy’s hand
> click on headstone twice to get the register
> go to Sanchez at the gate of the graveyard. Tell him you need a grave and give him the register
Sanchez tells Jack he must talk to Lester Orano, the banker, as all the graves belong to him.
> go to courthouse. pick up small box on the very left of desk
> use key from umbrella on box - Jack now has enough money for gun
> go to Antonio’s store and buy gun
> go to drugstore
> use the gun to smash the skull on the counter
> take the key hidden in the skull
> use key on drawer at front of counter
> take from the open counter display “bottle of something” and “soporific”
> combine soporific and whiskey in inventory
> leave drug store
> give the drunk on the steps of the bank the whiskey bottle
> pick up old man’s gun in front of steps
> enter bank
> talk to Lester Orano
He will give you a grave at the cemetery if you can ride the killer bull at the rodeo tomorrow
> leave bank
> go to hotel and click on bed

> leave hotel and go to where Blind Mike is standing you can now leave town to participate in the rodeo
> talk to drunken old man
> give him “bottle of something”

Mini game - rodeo ride

> talk to drunken old man
You’re back at the entrance to Westtown
> go to bank
> talk to Orano
He says the document is in one of the drawers
> go to open lower drawer and take documents for grave
> go to open upper drawer and take lighter and note
> leave bank
> go right of hotel and enter sheriff’s office
> go to dresser left of sheriff
> open top right drawer
> take rod and spanner
> talk to sheriff
About entering the tournament and you still need proof of being a criminal
> exit sheriff’s office
> go to drugstore
> give Jane the wrench
She now lets you behind the counter
> walk behind counter and take magnifying glass from counter top
> open right hand side drawer of dresser behind counter and take acid
> leave drugstore
> go to saloon
> talk to Col Anderson
> talk to Parker
Offer to write about the tournament - Parker gives Jack a Black Bill wanted poster
> combine the acid on the Black Bill poster
> combine the holey Black Bill poster with Jacks poster from the farm in inventory for a wanted Jack poster
> go to sheriff’s office
> talk to sheriff twice to give him the poster. Jack is now registered to fight
> go to registration booth
> meet Black Bill
> talk to sheriff twice

Mini game - shoot Orano

You’re now at the registration booth
> talk to sheriff
> go to hotel bed

> leave hotel go to registration booth
> talk to sheriff
Your next opponent is Chuck and he’s in the saloon
> go to the saloon
> talk to Chuck

Mini game - quickfire Chuck

> exit bottom left hand corner of screen
> registration booth
> talk to sheriff
> saloon
> talk to Parker
He wants you to find Mad Dog
> talk to Indian at the bar - he gives you a scalp
Ask him if he is Flying Arrow or Mad Dog
> leave saloon
> go to town entrance talk to Blind Mike
> give him the scalp. Aha !
Learn about the members of the gang
> go to sheriffs office
> talk to Sheriff about the missing key to the bank
> exit sheriff’s office
> talk to Snoopy
Ask him “what game do you play”, ask about the key, ask him if he would trade “of course”
> give Snoopy the old man’s gun and get key to bank
> go to bank
> enter bank
> go upstairs
> open bureau and take piece of paper
> look at top left hand corner of rug
> click on corner of rug
> look at floorboards below upturned corner of rug
> click on floorboard to reveal wall safe
> use the lighter from inventory to light desk candle
> combine piece of paper from bureau with lit candle to get code to safe
Left 5, right 6, left 1, right 3, left 2, press center button
> take Orano’s dossier
> leave bank
> Go to saloon
> talk to Parker
Give him Orano’s papers, he gives you another assignment. Find Black Bill’s lair and take a picture of him. offer to do it for a fee.
> leave saloon
> go to Snoopy outside sheriff’s office
> ask him “what he’s doing?”
He’ll tell you of a haunted house
You’re now at the house (Black Bill’s lair)
> look at large rock left of steps
> click again to pick up rope
> use rope on wooden barrier on the second level of house (middle section above steps)
> look into lit room
> use camera on blocked window
> climb down rope. Oh no!

You’re now in a drinks cellar
> use cigar in inventory on red paint pot on right hand side shelf
> pick up small piece of glass to your side to cut rope
> go to broken barrel right of door and take large plank from it
> use large plank to prize the two barrels left of screen to smash door open
> exit room
> look at large barrel in middle of floor - somebody’s inside
> look up at the grilled window. Dynamite!
> pick up dynamite
>go to bottom left hand corner of haystack and click
> pick up crowbar
> use crowbar on barrel. Maiden
> talk to Maiden ask her for her lighter
> place dynamite on door
> use lighter on dynamite
> exit
> talk to the Indian
Hear about the Indian treasure
> exit screen
Registration booth
> talk to sheriff

Broken bridge

> take the broken wheel from front of wagon
> go to left hand diagonal support post of bridge and take Indian bow
> take arrow out of inside left upright support
> lift the rope from the stone directly in front of the ladder
> combine rope and arrow in inventory
> climb ladder
> use arrow with rope on righthand post on other side of bridge
> combine rod and roller in inventory
> use roller on rope across bridge

Boat in the desert
> pick up hose pipe at Jack’s heels
> go round back of boat
Now you’re on the deck
> enter cockpit
Captain is sleeping
> use lighter on fire in stove
> connect hose to spout on teapot
Bill has taken the captain’s ;looking glass and has gone to the Indian camp.
> exit cockpit
> go down steps and off the boat
> exit screen left

Indian camp

> take Indian trousers from washing pole at front of screen
> and Indian jacket from washing pole at 2nd wigwam
> combine clothing in inventory to make rope
> use rope on well
> talk to Indian
Ask him where to find Black Bill agree to his terms. Indian gives Jack looking glass
> climb stairway and sit down
> use looking glass to find cave (hint- top left hand corner area)
> climb back down steps
> ask Indian about cave
> exit screen bottom right

Cave of snakes

Mini game - pushing Bill over the edge !

Watch the end of the game unfold

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