Terror T.R.A.X - Track of the Vampire

(Grolier Interactive/3 Prong Plug)

Walkthrough by Jon Bradbury


Terror TRAX is a relatively short adventure/interactive movie made in the style of an X-Files investigation into the supernatural. The storyline & visuals are rather creepy & gory & not suitable for a junior audience. The gameplay is keyboard driven with the player selecting merely "A" or "B" alternative paths to progress through the game. Hitting the Spacebar, pauses the game allowing you extra time to decide on available paths & the game can be "S"aved & "R"estored but regrettably only the most recent "S"ave is stored. Previously seen sequences can be "F"ast forwarded through if required. The action alternates between 2 officers you control thoughout the game.

The following walkthrough is provided for all those of you about to hurl the CD through the window after being killed just too many times in the opening sequences.......

911 Call received from Vivian Kloss

Analyse Call & get briefing on the 1st officer (Graves)

Search Kloss' appartment & get attacked by a stranger still in the room.

When the Stranger jumps through the balcony window, search for the body outside.

See Sportscar leave scene & follow.

(On the way the License plates are ID'd as those of Dr. Hemos but you are not authorised to take him out yet so you instead return to Kloss' appartment & search it.

Continue to search appartment after getting attacked by Kloss & discover medical bag left by Dr. Hemos

Search appartment again & find handbag containing payslip from Late Date Agency.

Watch Late Date Ad & leave to investigate the Agency.

911 Call received from Nicole Kovak

Analyse call & get briefing on 2nd officer (Walkin)

Graves Scout exterior of Late Date Agancy & notice women arguing inside

Attach surveillance device to window & discover that one of women inside is Kloss

Dr Hemos arrives but continue surveilance rather than arrest him now.

Decide to arrest Dr. Hemos inside building

Enter agency & get ID'd by Kloss.

Vampires attack & Graves opens fire & kills 3 Vampires, but Dr Hemos escapes.

Follow Dr Hemos

Walkin Enter house & find injured victim (ughhhh)

Attacker appears but hold fire. Attacker mubles something about "taking back that which is his" & disappears.

Walkin leaves before regular police arrive but promises to try to retrieve Kovaks' eyes.

TRAX uploads info on the attacker, Suggs.

He turns out to be an executed serial killer, resurrected by Dr. Hemos, who is trying to retrieve the organs removed from his corpse after his execution (Mmmmm, nice)

Eyes were donated to Kovak, heart to Linhart & Kidneys to Sandifeur.

Opt to investigate Linhart first.

Graves Graves now in pursuit of Dr. Hemos gets authorisation to terminate him on sight.

Trax uploads dossier on Dr Hemos & you learn more of his antics.

Walkin Arrive at hospital & discover Linharts body (Suggs got to him first & took a souvenir)

Avoid searching room & instead go to check Sandifeur to see if he can be saved.

Suggs is in Sandifeurs' room as you arrive.

Evade rather than shoot him & throw container of water at him to discharge his electrical field.

Suggs leaves to try to re-charge & Walkin follows to attemp to uncover his hideaway.

Graves Dr. Hemos arrives at factory site but stays in his car.

Approach vehicle but find no-one inside

Notice bat escaping & decide to track it rather than kill it.

Bat transforms back into Hemos & runs into buildings - Graves follows

Walkin Walkin tracks Suggs though darkened Hospital corridors.

Hold fire on first 3 people encountered & shoot at 4th (Suggs)

Suggs, runs downstairs to basement area & Walkin follows

Graves Graves explores the delights of Dr Hemos' lab

Keep left in the lab to avoid being trapped & follow Dr Hemos into series of tunnels

Walkin Suggs runs into same tunnels as Dr. Hemos & Walkins follows

At dead end, choose to "follow" Suggs & he knocks Walkin down but he's too weak to kill.

Follow Suggs again & both he & Hemos end up back in Lab

Find Suggs recharging himself

Graves eliminates Dr. Hemos about to attack Walkin from behind & is injured by Suggs

Walkin shoots Suggs & destroys recharger to prevent Suggs re-animating.

Graves comes round & Walkins remembers she promised to keep here eye out for Kovaks' "lost property"


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