Bare Bones --- WALKTHROUGH  (Almost complete)


Len Green                                               19-6-09


Some important instructions


~~~~~    The order of many actions, but not all, is unimportant and most of the following can be done in ANY order.


~~~~~      It’s advisable NOT to use this walkthrough to give away the solutions to the interesting & novel puzzles.  Clues to these puzzles are dispersed all over the cinema… in the auditorium, the rooms, and particularly in the arcade !  Hardly any reference will be made to these clues since they are easily available with just a little searching.


~~~~~       However, if you are TOTALLY stuck despite these hints, crude spoilers ARE written in turquoise (green) coloured small print.  This is so that the player will not easily be able to read them inadvertently. If however any spoiler IS really required it can be read using a magnifying glass or program --- alternatively, and for printing, simply highlight the relevant yellow area and (using MS-Word) switch to a much larger print and change colour if desired.


~~~~~  Recommendation :- Save frequently !




****  See the introduction

****  Read the opening text

****  Click on the sentence “Click here to begin.”

**** Look around outside the cinema

**** Go the double door entrance to the left of the box office

**** Click on the right hand door… and obtain a close up

**** Open the right hand door --- not so easy… it’s locked

****  Use the squares embedded in the door

**** If you have difficulty --- You need to find the randomly generated ‘secret’ square and click on it… when you do that, the door opens.  If/when you fail, after each 3 ‘bad’ clicks you hear a sort of clanging noise and the ‘secret’ square is again randomly reset elsewhere.  Almost every time, your first click will NOT be on the ‘secret’ square.

                        If/when your first click is on a ‘bad’ square, a number appears informing you of how many ‘DIRECT’ squares away from the ‘correct’ square that click was. Important :- Suppose for example that the number which appeared was 5.  Then you can count (‘directly’)  5 horizontal squares right or left,  or 5 vertical squares up or down, or 3 horizontal squares then 2 vertical, or 1 vertical square then 4 horizontal etc., etc.  No diagonal squares are allowed !  So decide upon a square which is (in the above example) 5 squares away from your first guess (click) --- there will always be more than one which fits the bill… i.e. as above, horizontal right & left, vertical up & down etc., etc 

                               This second click may, with luck, hit on the ‘secret’ square.  However, generally it won’t and if so, then using logic, it is possible to find a THIRD square which fulfils both of the previous conditions, and when you click on that one, the door opens. If not, then the randomizer resets the secret square and you can repeat the whole process until you succeed.


Although not absolutely essential, it’s a very good idea to make your first click on one of the corners !

If there’s a choice of paths leading up to the next click, the most “straightforward one is usually best.

**** You enter the cinema automatically

**** Listen to Claude Ferucil’s dialog and notice his faint moving shadow

****  He requests you to “Place your ticket into the ticket box in front of you.”

**** Move your cursor to the top of the screen and see the 4 initial inventory items

****  Examine each of the items by dragging the inventory magnifying glass over each of the other 3 and (left) clicking your mouse

**** Drag the ticket from inventory down onto the ticket box

****  Claude Ferucil instructs you “You may now step forward”

****  So step forward ! 

**** Observe what happens, and listen to Claude’s dialog… it outlines the final objective  of the demo

**** Look around the foyer of the cinema

****  Enter the arcade

****  Go to the fortune teller’s booth

****  ****  Read the card there --- it is a very broad hint to the next puzzle

****  Exit the arcade

****  Go to the cash register in the foyer and make a close up

****  Open the cash register --- you can’t

****  Read the message to the right of the cash register --- it instructs you how to get the cash register open --- there are 2 solutions to this puzzle

**** If you have trouble :- 29 x 6 = 174 = 58 x 3   OR   58 x 3 = 174 = 29 x 6 -----  OR -------   39 x 4 = 156 = 78 x 2   OR   78 x 2 = 156 = 39 x 4   

   Enter the numbers in order onto  the cash register number keys (they will appear on the readout window from right to left !).  e.g.   In the very first case above, press the keys in order … 2, 9, 6, 1, 7, 4, 5, 8, 3

****  The cash register opens

****  Take the quarters (coins) and the prism shard #3

****  Return to the arcade

****  Again go to the fortune teller

****  Read the instruction board on the left side of the booth

****  Put one quarter onto either of the coloured cards on the right side

****  Watch the fortune teller shuffle the items around

****  Click beneath the item which you think is the fortune teller’s favorite colour

       HINT :-  Keep an eye on the yellow ball in the middle --- then use logic !

****  You can repeat the above several times, and each time you succeed you will receive a hint card which should help you with the other puzzles.  It’s worth while noticing these hints and even copying them since can help with puzzles you haven’t yet reached yet.  N.B. You can always return and repeat this later on in the game.

****  Go left to the crane/grabber puzzle.

****  The object is to grab the key --- not the teddy bears !

****  Make a close up

****  From inventory, drag a quarter onto the slot at the right bottom corner of the puzzle

****  If not completely obvious, click on the help square at the bottom right corner of the puzzle and read the “Crane Game” instructions

****  If you have difficulties in grabbing the key :-  After your first joystick click allow the grabber to move backwards for a very short time only --- the position it should get to is illustrated in Diagram #1 below.

                Immediately it gets to that position, click the joystick a second time.

                When the grabber moving horizontally to the right, arrives exactly vertically above the key as in  Diagram #2 below, click the joystick for the third and last time.

                If you have followed these steps, the grabber will descend, pick up the key, and  return & deposit it into a tray.



          Super Crane  ~  Diagram #1                          Super Crane  ~  Diagram #2


****  Pick up the key and examine it in inventory (using the inventory magnifying glass)

****  Exit the arcade

****  Go into the cinema auditorium (stalls) through one of the curtained entrances

****  Look all around the auditorium and examine anything of interest

****  Don’t be frightened by any ghostly apparitions or screams

****  Walk up the platform to the screen and look around

****  Make a close up of the lectern on the platform

****  Take the brochure there

****  Using the magnifying glass in inventory, examine the brochure which is entitled “Gateway Theater”

****  Exit the auditorium

****  Go to the rest rooms

****  Enter the women’s rest room

****  Look around

****  Examine and remember the picture on the wall (Diagram #3)--- it is important for the next puzzle

****  Exit the women’s rest room

****  Enter the men’s rest room

****  Solve the ‘grid’ puzzle in the men’s rest room

         Remember :- Each of the pieces can (and generally MUST) be rotated up to 4 times by clicking on the small ‘bubble’ on one of its corners ! N.B. If a piece flips off the graphic, it can always be ‘returned’.

       {1} Place the 3 pieces shown in Diagram #3 into position.

                {2} There is one piece which is a straight line only --- place it along the top right corner.

                {3}  Another piece is a perfect square.  It goes in the exact centre of the grid.

                {4}  Place the 4 pieces shown in Diagram #4 into position.

                {5}  There is one piece which is in the shape of a plus sign.  Place it as follows --- the top square of the plus has to go onto the grid 6 squares along (horizontally) and 2 squares down (vertically) from the top left corner of the grid.

                {6}  Finish the puzzle by placing the final missing pieces into position as shown in Diagram #5 into position.


TO  BE  COMPLETED  21-6-09




**** Walk up the stairs to the balcony seats

****  Look around the seats

****  There is a corridor leading to 2 doors












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