The Last Crown: Midnight Horror


Halloween: the veil between our world and the 'otherside' is at its weakest. Witches celebrate Samhain, a Celtic festival from the old religion, conjuring the dead and communing with the spirits.

Nigel Danvers, ghost-hunter, knows all about the ghosts that dwell in the darkness, he has seen plenty to convince him there are dark forces at work.

So, why is Halloween so different? Dusting down his old ghost-hunting gadgets, Nigel gets to work.

Something is haunting the guest rooms above the local harbour side pub, The Bear. Who or what hides in the shadowy corners of the old Inn?

What is the presence at the end of the Harbour Wall? Nigel has one night to find out, before the veil returns to full strength, and the Halloween Horror is gone, for another year.

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Minimal-Spoilers Walkthrough

By lake.kubilius


This document is written to be a minimalist, spoiler-free guide to getting to the end.

It reflects changes to the game following the Nov. 2nd 2015 patch.

--Check the door
--Grab some candy from the nearby shelf
--Find the night vision camera in the kitchen
--Take the "Wind Away" tablets in the bathroom
--Take the EMF meter from under the bed
--Take the dictaphone from the desk in the bedroom
--Take the camera from the backpack in the bedroom closet
--You can now head outside to the trick or treaters. I suggest choosing treat and giving them the candy. Failing that, head back to the bathroom to clean up.
--Take some cheese and a punch from outside, near the door. (Possibly optional.)
--Talk to Station Master at the door of The Bear.
--Talk to the woman setting up the mask booth in the square. Offer to sort her masks for her.
--Click the labels in the center to begin the puzzle. The solution is shown below.

Click to Enlarge

--Talk to Station Master again. You may now enter.
--Bob for apples until you have a voucher for a hamburger or a hotdog.
--Talk to Rhys, by the fire. Use the "Wind Away" on Mr. Tibbs. They now leave the area.
--Take the pill from the couch where Rhys was sitting.
--Take a sausage from near the bathrooms. (Possibly optional.)
--Exit The Bear from the screen near the dance floor and eavesdrop on the two men in the bathroom.
--Burn a straw man. This should be enough to open up Nanny Noah for conversation.
--Explore the area, including a walk down the pier, entering the men's room, and entering the dance floor area (with the DJ). (Possibly optional.)
--Talk to Nanny Noah. After trying psychometry, George will go missing. The upstairs area is now open. Go there.
--Talk to George. He'll continue whining at door 2.
--Look through the keyhole of door 2. You'll see a figure rush by. George now returns downstairs.
--Look at all three game signs (Pin the Tail, Ghostly Statues, Guess the Ghost; possibly optional.)
--Look through the other three keyholes (four total, possibly optional). Morgan Mankle should now be available for chat. (The idiot at the bar is now sitting down.)
--Talk to Morgan about all topics (you can skip the one about beer). This should unlock access to the kitchen (which you can now enter through the swinging doors near Nanny Noah).
--Talk to Lucy in the kitchen. Exit the kitchen.

--Station Master should now be manning the "Pin the Tail" station.
--Talk to Station Master. Ask to play "Guess the Ghost."
--Play, ending with a cutscene.
--Exit to outside, and follow the figure to the end of the harbor wall.

--Use the dictaphone on the general area. Don't exit until you've found and recorded a message about a boarding house.
--Use the night vision camera on the general area.
--Play the game until a conversation begins. Complete the conversation. You should now be alone. Exit the camera mode.
--Return to The Bear. Bob Tawney should now be tending bar.
--Get a drink from Bob. (Possibly optional.)
--Talk to Nanny Noah about the two new topics. (Possibly optional.)
--Head back upstairs. You should see a figure near the bottom of the screen. Follow it to the door at the end of the hallway.
--Look through this keyhole. See the figure again.
--Look through the keyhole for door 2. See Morgan inside.
--Examine Morgan's family tree, on the wall above the candles. When you exit the close-up, Morgan should enter the hallway.
--Talk to Morgan.
--Give the fast food vendor near the children in the square the hot dog/hamburger voucher you won earlier while bobbing for apples.
--Give the fast food to the drunk man near the ladies' room in The Bear.
--You should now be able to enter room 2, upstairs. Do so. Nigel will complain of a problem.
--Talk to Nanny Noah again about the new topic.
--Examine the bookshelf near the fireplace. Examine the book on Hedgecraft/Spices.
--Return to the kitchen. (May require asking Morgan about Lucy again.)
--Take a pan from above the stove.
--Talk to Lucy. Exhaust all topics. You should now have a spice rack.
--Use the pan on the stove. You should enter a close-up with both the pan and the spice jars. If this is not true, be sure you've completed the past five steps.
--Add "Sunday stuffing" and "waxy curry" to the pot.
--You now have the brew Nanny Noah suggested. Reenter room 2.
--Place the pot on the crate. You will enter an extended interactive cutscene.
--Use the dictaphone on the back of the room. Find the sound location.
--Use the night vision camera on the back of the room. Note the bottles near the covered chair. Nigel will give a hint as to the next step in the ghost hunting quest.
--Head downstairs. A police officer is blocking Morgan.
--Head to the hallway near the bathrooms.
--Talk to Rhys.
--Make sure your mask is still on. If it isn't, fix that.
--Enter the men's room.

--Turn off the lights.
--Talk to Rhys. (Possibly optional.)
--Talk to Morgan. Repeatedly order rum until she suggests that perhaps you should stop.
--Stumble back into room 2.
--Use the night vision camera again. You can see quite a bit more now.
--Find a pistol near the paint cans left of the chair.
--Find a scroll on the bed in the rear of the room.
--Find the original door. (Possibly optional.)
--Find the message on the wall. A cutscene should now begin.
--Head back to the end of the harbor wall.
--Use the night vision camera.
--Prove to the figure that you've been paying attention. This should not prove difficult. If it does, you can return to room 2 and repeat the cutscene as needed.

If you complete the conversation entirely, you should now be aware that something is hidden.

--Return to room 2.
--Examine the wall. Nigel should make a comment that might be considered socially irresponsible.
--Take the hammer from the table, also in room 2.
--Use the hammer on the wall.
--Examine the opened up space until you take an item.
--Exit to the hallway. Complete a brief cutscene.
--Return to the harbor wall.
--Use the night vision camera.


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