The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain - Save the Children!


The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is an otherworldly adventure game filled with strange beasts, evil witches, confused automatons and wacky ropemen.
Join a renegade crew of time-travelling audio scientists on a hilarious and fantastical quest.

A malevolent witch has captured a group of children, and itís up to you to save them from the mysterious island of Woolley Mountain!
Explore a rich and interactive set of environments, filled with head-scratching puzzles.

Unravel a salacious storyline, meet a cornucopia of quirky characters, and boogie on down to an awesome original soundtrack!​


Bron Adventure game guides


Woolley Mountain

Take scroll from the skeleton and look at it in the inventory. Examine tree and take stick and use it with patch in the ground. Combine yarn, stick and use it again on the patch of ground. Enter witch lair.


Oompah Island

The Crystal Submarine

Take bucket with gravel inside it. Use shake the vessel machine and you will receive friendship bracelet. Take string and tape from the table. Use radio and after that use comms to receive some hints on your quest. Go to play room. Take pencil and paper from the ground. Take old gun from the table. Use tape on the hook that is holding screen. Go to laboratory and check notes on the wall. Take Limestone and give it to Frithel. Give gravel to Frithel. Combine ball bearings on the old gun and go outside of the submarine.


Use gun on the seagull and check water to see red herring with a pipe. Go left and talk with "old timer" about red herring. Take branch from the tree. Combine thread, hook and the branch to get fishing pole. Go back to pier and start fishing. Go back to "old timer" and give him the pipe. Go to play room and dip the pipe in the Carlton's moonshine. Take moonshine and talk with Carlton about he's art and tell him they suck. Take drawings from the wall and give pen and paper to Carlton. Combine bucket with drawing about auto. Go outside and climb the tree. Talk with Auto about everything after that give him bucket and drawing of him and Carlton. Take red key card from the floor and dart from the dartboard. Go outside and combine dart and old gun after that shoot the tree. Go back to submarine and use red key card on the engine room door. Open your locker and take gloves. Take picker what is standing next to wall. Go down the hatch and take red and orange vinyl. Try to open chest. Go back to submarine main entrance and use HQ comms and ask about chest code. Go back down the hatch and enter code. Go outside and give pipe to "old timer".


Go to outside of library and talk with Manrose about everything. Go inside library and use grabber on the book. Take movie poster and look at the staff rota on the wall. Use moonshine on the sea urchin in th bowl. Take bowl and talk with Ghladni about everything. Go outside and talk with Manrose about the book. Give Manrose friendship bracelet. Go back to submarine and in the playroom. Talk with Carlton that Auto is back. Use movie poster on projector sheet on the wall. Take projector sheet on the wall and go to laboratory. Use Sampson on the stool and talk with him. Ask him to sing. Use taps as Sampson mentions colors. Talk with everyone about problems submarine is having. Give book to Auto. Go to engine room and use gloves on the coals. Go back to control room and use bowl on the broken diving suit. Go out and use projector sheet on the sap. Go outside of the library and use coal on the statues symbol. Go back to submarine and in the laboratory use projector sheet with sap on the bunsen burner. Now go outside of the airlock. Use symbol on grit stones and after that on the seaweed. Use projector sheet with heated sap on the gap on the ship. Go back to the control room and off we go.


Woolley Mountain: Jail

Take gum from the floor. Click on the notes with yarn wrapped around it in your inventory. Use yarn on the bars and after that use stick on the yarn. Use paper sheet on the torch on the floor. Combine gum and yarn. Use gum-yarn combo on the key card in the villains back pocket and use it on the key card slot. Leave from the prison.



Go to tavern. Talk with fisherman about ropeknots game. Talk with Tilda and take empty tankard. Go to submarine and in to the engine room. Take love notes and go down the hatch and take Helmholtz red mat. Go to laboratory and take chalk from chalkboard. Go outside and head right to talk with Manrose. Ask balloon, badge and leaflet. Go to mountain and head up. Take rocks on the way. Whe you are on the top combine balloon with badge. Use empty tankard on poo on the ground. Go to Rolands place and ask him to show you some rope tricks. Go to submarines laboratory and throw poo on the pot. Go to alley where Chladni is kissing with woman.


Use poo filled cologne on Chladni and Edna. Take GAWP magazine from the trash bin. Go out from the alley, talk with Springhead Jones and ask to jump on hes head for giggles. Take wires from the wall and use use Helmholtz red mat on strange image. Use the mat and after you have traveled back in time take framed photo of Collins brothers. Travel to present and jump out of the window. Use chalk on the chalk board outside of the tavern and enter the tavern. Give magazine to Carlton and after that give framed picture to Tilda. Take picture from the floor and ring the bell to start karaoke again. Talk with Tilda and leave tavern. Go to side alley next to theater and talk with the shady guy there. Give shady guy picture of Collins brothers and choose fisherman's portrait. Go to tavern and challenge fisherman's brother to ropeknot. Shark is beaten by boat, static man is beaten by dancing man, horse is beaten by horse's head, house is beaten by building and hes head is beaten by hes brothers head. Go out and use toolbox on auto. Go to train station and give wires to Auto. Go to mountain and try to use wires to Big crack. Go to Rolands cave and ask him to help you. Take computer game and instructions from the ground. Try to read instructions. Go to Rolands cave and give him old game. Take land of dream sprectrum game, shacklemouth graphic novel and old game. Go to submarines playroom.


The Crystal Submarine

Use console in the playroom and play land of dreams spectrum game. Correct answer to questions in game are D,W,E,E,R,J,S,L,G. Now use record player and hit reverse and listen to land of dreams (I forgot to do that and you see me do it later). Go to theater and give shacklemouth graphic novel to the box office guy. Take key and go to side alley next to theater. Use key on the door and after that use love letters on the teleprompter. Go outside and tell Manrose that there is an opening in theater. Take train inspectors uniform. Go to the cave where console 5000 is. Take Helmholtz red mat from the floor and use it on console 5000. Go to train station and then back to cave. Use console 5000 and after that you are at the train platform put on your uniform. Answer to Winsmore's riddles. Correct answers are: Shadow, The truth and A road. Take letters A and O (Take also letters you put in back) and click on the spectrum 48k. Take letters from the ground and leave left to where ape is. Use ladder and then use A,P and E from your inventory to letter holders. Take letter R(Take also letters you put in back) from the ground and leave to the head of yours. Use letters O,P,E and N on the letter holders, take letters from your eyes (Take also letters you put in back) and go to shadow people head. Use letters R,O,P and E on the letter holders and take letter K (Take also letters you put in back). Go back to the entrance and use letters A,W,A,K and E on the letter holders.


Woolley Mountain:

Talk with Chladni, Frithel and Carlton about everything. Take skull and use it on the red dirty mud on the ground. Use skull on Chladni and take dirtied shawl. Give Carlton the skull and try to use bowling ball on the boards. Talk with Frithel and ask him to help with bowling ball. Use bowling ball on the x. Use dirty shawl on the hole on the ground and try to go right. Go inside hole. Click on the sign and try to go to the secret area. Take horn and radio parts from the ground and leave. Go to cage and take radio parts. Check the vent on the left and after that go to workshop. Look at the tools in the wall and take screwdriver. Talk with Reg about everything and go back to corridor. Use screwdriver on the vent and climb in. Look at the diary and take marmalade, Walkman and shard of glass. Use marmalade on the shard of glass and go to cage. Use walk man on the crack on the ground and after that use horn on it. Take 3 stones and start throwing them at Winsmore. go outside and try to take cage operator. Push the tree and use shard of glass on Winsmore. Take cage operator and radio part (I forgot so you see me coming back to get it later). Go to Cell and take radio buttons and blueprints. Use cage operator and take Sampson. Go to workshop and give Sampson to Reg and after that give radio part to reg. Go to Berties lair and use radio on the antenna.


Oompah Island

Go right and take lunch box. Go to library and use lunch box on the slightly different part of the floor. Take HQ book and climb ladder. Try to use buttons on the left and take note what kind of sound they make. Take key from the wall on the left. Go to pier and use Keys on the comms box. Go back to library and use buttons on this sequence: 1584. Use microphone and after scenes catch three parts of necklace before witch catches you. Use necklace on the console 5000.




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