Tony Tough and night of roasted moths

This walkthrough are for the hard game.

The office of Tony

You speak with Pantagruel and after that it will be gone out from the office, take the bag of candies that left on the writing desk.
Leave the the office, take the card from the floor, open the door facing you and enter in the storeroom.

Close the door, taken the smock hung up behind the door, use the card you found on the card in the wall, open de closet door and you fall down.
Take the wig from the body and return through the tunnel.

Go up the staircases, pull the tail from the trophy hung up to the wall, go to your office and take the flowers that the cow make fall on the floor.
Go back up the stairs, speak with the two mans, go ahead and take the scarf and the envelope on the floor, read the letter that invites yourselves to the park for the party of Halloween.
Go out from the door and you go to the park.

The Park

Speak with the lady

Now make a custom: combine in your inventaris the smock to the scarf, then the flowers and finally the wig, put on the custom behind the bush, give the candies to the lady and enter the park.

Go left in the tent from the Bearded Lady, open the door and enter.
Speak with the Bearded Lady, give the flower that you have in the inventory, she will give you the false teeth  of his mother.

Go out, take the onion and the tomato from the floor of the platform and the carrot down the platform.
Leave the tent, go in the direction  with the arrows "Lorenz" and "Pirates", Speak with the boy that looks in the tent, take the rag hole in the tent

Go to the right, speak with Timothy, the child dressed as cowboy, continue to the right, still to the right and to the right again.
After to have spoken with the clown step to the trash can that found  left near the van of the hot dog, Use the hole in the tent on the trash can, use the false teeth on the trash can and use the trash can.

Take the hammer of the clown, Return at the entrance of the park (you can travel with your notebook) and go left where indicate the arrows with written "Lorenz" and "Pirates". Go left directed where they indicate the arrows with written "Rufus" and "Rocket". talk to rufus, challenge him to a contest, and use your own hammer.

Go left, take the stick leaned to the arrows. Go right and insert the dollar in the slot machine from the big head.
Enter the tent, Speak with the magician Lorenz and you get a formula for to make a potion.
Leave the big head, go left and go to the pirates. Speak with the captain of the ship, look in the hole from the barrel and take a fish stick. cut the onion over the fish sword

Go up the staircases to the right, enter the bar, speak with the sad pirate, give him the onion. In change you get a mug with rum. Before you go look the poster with the photograph of the employee of the month.
Go down the staircases go down under in the screen, speak with the man and play with him the "13 zucche" game, to win follow this procedure: hit in the pigeonhole nr. 1, then to 4,  7, then to 10 and finally in 13. You take the prize, a purple tapir and go towards the castle.

Go to the dopey fisherman, taken the earthworm from the baits and return to the van of the hot dog.
Enter the van, open the freezer and put the earthworm in the freezer that will be frozen in little seconds. Go out the van, go to the crossing from the pirates and from Rufus

Insert the formula in the crack under the door, use the frozen earthworm in the keyhole that will make fall the key. Use the key in the keyhole and enter it.

Take the bottle behind you. Use the bottle on the marble bust, use the bottle on the knob and take the bone from the floor. Use the bone in the right lever and pull the lever with the bone. Go out, in the hall take the paint, go up the stairs and enter room 206.

Take the doll, open the drawer and take the sleeping-draught. Leave the room, knock on room 207, speak with the lady . Go down the stairs, go out right the door with exit and follow the arrow that indicates "Rocket".

Go to the right, enter the rocket, go to the skate-board left and when the boy is covered his face with the magazine take the skate-board and go out. Go to the right, enter the pizzeria, take the  hot pepper, go out, search in the trash can and take a crust of dry bread.

Go down under in the screen by the trash can, look at the top from the fountain to the cauldron, use the stick on it but that will not succeed because of little pressure.  Go to the van and go the direction of the arrow that indicates: "Mortimer' s Bazaar", take the chicken hung up to the cord, go up and use the purple tapir on the little fountain.

Follow the arrow that indicates the WC, speak with Wally, look at the doormat in front of the toilet and place the skate-board over it, stand for the gate, open the gate and enjoy the clip.
Return to the big fountain, use the stick on the cauldron and take it.

Go down the screen, go to the "Tunnel of the love" and speak with Isabella, use the dol on her but the doll are naked, use the smock on the dolll and use it again on her. You get a lollipop and enjoy the ride.

Go back to the Mortimer' s Bazaar and enter it. Speak with Mortimer, take the noose hung up to the wall left and go out from the shop. Go left, left and go down by the sewer-pipe.

Take the sharpend stone this will revealed to a plaster caster. Take some sewage (you have a drinking glass now). Go up and then upwards, go left, speak with the beast and take the chewing gum attached to the left of the door.

Go to the pirates, go up the stairs, speak with the parrot Polly. Use the chewing-gum on the crust of dry bread and give it to Polly. Now you can enter in the cabin of the captain. Take the Journal and examine it, take a piece of wallpaper, examine it, examine the map and he draw a place in the notebook. Go to the dump (with your notebook), use the lever and use the lever again when the small hand are pointed to the XI, open the fridge and take the cards.

Go to the pirates, use the cards to the captain and you get a stonegem. Go to Mortimer Bazar and change the stonegem for a kamaro gall bladder. Use the lollipop in the mug with rum.
Now that you have all of the ingredients for the potion: the cherry (the tomato), the coffee (the sewage in a drinking glass), the juice of fruit (the rum), the milk (the paint), the  hot pepper and the gall bladder , put everything in the cauldron and return at the entrance of the park.

Enter in the organs Reassembler and after that you will have a cocktail. Go to the magician Lorenz in the big head and give the cocktail at him.
Use the carrot in the top hat and you get a rabbit.

Chase the mouse (to get to the bonus level): ......Thanks, Yapette! ......  The mouse can be seen all around the park. Now is the time to chase-herd him. You can find him either by Romantic Corner, hotdog stand or by the pizzeria. If by pizzeria, do not herd him inside the store. If you do get him in the mouse hole, just roam around and he will eventually come out. Click on the mouse for it to go to - Beast cage area - by bearded lady tent - Big Head Area - Shed area. At Shed area, place Tony to block the path to Rufus and Test of Strength area. Then click on mouse to herd him to the pirate area and then to the 13 Pumpkin area. Do not go near the mouse at 13Pumpkin Area. Use the map to go to the main square and take the path to the left to the 13 Pumpkin area. Click on mouse standing by the path to the fisherman and castle. Herd the mouse over the bridge and right smack on to the Fluppy the dog held by the guard. Yummm! Pick up the spider that the ravenous dog spits out. This will not work if Fluppy is loose already.

Go to the van and enter it. Open the oven and use the chicken in the oven.
Go to the tavern of the pirates, use the sleeping draught on the hot chicken, give the chicken to Biff and  take the keys. Go to the beast talk with the beast and free him with the keys. Use the fishstick in the bowl. When the cat come to eat from the fish close the door and take the cat. Bring the cat to the lady in room 207 and you get some nickels

Go to the Photo-Matic (near the little fountain). Put the nickels in the slotmachine and take the photograph. Go to the tavern of the pirates. Hang up your photograph in the poster of the employee of the month, Talk with the anchorman and you get your prize. Open the bag and inside are a plaque.

Go to the  pizzeria, insert the plaque in the oven, take the melted plaque. Open the plaster cast, use the melted plaque in the plaster cast, open it and you have a whistle.
Go to the castle (up by the fisherman), Speak with the gatekeeper. Use the noose in front of the tree in the tuft of grass.

Now insert the rabbit in the hole of the tree, Go to the panoramic wheel, use the end of the rope to put them on a rail from the ferris wheel. Go back to the tree, use the whistle that will attract the dog and gatekeeper. Go back to the panoramic wheel, open the door with the lever and pull the lever to activate the panoramic wheel that will drag the guard.
Now that you have free the road enter the castle.

The Castle

Go to the right, head up on the path and then to the right, pick up the watering can
and the jerry-can, go up, enter the hut, take the pipe behind the sheep and go out. Continue to the right (remember the haystack) , speak with the statues, go to the right and open the main entrance.
Enter in the castle and speak with the housekeepster, present yourself as a luminary and ask for the park boss., talk to the housekeeper again. ask her if she's up for a 'clinical experimentation'. tell her to turn around, when she turn take the washing-up liquid from the trolley. open the wardrobe doors on your right and take the bellows

Enter the room upwards, take the candle left in the cake, enter the room upwards to the kitchen, take the loudspeaker and the pastry tube. examine the loudspeaker and learn that there no batteries in. Use the watering can on the fountain to take water. Leave the kitchen and go left.

Speak with Gwendel, when his head is in the tub, use the washing-up liquid on the tub. Us the tub, open the trapdoor, go down, press the red button, use the bellow on the smoke before the dragons mouth, at the rear leg of the dragon is a small door. open it, put the pipe in the hole behind the door,.use the jerry-can on the pipe and you have gas. Talk in the well, throw the jerry-can with the gas down the well. light the candle on the flames.
Go to the haystack, use candle on haystack. pick up needle, use door, enter the gym and use the weights. Leave , go left, use hammer on tree blackthorn and take a plum. Go back in the castle, go to the cake, use the needle on the cake, ask the girl in the cake for the batteries to the
loudspeaker, use battery on loudspeaker. Go left to the room with the tub, open the doors of the closet,
give loudspeaker to the zombie, close the doors (just walk away) open the doors with the zombie again and he make a heave sound. Go left, and up, use the stick on the key, use the bellow with smoke in the mouse hole and the mouse spit the key out the window on the kitchen roof. Go up, up to the roof of the tower. Push the gargoyle on your right (closest to the right edge of the screen). Go into the kitchen and take the foot than came of the boar. Head out to where the statue was and take the knife. Go to the entrance from the castle, go right, talk with
Gwendel, try to take his dog, look up to the clock. Go in the castle and go up to the place with the mouse hole. Use the foot on the box, take the boulder, cut the rope outside the window with the knife. Go outside, where gwendel was and take the dog.

Go to the catapult at the entrance. Use boulder on catapult, then use knife on catapult. Head back to the castle-kitchen. Take the key. Open cabinet, put dog inside and close cabinet. Use the plum on water where the pigeons are, let the pigeons come back, they eat the plum, then scare them away again, use the leash. Go to the hut with the sheep, use the knife on the sheep to get wool. Use the
watering can with water on the sheep. Use pastry tube on phlegm. Go back to the kitchen, use pastry tube on hole, use bellows on hole, take mold, and head out to the machine by the catapult. Use the mold on the machine, enter the
elevator to the right. Go up, up and enter the opening to find pantagruel. Use wool on pantagruel. push pantagruel. use lever, on the right use key in the lock. Enter and meet the pumpkin.

That's it





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