Tony Tough 2: A Rake's Progress


Game begins in the drugstore Alexis. Here you can change to load the game preserved previously, to change tuning, to look videotapes and list of the creators of game. Bring conversation Alexis and select for ikonku with the image of the head of Tony in order to begin game.

Scene 1

Day begins extremely unsuccessfully. Tony unexpectedly wakes the bell of alarm clock, then he is late to the school bus and, as a result, he does not manage at the beginning of lesson. After reaching to the school, Tony runs into the class at the very heighth of lesson. We select any version of answer to a question of teacher about the reason for today's delay. Then, when sounds a question about the domestic task (Tony as always "it forgot" him to make) it was selected any versions of answer to this inconvenient question. After conversation the teacher will ask Tony to occupy his place after the desk, that he with happiness will make. We speak to Seymour, your neighbor on the desk. It is discovered box with the breakfast and we obtain from it the bottle of lemonade. Tony shifts it into his bag, and now you will be able to see bottle in your inventory, if you move mouse pointer into the upper part of the screen. We investigate test tube c by white liquid. Then we pour out entire lemonade into the test tube and it is observed after the reaction of the teacher of that agitated by this "chemical" experience. We select any version of answer to a question of teacher, that it must undertake in connection c by not admitted by behavior Tony on the lesson.

Scene 1a

Teacher reports Tony, that he will conduct in this class the next three hours, on what negligent student reacts extremely negative. Wait for the moment, when teacher leaves the class. Approach the cabinet and advance lower box. In it it is possible to reveal and to take office buttons, rope and to bank with the glue in the granules. All these objects are optional to the use only in such a case, when you do not want "to disturb" teacher. Well and if into your plans it enters, as much as possible to salt to it, then you will carry out the following simple manipulations with the discovered things. For example, we pour out glue (into which it is preliminarily necessary to collect waters from the shell) to the teacher chair, then on it we spread office buttons. To the right of box lies cabinet on the table. We shift it to the side in order to see the glass of cages - place of the inhabiting of frog. We take frog and eat it.

Scene 2

We speak to the nurse on all themes. We look into the inventory, you became the possessor of identification bracelet. We try to bring conversation with the neighbor on the chamber. It izdayet inarticulate sounds, and Tony understands, that to further continue conversation has no sense. We go in the washroom and try to take soap in the hands that lying on the edge of shell. Unfortunately, with the attempt to grip it washed it slips from the hands of Tony and accurately it lands to the high cabinet. Let us attempt to reach the soap and to be selected from the chamber. We take the complete set of towels from the bed of Tony. We automatically obtain rope from the towels connect together and we tie one edge of this unique rope to the chandelier. Then we take instrument, for measuring the pressure lying on the table next to the bell for the call of nurse. We approach the cabinet. Is utilized on it instrument, in order to raise one edge of cabinet. Now a little poshatayem cabinet, and soap falls accurately to you into the hands. We lubricate by soap of the wheel of invalid carriage. We move carriage to the entrance door and tie another end of the rope from the towels to it. We harvest to the button of bell and is expected arrival in the chamber of nurse.

Scene 3

We run along the road to the vacant land before the constructed house, on which they play Dzhessika and Philipp. We start conversation with Philipp. At first we are interested in it about the principle of the solution of puzzle even we say that let us be able to solve it for the specific sum. After the small fluctuations of those connected with the price of a question Philipp agrees to accept your aid. Originally on the earth of the nails are five equal on the area squares. You should transpose altogether only two nails in order to obtain four identical squares. We transpose nails as shown in figure below we obtain our honestly earned fee.

We return to the hospital. We displace to the left and we go to the large tree, in powerful crowns of which Seymour built something like his summer house. We rise we upward and ask Seymour about the book, which it holds in the hands during your conversation. We obtain from it the "management of particular detective". We get down downward and we go to itself home (orientator - canine booth before the house). We go inward and we rise to the second floor into our bedroom. We take candle from the utility cabinet near the bed. We leave to the street. We find church and we try to visit inward, but priest does not want to let pass Tony into the holy abode. We get down downward. We investigate the board of the declarations in order to be up to date in all measures which they will be carried out in the church soon. We tear away from the board the magnetic letter F we find hereabout from the church the building, in which was placed funeral bureau. We go inward and we talk with the owner of bureau. We obtain from it residency card and on your imperative request I be empty bottle from under tekily. We leave to the street and we be sent for the side of urban cemetery. We investigate the fence of cemetery in the searches for declaration about the inadmissibility of independent excavations. We find next to the declaration prohibitive sign and it is removed from it shovel. We return to your house. We search for earthen hillock next to the box with the tools and it is utilized on it shovel. We obtain from the pit adjustable wrench then we approach the booth we disentangle guide from the dog. Now we cross the road and we go to the neighborly house. We look at the adaptation for the drying of things. Now one only shawl will hang on it. We remove shawl with the aid of the guide and we go to the hospital.

Is utilized adjustable wrench on the broken bicycle of postman. Before approaching reducing works, Tony will propose to postman for the moderate pay to rapidly and qualitatively repair his bicycle. After obtaining of affirmative answer we take up the repair. Adjustable wrench on the bicycle is newly utilized, in order to unscrew the bent wheel. By the same key we unscrew wheel in the invalid carriage, which lies on the earth only at some distance. We install this wheel on the bicycle and we return proper transportation means to postman.

We be sent for the "house" of Seymour. We click to the box, on which Seymour sits, and we listen to his story. We pose to Seymour the question about the wig and, we request permission to visit into its house in order to look camouflage elements in it. Seymour will permit with Tony a little visiting in his house on the condition that one he will limit to the visit of guest and tank room. After obtaining good from Seymour, we go in his house (to the left of the tree) and go into the tank room. We take from the tank of toilet additional eyelashes and we leave from the house. We return to Seymour, we assign to it a question about the aunt Of lorreyn and we are transferred to the refueling station, located after the urban feature. We find not far off from the station the black board, established on the curb of road on which by chalk brought out the name of city. We take from the board chalk and we return to the city.

We go in the drugstore (to the right of church) and ask the owner of drugstore Alexis about the wigs, existing in sale. It reports by Tony that it the wig interesting exists in sale on the price of 5 dollars. We begin long negotiations apropos of reduction in the prices of the wig, which will end by the fact that Alexis will nevertheless throw out price of 50 cents.

We leave from the drugstore and go to the side of church. We are understood to the porch, where we meet your class instructor. At the end of short conversation the chalk is utilized on Tony, so that it will reembody into the grey-haired old man. Now we can without the problems enter into the church, without fearing to arouse anger of holy father. We take from the table the handful of the coins of those left here by parishioners as the donations and rapidly we leave from the church. Now we go to Seymour and we again assign to it a question about the wig. We strike by foot the box, which stands opposite Seymour, and we reveal under it money box. Now in Tony so necessary for the purchase of wig is entire sum. In the drugstore we talk Alexis and we automatically acquire by wig.

Scene Р

We go to itself home at the end of merry stsenki with the participation of Seymour. Tony learns about Cornelii's theft and is obtained from the mother the half of identification bracelet. On the street we investigate the lattice of drain. Tony notes that he sees some bright object below. We connect up inventory the magnetic letter F with the canine guide. Is utilized guide on the lattice and we obtain from the shower canalization the second half of identification bracelet.

Scene 4

We connect both halves and we go into the hospital. We speak to the nurse Lorreyn. We take mint candy from the counter. We go to itself home from the hospital. We pass to the kitchen. We collect water into the bottle and it is discovered the door of oven. We obtain two metallic sheets of pan for the baking. We place candle to the pan, which lies on the stove and remove it into the oven. The pan from the oven with molten wax will reach through the pair of the minutes of Tony. It is utilized mint candy on the pan with wax. We further place chalk to another pan and to the pair of minutes remove it into the oven. Then we pour out water from the bottle into the pan with the chalk and pour thick mass into the adjacent pan. The result of all these "culinary" searches will be the creation of special chalky candy. We go into the hospital. We lay chalky candy into the bag with the mint candies at that moment, when Lorreyn will make logging. When nurse runs away to rinse throat, we approach the sole open box with the filled cards of patients and we thoroughly investigate its contents.

Scene 5

We be sent toward the house of saint O'Lanterna (opposite the house of Tony). We look at the parked machine. We move through the machine to the territory behind the church. We find in the wall of church the open brickwork and we take out of it one brick. We return with conversely the same way. Now we are directed to central area and we search for hereabout store with signboard Bazaar. We try to throw brick in glass- store and as a result it is exerted in the camera of local prison.

Scene 6

We take broom and it is utilized it on the pillow, which lies on the bed at the adjacent camera. We raise pillow from the floor and place it to our bed. We persuade sheriff, to give to you the chamber pot, which immediately leaves for the same bed. We place to the bed wig, stretch blanket to the bed and entice sheriff into the trap.

Scene Рі

We take from the table our bag and nepotushennuyu to cigarette. We leave to the street and we be sent toward the destroyed church. We speak to the postman. We request it to lend to you bicycle. With the transfer of the money of coin it is slipped from ladoshki of Tony and they will disperse through the territory adjacent to the church. We get down to the cemetery and we find on the earth near the declaration, which forbids independent earthwork the first coin of three. We go to the side of gasoline pump. Without reaching the servicing, we reveal the empty pick-up, which was being cut into the tree. We collect into the bottle gasoline and we return to the cemetery. We pour out contents of bottle in the field and ignite it with the aid of nepotushennoy cigarettes. When fire destroys entire vegetation, we search for on the earth the second coin. We go home. We ring into funeral bureau and very rapidly we run to the tower, until the owner of bureau leaves to the street. We lubricate steps by soap and at the safe distance await the moment, when Chucho Juarez is split on the threshold of his office. We raise from the earth last third coins and we go to the postman. We return all coins to it and we obtain bicycle.

Scene 7

We raise from the earth lemon. We try to shake loose post with the sign. We return on the bicycle in the suburb of Washington. We go into our house. In the kitchen we collect water into the bottle. We return to the gasoline pump and on the bicycle again let us go to the mountain. We pour out water to the earth next to the post, to which is fastened the sign. We undermine the earth by shovel and foot we fall down sign. In your inventory the bottle with the acid-proof means appeared. Is utilized on the metallic stick lemon and bottle with the acid-proof means. We look final decoupling.




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