Touche: Adventures Of The Fifth Musketeer

This walkthrough represents a near approximation to a minimal-length
path through the game.  It avoids all red herrings and deliberately
leaves untouched all items which are not essential to complete the
game.  As such, it misses a large proportion of the fun, and is NOT
a recommended solution for anyone who wants to get the best out of
the game!

The lines in square brackets indicate the scenes of the game as they
change.  Other lines are action instructions and start with a command
verb, as follows:
  "Go to"  means click on specified object or place with LH button
  "Say"    means click on specified sentence with LH button.
  "Give" item "to" character
           means click on item in inventory then click on character.
  "Use" item "on" object
           means the same, but target is object rather than character
           Note that the target object may itself be in the inventory.
  "Collect" object "from Henri's inventory"
           means select "inventory" in Henri's menu, click LH button
           on object, click LH anywhere on scene.
All other verbs mean press RH button on target to get menu and release
button on the menu item for the given verb.
Notes in round brackets (parentheses) mostly describe what happens.


[Rouen centre at night]
Talk to wounded man
Say "What is wrong with you?", "Where does it hurt?", "Very well,
  Monsieur.", "Who shall I give the will to if I find it?" (puts Paris
  on map, wounded man dies)
Talk to beggar
Say "What's your name?", "What do you want?", "What do you mean, a
  murderer?", "What do these murderous fiends look like?", "Will you
  give me that silver coin?", "I'll trade a gold coin for your silver"
  (beggar Henri stands up and enters tavern)
Call window on tower to right (Juliette appears on balcony)
Say "I must leave, but may I call on you again?" (Juliette agrees and
Go to door of tavern

[Rouen tavern]
Give silver coin to customer playing cards at table (Touche invited to
  sit down)
Say "Gentlemen! you will answer to me or to the authorities!"
  (provokes fight)

[Rouen centre in daylight (briefly, then fades)]
[Tavern bedroom (with Touche in bed, innkeeper and barmaid leave)]
Examine floor just below LH wall of privy (becomes hole)
Search hole in floor (finds one franc piece)
Go to door on right

[Rouen tavern (now quiet)]
Go to door to street on left

[Rouen centre (with cart and rope in hoist, Touche addressed by beggar
Say "Yes, what is it?", "Why would I need a manservant?", "Why would I
  want to hire you?", "Such as?", "That's true ..." (Henri is hired and
  follows Touche around)
Go to stables on right

[Rouen smithy]
Talk to blacksmith
Say "Have you seen anyone leave town in a hurry?" (puts St Quentin on
  map), "Thank you for your help, smith."
(Although it is not required for the minimum path there is an
  additional scene which can be entered at this point.  Instead of
  saying "Thank you for your help, smith", say "How long would it take
  me to get to St Quentin?", "When is the next coach?", "I'd like a
  coach ticket".  This changes scene to the road near Rouen, where
  Touche is ambushed by a soldier and sent back to Rouen smithy because
  he hasn't got a pass.)
Go to street on left

[Rouen centre]
Go to street towards cathedral, through arch

[Cathedral square]
Knock on door of cathedral (priest appears)
Say "May I come in, Father?", "When will you be open normally again?"
  (hands Touche a notice), "Thank you for your time, Father" (priest
Buy junk on extreme left (becomes souvenir)
Go to street between houses at top

[Rouen centre]
Go to door of left-hand building

[Tailor's shop]
Take needle and thread on side of shelves
Go to door to street

[Rouen centre]
Go to doorway of HQ building - the one with the flag

[HQ courtyard]
Knock on door of office at back

[HQ office]
Examine papers on desk, just right of pen (becomes pile of paper)
Examine inkwell (Touche finds that it's empty)
Examine papers on left top of desk (gains paper)
Use paper on candle (secret witing appears: Captain summons maid)
Talk to captain (who gives Touche a travel pass)
Examine bowl on desk (Touche allowed to take melon)
Exit through door

HQ courtyard]
Go to doorway on right

[Rouen centre]
Use dagger on rope above cart (Touche is catapulted on to Juliette's

[Juliette's room]
Talk to Juliette:
Say "Sweet rose of Rouen! When might I taste those rosy lips?"
  (Juliette asks for poem), "Let us talk later."
Take handkerchief on sideboard
Go to exit on right (crash landing)

[Rouen centre (Touche picks himself up)]
Collect dagger from Henri's inventory
Go to stables

[Rouen smithy]
(If you went to the Rouen roadside scene in which Touche was ambushed,
  you do not need to talk to the smith, but can just go to France!
Talk to smith
Say "How long would it take me to get to St Quentin?", "When is the
  next coach?", "I'd like a coach ticket"

Go to St Quentin (they stop at "Jolie Eater")

[Outside Traveller's Inn]
Go to door

[Inside Traveller's Inn]
Give notice to priest
Talk to priest
Say "Do you come here often, father?", "The man we are looking for wore
  a blue cape...", "Is he still here?", "What did he have to eat?"
  (puts Amiens on map)
Go to door on right (go up to bed instead)

[Same, the following day (goes out through door)]
[Outside Traveller's Inn]
Go to coach stop at lower right

Go to St Quentin

[St Quentin smithy]
Go to St Quentin on left

[St Quentin centre]
Go to tavern on lower right (soldiers bar the way)
Use melon on river (soldiers move to rescue melon)
Go to tavern very quickly, or soldiers come back
(Note: if you have a very fast machine, you may have to hold down the
  LH mouse button on the tavern entrance as soon as the word "Tavern"
  disappears until it selects itself; if you wait to click until the
  word "Tavern" reappears you may be too late, in which case Henri
  gives back the melon and you can try again)

[St Quentin tavern]
Give handkerchief to customer beside fire on far right (he composes and
  gives Touche poem)
Talk to innkeeper
Say "Can I get something to drink here?", "I'll have the brandy",
  "Please give the Officer the last bottle of brandy..." (innkeeper
  does so), "Thank you, innkeeper. That will be all."
Talk to officer
Say "How was that brandy?, "Look... could you do something for me in
  return?" (asks officer to tell soldiers to let customers in), "I see
  you have some cards", "Could I have a look at those cards?" (given
  marked card), "Well, it's been a pleasure chatting to you".
Go to door to street (officer tells sergeant to let people in,
  innkeeper gives Touche old bottle of wine in gratitude)

[St Quentin centre]
Go to church whose spire is visible above houses
Take cross on table (becomes crucifix: Cardinal appears and addresses
Say "Very well I am Geoffroi Le Brun ..", "What can I do to help?",
  "I'd like to help."
(Cardinal disappears)
Take candlestick
Take altar cloth
Examine candlestick in inventory (candle appears as separate item in
Go to street on left

[St Quentin centre]
Go to road at back

[St Quentin smithy]
Go to France!

Go to Amiens

[Amiens smithy]
Take pot on LH lower shelf (becomes horse linament)
Go to Amiens street

[Amiens centre]
Go to door of shoeshop on right

[Amiens shoeshop]
Take pile of shoes (becomes broken sandals)
Use needle and thread on broken sandals in inventory (become mended
Go to door on right

[Amiens centre]
Go to gate of monastery

[Monastery cloister]
Take soap at wooden tub in foreground
Take washing (Touche puts on monk's habit)
Go to door of chapel in porch on right (disguise fails)
Give habit to Henri (who puts it on)
Give mended sandals to Henri
Give crucifix to Henri (disguise complete!)
Talk to Henri (he enters chapel unchallenged)

[Belltower (bell rung by Henri)]
[Monastery cloister (monks disappear into chapel)]
Enter door of extreme left-hand cell (talks to inmate)

[Monastery cell (inmate has escaped through window)]
Use dagger on pillow (finds will)
Go to door

[Monastery cloister]
Go to gate (Henri leaves habit behind)

[Amiens centre]
Go to door of stables

[Amiens smithy]
Go to France!

Go to Rouen (but they stop at crossroads)

Examine notice on tree (highwayman appears)
Give will to highwayman (who accepts it, robs Henri and leaves)
Climb tree (falls down)
Climb tree again (falls down)
Climb tree yet again (reaches top, finds watch in magpie's nest)
Go to Rouen road on left

[Rouen smithy]
Go to street

[Rouen centre]
Go to door of tavern

[Rouen tavern]
Use altar cloth on pot in fireplace on right (becomes sticky altar
Go to door to street on left

[Rouen centre]
Take hammer on ground to left of inn
Use hammer on ladder (ladder disintegrates)
Take broken ladder
Use broken ladder on balcony (pole vault into Juliette's room)

[Juliette's room]
Give poem to Juliette (who is pleased)
Take bottle on sideboard (becomes Eau de Juliette)
Talk to Juliette
Say "Sweet rose of Rouen! When might I taste those rosy lips?"
  (Juliette asks for flowers), "Let us talk later."
Go to exit on right (crash landing again)

[Rouen centre with stocks holding witch (Touche moves towards witch)]
Use soap on stocks (frees witch)
Give eau de Juliette to witch (witch exchanges this for potion then
Take fruit on ground near stocks (becomes banana)
Go to doorway of HQ

[HQ courtyard]
Talk to rightmost musketeer (becomes d'Artagnan)
Say "When do we leave to fight the English?, "But I'm ready now.",
  "Why, what happened to the lads in the Sixth?", "What did this robber
  look like?", "Where are the Sixth? I must go there at once."
  (d'Artagnan says that Captain knows.)
Knock on door of office

[HQ office]
Talk to captain
Say "Where are the Sixth Regiment stationed?", "Sir, I really must go
  to Le Mans" (Captain demands marksmanship certificate), "Please
  excuse me for now, Captain"
Exit through door

[HQ courtyard]
Talk to LH musketeer (Becomes Atoff, who gives gun to Touche and
  demands bits of souvenir; Touche fires gun)
Use hammer on souvenir in inventory (turns into broken cathedral)
Give broken cathedral to Atoff (gains certificate)
Knock on door of office

[HQ office]
Give certificate to captain (Captain extends pass to Le Mans, which is
  put on map)
Exit through door

[HQ courtyard]
Go to doorway

[Rouen centre]
Go to stables

[Rouen smithy]
Go to France!

Go to Le Mans

[Le Mans smithy]
Take papers on RH shelf (becomes coach schedule)
Take bucket near anvil
Go to Le Mans on left

[Le Mans centre]
Go to door on RH side of street

[Weapon smithy]
Use bucket on trough (bucket is filled with hot water)
Use linament on hot water (becomes linament bath)
Give linament bath to weaponsmith (who is pleased)
Take files to left of forge (Touche allowed to take file)
Go to door to street

[Le Mans centre]
Go to church

[Le Mans church]
Open confessional (penitent enters from other side)
Say "Go on, my son", "What was the nature of your sin?" (it's
  gambling), "Never mind ..."
Go to door to street on right

[Le Mans centre]
Go to door of tavern, opposite weapon smithy

[Le Mans tavern]
Talk to card player (at table)
Say "Do you mine if I join you", "Well, where can I play cards with
  some like-minded fellows?", "I hear there's a gambling den at Madame
  Fleur's.", "Well, how do I get in then?" (player tells Touche that
  password is "Lucky white heather")
Go to door to street

[Le Mans centre]
Take flowers outside flower shop
Go to door of flower shop

[Flower shop]
Talk to Madame Fleur
Say "I'm looking for some lucky white heather." (led to gambling den)

[Gambling den]
Give marked card to RH player (realises he is being cheated, dismisses
Talk to LH player
Say "What else goes on in here?", "Why, what's upstairs?", "How can I
  see Fifi?" (told password is "Venus Flytrap"), "Thank you for your
Go to door to shop

[Flower shop]
Talk to Madame Fleur
Say "I'm looking for a Venus Flytrap" (led to Fifi's room)

[Fifi's room]
Examine boot below edge of window drape (highwayman appears and
  explains that will has been stolen from him.  There follows a long
  uninterruptible sequence with several scenes)

[Forest road (Touche in disguise, brigands appear)]
[Forest clearing (confronted by gypsy)]
Say "Your men had got to my victim first" (Touche tied up on orders of
Talk to nearest brigand
Say "So what's it like being a brigand?", "How do you get to be a
  brigand?", "I want to be a brigand too!" (brigand calls to gypsy,
  who says "send him in")

Give watch to gypsy (gypsy not sure it's much use)
Give coach schedule to gypsy (gypsy can now time coaches, so gives
  back will)
Exit through door

[Forest clearing]
Exit by forest road

[Forest road]
Exit to France! at left end of road

Go to Paris

[Paris market]
Go to path on extreme right

[Notre Dame]
Take signs towards left (becomes placard)
Go to path on left

[Paris market]
Give old bottle to street trader on right (exchanges for new bottle)
Give new bottle to street trader on left (who is pleased)
Take nearby stool (wicker vendor agrees)
Give stool to vendor of bread (exchanges for bread)
Give bread to vendor of cheese (exhanges for stilton)
Give cheese to vendor of fried rats (exchanges for fried rat)
Give fried rat to urchin
Give banana to urchin
Talk to urchin
Say "How can I find the Chancellor?", "Do you know the way to the
  Louvre?" (urchin leads way to Louvre)

[Louvre frontage (Juliette's sister Bunnikins enters)]
Talk to man blocking entrance
Say "Who was that woman with red hair ..." (gains appointment card),
  "I've better things to do."
Read appointment in inventory (has writing on back)
Go to path lower right

[Paris market]
Go to path on extreme left

Go to Amiens

[Amiens smithy]
Use flowers on paint (flowers become orchids)
Go to France!

Go to Rouen

[Rouen smithy]
Go to street

[Rouen centre]
Use appointment on door of Juliette's tower (Juliette's father cries
  "Bunnikins!" and sets out for Paris).
Open door of Juliette's tower (OK now her father has gone)

[Juliette's room]
Give orchids to Juliette (Juliette doubtful about the smell of paint
  but accepts them)
Talk to Juliette
Say "I don't suppose you know the Chancellor, do you?" (Juliette checks
  that Touche has the will, then leads him to Louvre.  Long
  uninterruptible sequence follows)

[Louvre frontage (allowed to enter, to the disgust of waiting queue)]
[Chancellor's room (Cardinal takes away Juliette and the will, de
  Peuple's castle put on map)
[Louvre frontage (end of sequence)]
Go to path lower right

[Paris market]
Go to path extreme left

Go to Rouen

[HQ frontage (close up of musketeers leaving for Le Havre, note left by
  Captain on door)]
[Rouen smithy]
Go to street

[Rouen centre]
Examine doorway of HQ (note says "gone to Le Havre", which is put on
Go to stables

[Rouen smithy]
Go to France!

Go to Le Havre

[Le Havre battle (with cannonballs flying everywhere)]
[Le Havre lines (Captain orders Touche to cross river, but boat is
  holed by cannonball)]
Use sticky altar cloth on holed boat (mends boat)
Use dagger on moorings (cuts rope free)
Pick up cut rope
Collect broken pole from Henri's inventory
Use placard on pole (become paddle)
Use mended boat

[Crossing river (short once-off scene)]
[River shore (with locked water gate)]
Use candle on dagger in inventory (makes waxy knife)
Use waxy knife on lock (makes waxy knife with marks)
Use file on waxy knife with marks (makes key)
Use key on lock
Open water gate
Go to water gate

[Le Havre tavern (officer challenges Touche)]
Say "Lovely weather for the time of year" (officer decides Touche must
  be British)
Talk to barmaid
Say "'The river runs shallow, my friend'", "Could I have a menu
  please" (gains menu)
Talk to LH front soldier
Say "'The river runs shallow, my friend'" (gains formula), "I have to
  go now"
Go to back door on left

[River shore]
Use boat (crosses back)

[Le Havre lines again]
Examine menu (has plans on back)
Give plans to captain (exchanges for keys of HQ)
Go to France!

Go to St Quentin

[St Quentin Smithy]
Give formula to blacksmith (who is pleased)
Take coal bucket
Use coal bucket on forge (filled with hot coals, becomes coals)
Go to France!

Go to Rouen

[Rouen smithy]
Take tongs (Henri pays)
Go to street

[Rouen centre]
Open door of Juliette's tower (no Juliette)

[Juliette's room]
Open chest
Take stocking (becomes stockings)
Exit by stairs

[Rouen centre]
Go to street through arch

[Cathedral square (priest leaves cathedral)]
Enter door (not blocked by priest now)

[Rouen cathedral ]
(Cardinal wants bones, but no candle, leaves.  Henri finds match, gives
  to Touche)
Go to front left between tombs (Touche trips over box, lights LH torch)
Use rope on RH unlit torch (tomb lids raised by rope and swapped over,
  bit of metal falls to gound, Cardinal takes wrong bones and leaves
(Note: this interaction differs from all other similar ones in that
  attempting to use the wrong item on the torch does not elicit a "that
  won't work" type response.  Also the mechanism doesn't work properly
  if you exit from the cathedral and re-enter it - which I reckon is a
Take metal from floor between tombs (becomes coffin plate)
Exit by main door at back

[Rouen cathedral square]
Go to street between houses at top

[Rouen centre]
Use keys on doorway of HQ
Go to doorway

[HQ courtyard (no musketeers)]
Open door of office

[HQ office (no Captain)]
Take flag
Open door

[HQ courtyard]
Go to doorway on right

[Rouen centre]
Go to steps on extreme left (old man lands on gate)

[Rouen river gate]
Use tongs on key behind gate (gains key)
Use key on gate (which opens, old man descends and goes back from gate)
Go to gate (old man greets Touche)
Say: "We need a boat ..." (taken to see marvellous mechanical boat)

Use flag on mast (becomes sail)
Use coffin plate on pipe (mends hole)
Use stockings on wheel (becomes transmission belt)
Use coals on boiler (stokes boiler)
Use tap (starts boat which sets off down river)

[River map (boat sets off and gets stuck)]
Big lever on boat (boat proceeds)
Oily lever on boat (boat proceeds)
Oily lever on boat (boat proceeds)
Red lever on boat (boat proceeds)
Big lever on boat (boat proceeds then explodes)

[Castle ramparts (with helicopter etc.)]
Open door (guard demands invitation)
Say "Henri, show the man our invitation" (Touche and Henri trick guard)

[Castle dining room]
Give potion to Juliette (to put into drinks: guests go off)
Examine LH bust (becomes nose)
Pick nose (clicking noise)
Examine RH bust (becomes nose)
Pick nose (portait moves revealing door, which Touche enters)

[Antechamber (with crocodile pit)]
Use sword on chain (gains chain)
Use chain on hook just in front of pit (becomes hooked chain)
Use hooked chain on trap nearest to pit (trap closes making chain bridge
  across crocodile pit)
Open door at back (Cardinal emerges, knocks Touche over and leaves)
Exit through door at back

[Magic room]
Talk to guard
Say "Do you mind if I read while we're waiting?" (guard agrees), "I'll
  talk later"
Read book beside Touche's left hand (turns out to be about mesmerism)
Talk to guard
Say "Have you got the time" (hypnotises him)
Pick up chalk on floor centre left, hidden among chalk marks
Use chalk on book on table (triggers game-end sequence)

[Blasted heath (Cardinal casts spell)]
[Castle dining room (poor old Touche!)]
[Castle ramparts at night]
[River map at night]




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