Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

This faq is the exclusive property of me, Elfhuntress (Sara Noel), and my
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this guide in anyway you wish so long as you do not use it for profit
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e-mail me at and ask permission.
This guide is from my own experience playing the game and is in
no way copied from official guides. As such, it may not include
some of the secrets and extras. It will, however, get you from level
to level with many bonuses.
I must also give credit to Guitarfreak86 for the artwork.
1. This guide may contain spoilers, but I consider them minor.
2. My use of the directions right and left may be slightly different
than when you play because of varying points of view. I tried to be
3. This is my first attempt at a guide.
If you still have any questions, need additional help, or have general
concerns about my guide, you may e-mail me at I am
very prompt when answering, but please only send me mail concerning the
guide. I will help as best as I can.
7/O3/03---Fixed a few spelling errors I caught and corrected a mistake
I found in The Archeological Dig Site.
7/05/03---I added some extra details to the red ghost battle.
7/07/03---Added a new move I found and put in some new secrets. Also
added Bernard's walkthrough.
Welcome to the newest game in the Tomb Raider series, The Angel of Darkness.
In this latest game, Lara is back from her near-death experiences in
Egypt. Her old mentor, Werner VonCroy, is now seeking Lara's help again
with his next exploits. Lara is upset because VonCroy left her
for dead in Egypt, so she is a little mad at his request for help.
When she finally meets with him to discuss his proposal, they
argue, and the next thing Lara knows, her mentor is dead. She has no
memories of his death. Did she really kill him?
Now Lara is on a quest to discover the truth about the murder and pursue
the trail left behind by VonCroy to provide evidence. In the
process, as usual, Lara finds herself in for more than she bargained.
Part One: Controls
Part Two: Walkthrough
PART ONE: Controls
Left Stick: Movement/Direction
Right Stick: Change Camera Angles
X: Action Button/Grab/Fires Weapon/Allows Hand-To-Hand Combat
SQ: Roll and Changes Targets While in Combat
TR: Crouch/Crawl While Pushing Direction/Leg Tuck
TR+Crawl+L1: Belly Crawl
O: Jump
O+Direction: Jump in Direction Indicated
L1: Walk and Walk Toggle
L2: Stealth Mode
L2+X: Wall Sneak, and Allows Stealth Kill When Near Enemy
R1: Draw Weapon
R2: First Person View and Sprint While Holding a Direction
R2(Sprinting)+Direction+Jump: Boosted Distance Jump
R3: Center Camera
Up on D-Pad: Quick Change of Weapon
Select: Menu
Start: Pause
Lara can still do swandives and handstands. Just hold walk when
pulling up to a ledge or diving into water.
The scene opens with Lara and Von Croy talking. There is an accident, then
Von Croy is dead. Now, the police are after Lara and she must escape.
When you gain control of Lara, across from her is some ammo in a doorway.
Pick it up, you'll need it later.
Ignore the dog in the alley. If you get too close, he will bite you.
As you walk towards a green bin, Lara will suggest that you climb it.
Do so, and then jump and grab the balcony above. Jump the gap ahead and walk
around. Climb the ladder. At the top, there is a window. Push forward to
enter the room. Inside there are several items on the ground and in shelves.
There is also a locked cabinet in here. We'll come back for it later.
Go back out of the window and climb up the ladder. At the top, walk to the
gap in the fence. Hold walk, jump and x to make it across. Over here there
is a railing to the right. Climb over it and pick up the chocolate. Go back
over the railing and walk to the end of the way. Lara will say she can make
the jump. Do so, then climb up the near drain pipe.
At the top of the pipe, hold right diagonally and shimmy across to a
small platform. Drop to refill Lara's grip, then jump back up and keep
going until you reach a breach in the fencing where Lara can pull up.
You'll be on the rooftop. In the back left of this area is a barrel.
Pull it out of the way. The barrel was blocking a place where
Lara can drop down and pick up a crowbar. Drop down
and pick it up. Lara will note that she isn't strong enough to make it
across a local ledge. Climb back up to the rooftop and find a sealed
Use the crowbar on it. This makes Lara stronger. Now, remember that
sealed cabinet? You can make your way back down to the window and use
the crowbar to open it. Inside is a necklace that can be sold later.
Back on the rooftops, drop down to where Lara picked up the crowbar.
Hop up and grab the ledge. Lara is now strong enough to make it across
to the area behind a fenced door. Here, Lara will need to use stealth.
Tap L2 and walk Lara up behind the guard. Hit x while behind him, and she
will kill him. There is a key that is noted by Lara on a table. Pick it up
and use it on the door. Climb down the ladder to complete the first
As soon as the level begins, pull the bookcase in front of the door.
Follow the stairs around and after a flight or so, the police bust in
and start throwing tear gas. Don't worry, they won't chase after you, and
do not try to go down and fight them. You will lose.
From this point on, you must watch Lara's air meter. At the top of a
stair case, debree breaks through the hall, and behind you is a door that
needs a key. Do a running jump/grab across the gap and pick up the pills
in the next doorway. Keep climbing and pull the cabinet out of your way.
Continue going up and at the next intersection is a small medkit and
a door that Lara can push. Push the door and grab the items inside. Go back
outside and keep climbing stairs. At the next intersection are bandages.
Grab them and keep going. At the top of the next set of stairs is a box.
Push it all the way forward, climb up, and jump to the railing. Go to
the door on your right. Inside are two keys. One on the floor, and one on
a yellow rack.
Flip the switch on the generator in the room and an elevator is activated.
Go to the elevator and push 2. This takes you back to the area where
the locked door was. Jump over the gap and go inside. In here are various
items including a gun. Collect it, then go back to the elevator and push 4.
Go back into the generator room and out the door.
Climb up the barrel, then up a ladder. At the top is a wire. Grab it, and
as you start to go across, a helicopter begins to shoot at Lara and her
legs are too long to make it above the obstacle. Press and hold triangle
to make Lara tuck her legs up and keep going. Drop down and run back towards
some boxes. Pick up the bandages and slide down the roof. Lara will land on
a walkway with a door.
Go into the door, pick up the coins, then go out the next door. Pick up
the ammo and chocolate in here, then go out the next door. On the walkway,
don't go into the door. Instead, climb down the ladder. At the bottom is a
box that Lara can push. Move it and Lara gets stronger. Run to the left past
the bonfire and crawl underneath the garage door. Pick up the medkit and
head over to a box in the middle of the room. Face to a broken walk with
no rails. Jump up here and follow it around. At the end, Lara says she can
make the jump. Run, jump and grab to a shimmy ledge. Go to the left and pull
Climb the ladder, grab the ammo, jump the little gap, and exit via the
door. Follow the path around, out the door and you'll be back outside.
Jump over to the stairs. Go down them to the bottom first and pick up the
coins. Go back upstairs to the top and enter the door. Another ladder.
At the top, you'll be in a little roof access building. Go out of the door
and run behind the building for some coins. To exit the level, run to the
left past some tanks to the fence.
NOTE: There is a short-cut to the level. After you collect the items in
the garage, you can go back outside and climb back up the ladder you came
down. At the top, follow the ladders up, slide down the roof and take the
ammo. Climb the next ladder and jump across to the roof access building.
Exit as before. The only difference is that you miss a few minor items.
Watch the cutscene. Lara explains her plight. This is the first time
in the game where you can make decisions on what to say. It really
doesn't matter how you respond to Covier, you will be able to get the
notebook no matter what, but this is what I said:
1. Can I get you anything?
2. Who was the comission from?
3. Where you able to help him?
5. We argued, I can remember that. And gunfire!
6. I was a good friend of Werner's. I didn't kill him. I didn't!
7. I really am going to need Werner's notebook.
NOTE: If you choose to be sarcastic and mean, Covier will refuse to give
Lara the notebook. Don't worry, the notebook is hidden in a kitchen
cabinet to the right of the door above what looks like a washer.
After the conversation, you must act quickly or the cops will capture Lara.
Run into the kitchen and grab the wine bottle. Next, inspect a small lamp
to the right as you exit the kitchen for a diamond ring.
Then, search her desk drawer for health pills.
There are other things to search, but they contain no items and
only waste time. As the police come near, you'll see them pull
up outside. Go down the hallway and out the door. Cutscene.
NOTE: The ghetto marks the beginning of a semi free-roaming environment.
There are several ways to accomplish goals here, but I will mention what
I did in detail. Also, money, ammo and items are scattered all over and
tend to regenerate. I will not list all of them as that would take
forever. If you get lost, look for street signs and maps.
Lara awakens in a street/trolley car. Leave the car and go left to speak to
some homeless men. Afterwards, climb up the car and claim a medkit.
Climb up some bits of fencing to make it to the pipe above.
On the top of the pipe, Lara can run and jump to another pipe
across the way. From here, hop to the grassy ledge and hug the wall to
an area behind the fence. There is some ammo and health items here.
Make your way back to the first pipe. Then, jump through the broken fence
and speak to the man. More choices:
1. What do you really know about the monstrum?
2. Who do I talk to there?
Afterwards, the notebook appears and you'll have a new objective. Run
around the corner to the man's left and down a small stairs. Take the money.
Near the man is a door on the left. Go through and talk to the woman here.
You'll find her name is Janice. Some more choices. Say what you
will again, but me:
1. Have you worked in this neighborhood long?
2. And no one knows where he is?
3. Better than anything I have so far.
Now you have these objectives:
1. Locate Bouchard's premises
2. Find Bernard, ex-janitor
3. Find Bouchard's Club
4. Find Cafe Metro
5. Contact Pierre, owner of the cafe
Run to the right of Janice and under an over hang. Pick up the money.
Check out the city, and continue when ready. From Janice, run to the
right around the corner until the next area loads. You have two choices
to decide what to do involving a missing box. One involves the cafe
owner, the other, the janitor. Keep following the road around until you
reach another load. To the left is a white brick area with a door that reads
Metropolitan. Inside of here is Bernard, the easier of the two men to
work for. Be nice to him and he'll give you the task. If you keep going
to the end of the street to the dead end, you'll find the cafe. If you
talk to the owner, you can do the more difficult task. I usually take
the harder. Speak to Pierre and he'll say that you don't look like
police. Respond with how would you know? From here, be nice and offer to
help. At any rate, both gentlemen will direct you to the Serpent Rouge.
Depending on which person you select, the game will alter slightly. The
main point, however, still revolves around that box. I will insert the
changes into the guide as necessary.
For the conversation with Bernard, say:
1. You're name's Bernard. Janice said I might find you here.
2. I'm trying to find someone.
3. Here. Now, how do I find Bouchard?
In exchange for this route to the Serpent Rouge being easier, and making
a later level easier, it costs Lara 160 Euros. She is also given
the keys to the garage by the club.
You can only retrieve the box for one man or the other, not both. Either
Pierre or Bernard will ignore you for the choice. After deciding who
to work for, it is still advisable to visit the other for
plot's sake.
Exit the cafe and head back toward Janice. In route, you'll see a man on
a motorcycle whiz past you. You'll see more of him later.
As you run down the road, you'll see a green door to the left that
says garage. In the alley just before this, run to the end and enter
a door that reads stage entrance.
Go in and welcome to the Serpent Rouge. From the entrance, go straight and
flip a switch on the left. This kills the lights down the hall where
the guard is at. Go back to the entrance and head left now.
There is a guard in the room at the end. If you don't have ammo yet, then
you must fight him. Once he's dead, pick up the goodies, including keys.
Equip a gun, then head back to the entrance.
Go on down the hall, up some stairs, and through a door. Either sneak up
on the guards in here, or just kill them. Go behind the bar and pick
up some items and pull a switch that operates a dumb waiter. Pick up the
items in it. Next, sneak behind the DJ booth. Pick up a record back here and
flip the switch. Music starts, lights flash, and guards rush in. Kill them
and then pick up whatever items they leave.
Keep your guns pulled and head up the stairs. Shoot the guard. Run
around the path until you find a pushable black case. Push it all the way
forward to the rail and hop up. As you walk forward, the beam ahead falls.
Walk to the edge, then jump and grab across the way. Take the medkit and
shoot a few more guards. By the door where the guards were are some
bandages. Now, walk to the broken part of the rails and jump onto the
flashy lights when they come down.
While on the lights, a guard comes out. Shoot him. When the lights go all
the way up, turn around and jump grab to the ledge. Climb up the
ladder to the left and walk forward. To the left, you'll see a light
fixture. Remember it. Continue to go forward and slide down the slope.
Near the end, jump to the platform ahead. Hop to the next platform
from here, then jump to the beam and shimmy to the left. Pull up when
you can. At the end of the beam, jump over to a building with a bridge
by it. When you try to open the door of the building, Lara says she isn't
strong enough. Kick down the raised bridge near her, she'll get stronger.
Go back and bust that door down. Inside are two levers and a key on the
floor. Pick up the key. Pull the first lever twice to move a sparking light.
Then, pull the second one to move it back.
Leave the building, run across the bridge, then up the ladder. Walk to
the light fixture and open the door. Take the box. Now, we need to get
her back to the bottom floor. Go back to the control room. Be careful
as a guard will come out. Dispose of him, then climb down the ladder in
here. At the bottom is chocolate. Go out the door and you should be on a
walk with some boxes. Make your way back to the place where the beams fell,
jump across, and down the stairs to the ground floor. In the rear is a
door that the key opens. Take the items inside and go back to the control
room. It should be easier to get to now that the door at the base of
it is open.
Climb back up the ladder and exit through the door inside. Climb down the
ladders outside and you're back in the ghetto.
Head back towards Janice and use the keys on the garage door. You will not
get to see the man on the motorcycle. Inside, on the right of the car,
pick up the socket spanner. Examine the little lockers down from it
for some ammo, health and an antique flintrock gun. Pull the switch
near the car to make it rise up. Now, go over to a little lever near
the desk where the spanner was. Pull it, and Lara grows stronger. A
panel slides out from under the car.
Go down into the opened panel and pick up the items. Climb the ladder.
At the top, take the bottle of wine and use the spanner on the switch.
The switch, when used, manipulates a malfunctioning dumb waiter and
alerts a guard. Turn around and go through the door at the top of the
stairs. Shoot the guard and take anything he leaves. Go up the next stairs
and through the door. From here, follow the same route as is listed in
Pierre's path.
In the alley by the Serpent Rouge, you can gain access to a sewer.
Open the sewer lid and drop in. A screen comes up that says "Bouchard's
Hideout." This is not his real hideout, don't be mistaken. This area
allows you to pick up a few hidden items. In the sewer, head straight into
the tunnel ahead. Hop up the boxes and climb the broken wall. Slide over
to the platform and drop. Jump to the platform across the way and shimmy
over to the right until you can pull up. Go through the crawl space.
The Parisian Ghetto screen will load. In the room there is some ammo and
health items. You can open the door and enter the Metropolitan where
Bernard is at, but instead, go back into the crawl space. Back inside the
sewers, run to the end of the tunnel that led to the Metropolitan and go
Drop near the end of the broken walk and shimmy to the broken climb wall.
Go down, and at the finish, shimmy to the door. Inside is a diamond ring.
Climb back up to the top, then run and jump across to the other side.
Pick up the ammo, kick down the door and climb the ladder. Take the medkit
and money. Jump back across the gap and exit the sewer by finding the ladder
in the tunnels that leads back up.
Before returning the box to its owner, head past Janice and go to the
end of the road. On the right is the local pawnshop where those
seemingly functionless items can be sold. When prompted, ask the owner
if he cares about legal nicities. After your trades, run back to the right
past the first load screen. To the right is a staircase. Climb up it,
go into the second door, and speak to the herbalist. He tells you
about a bodyguard of Bouchard's. We've already ran past him. He's on the
right behind a fence just past the Metropolitan.
Anyway, take the box back to its owner. If you take it to Bernard, you
will recieve a password for the bodyguard. If you take it to Pierre,
you get a passcode for a door down the way on the left. The code for the
door is 15328. Either way, you'll end up in.....
NOTE: This is where the two men alter gameplay again.
If you picked Bernard, skip forward a bit. If you chose Pierre,
continue reading. Bernard's quest gives you a direct line into the
graveyard. It's simple to figure out.
Talk to Francine, then go out the door with the blinds. Jump across the
gap, hop over the rail, and climb the pipe. Pull up on the ledge, but be
careful, the walk collapses. Continue around, drop and shimmy around the
edge. Mount the rope.
On the other side, drop down onto the roof of a moseleum. Hidden in the
upper right corner by a door is a small medkit behind a tombstone. There is
also a doggie in here. Take care of him. Time to roof hop. Climb up onto the
roof of a nearby shrine next to a fenced area. Jump from roof to roof until
you land inside of the fenced area. There is an angel statue in here
along with a small shrine that Lara needs to push the door open on. Doing
this makes her stronger. Take the items. You can leave the area
by jumping back out and then find another tomb behind a fence.
To get to it, you must use the nearby tomb and hop the fence. There are
some more items. After this, go back to the angel statue. Push it forward
and fall into the hole.
Start off by killing the rat. As Lara runs forward, the ground falls from
beneath her. She won't be harmed. Find the climb wall and pull out.
To Lara's right is a pipe. Shimmy across the next pit and let go. The next
bad floor contains water. Jump it. One more messed up floor. Swim through
it, and at the end to the right is a climb wall. Go up it, and at the top
grab the crevase. Shimmy over.
At the end of this hall, it appears to be a dead end, but you can pull
some rubble back out of the way. Then, turn around and kick out the grate
to the left. Shoot the rat. Go through, and pick up the ammo on the other
side. Go through the door. Walk down this short hall into the next
door. Turn left and go through the debree you shifted earlier. Jump into
the water, swim, and pull up. You'll be in a room with a steam pipe
and a busted wall. Walk through the wall and into a cell with tombs.
Head to the left and you'll see a disfigured man on a table. He
doesn't attack. Take the medkit by him, then go through the door in here.
Across the hall is some hidden ammo behind a coffin. From where the mutated
man is, turn left and go through the door. Enter and watch the cutscene.
You'll meet Bouchard. This is the first time where if you smart off
in a conversation, it can be fatal. Follow my example.
1. Easy Bouchard. I lost that friend yesterday. Now I'm wanted....
2. What would you suggest?
3. Passports!
Bouchard tells you to visit Renne at the pawnshop. Pull the lever in
the room and a door will open down the way. Get the ammo in the newly
open room and push the box all the way forward. Climb up, grab the
ledge, and pull the switch. Go back down and head back to Bouchard's
room. Exit via the door.
In this room there is a boxing ring. Go figure, a boxing ring in a church.
Save before talking to the guy in the white shirt by the ring. Talking
to him starts a bet. Pick your fighter. The winner is totally random.
Winning gets you a gold watch, losing costs you a little money. This is
a one time opportunity.
Also in the room are some cleverly hidden items. Near a statue at the end
of the room is a box. Push it to the left and Lara gets stronger. Climb up
and shimmy across. If Lara runs out of grip, you can drop down to little
ledges near the pilliars in the room. Keep making your way around until you
can pick up a medkit. Keep on shimmying, and eventually you'll come to a
little overhang near a rail. Side jump over the rail and enter a room
with an organ. On the floor is a gold ring that you can pick up.
Drop back down to the floor and go back to the statue. Push the box right.
Hop back up and grab the rail on this side. Shimmy around and pick up
the ammo clips. Drop to the floor again. Run around and exit out the door
in a room with a checked floor.
Head back to the begining of this area, past Janice, and to the end of
the street. To the left is the pawnshop. Go inside, and a strange man
bumps into Lara. In the main room of the pawnshop, she notices that
something isn't right. She puts the passports down on the counter.
Head around back of the counter and into the back room. Lara finds the
owner dead. Pick up his wallet and inspect it in the items. You'll
find a pin for the weapons locker. It is 14529. Enter the number
on the locker. Pick up everything in here, and as you pick up the final
item, the door slams shut and you'll see a bomb start to detonate.
Quickly push the yellow button on the wall and go outside. Turn directly
to the right and open the hatch. Run through the room and be careful not
to catch on fire. At the end, drop down into the tunnel. Keep running
to the end, then watch the cutscene. Our mystery man and the guy from
the pawnshop again....
Walk down the way and shoot the rat. Pick up the yummy bar of sewer
chocolate in the room. There is also a staircase with a medkit up top.
Go back down the stairs and walk into the water. Follow it into the
tunnel until there is a door to the left. Follow it, swim through the
water, and climb up the ladder. Shoot the rat up here too. Ignore the
valve in here for now. Run down the way and pick up the ammo.
The tunnel leads into a room with a waterfall. Look around the room and
locate a drain pipe. Climb the pipe to the top where there is a walk.
Move along the walk until you find a switch. Pulling it stops a fan
in a nearby tunnel. Go back down the drain pipe and into the tunnel
directly across from it. To the right is a ladder. Climb up and spin the
fan. Lara is now strong enough to turn the valves.
Crouch under the fan and crawl all the way to the end. Pick up the ammo on
the way. At the end is a valve. Turn it then leave back out the way you
came in. Head back to the drain pipe and climb back up. At the top, locate
a beam that you can walk across. Turn the valve on the other side and
pick up the ammo. Close to the valve is a broken ladder. Jump up to it,
climb up, and climb the next ladder at the top. Walk over to the pipe.
Lara indicates that she can can climb up on it. Go all the way across
and there is another valve to turn. Climb back onto the pipe and head back.
Drop off on the beam and go through the door. In the hall there is ammo.
Pick it up, then head back to the ground the same way you got up.
From the pipe, run to the left down the tunnel, back through the door,
and into the room where I told you to ignore the valve earlier. Turn
it, then run back to the waterfall. Dive in. The waterway only goes
one direction. At the end, swim up for some air then tread water over to
a fallen walk. Climb up. At the top, climb the pipe/wire and stop half-way
across. Drop to the beam, run over, and turn the valve. Go back and
grab the wire again. Go all the way across. Climb up the walk. Run around
the catwalk and hop over a gap. Turn the last valve. Go back across
the gap, and crouch under a fence. Slide down the slop in here to be taken
back to the main room.
One more trip back up the drain pipe. Go all the way to the top this time to
where the falls were originating from. Go into the pipe where the water
was spewing out. Exit through the door. The next area will load. As Lara
nears the end of the pipe, she says that she smells oil. Hop into the
water and pull out at the ladder. There are two places to blow up in here.
One is in the back of the room on the ground and the other requires a jump
from a platform up a ladder. I'm going to blow up the one on the ground
as it is easier to deal with. Approach it and Lara says that this is the
place. Press action to set the charge. Quickly flip over into the water.
A huge explosion fires. Do not go up for air. It is instant death.
Follow the pipe underwater until you can come up for air. Follow the path
around and drop to the ground. Make your way carefully back to the hole
you blew out avoiding the flames. Walk inside.
Climb up the stairs and keep Lara's weapon drawn. Avoid the security camera
and shoot the guard that comes around the corner. There is a door behind
the camera, but Lara says she isn't strong enough. Keep climbing stairs
and taking out guards. At the top, run around the corners and into the
next room. Here is the first set of lasers. Hop onto a glass case, then
jump to the left to a medkit on a fixture. From the fixture, run and jump
to the next glass case behind the lasers. The next lasers require you to
drop and shimmy on the right side of the case. At the end, pull up and
jump when the lasers fade out. If you touch a laser, the room locks
down and a guard comes. Shoot him, hit the button in the room, then try
In the next room, you get a cutscene showing the layout. Crawl under the
first set of lasers. On the second set, go to the right wall. Go into
stealth mode and hug up against the wall. Lara should barely squeeze by.
Sneak up on the guard and kill him. Don't go into the door he was by
just yet. Go down to the other end of the room and behind a security camera
is a medkit. Pick it up with out being hit by the beam. This may alert
a guard.
Go back to the door by the guard and enter. Here is the famous Mona Lisa
room. Either sneak up on the guard or just shoot him. On one side of the
room is a small glass case. Pull it back and Lara gets stronger. In the
center of the room is a large glass case. Push it forward until it touches
the little seats. The next part needs swiftness. By the small glass case
is a switch. Hit it, then climb back on top of the large case. Jump and
grab to the Mona Lisa's display case. Above it is a crawl space. Climb on
in. If a laser comes on, it frys you instead of calling guards.
In the space you can eventually stand up. Go through the next crawl
space. The rest of the tunnel leads to a dead end. At the end, push out
the fence and shoot the guard. On the roof, hop up onto a white box/
platform with pipes on it. Then, jump to the ledge behind Lara, shimmy
over, and pull up when Lara needs a break. Eventually, you'll reach
a wire up here. Jump to it, and you'll reach a building across the way.
Lara says she is now stronger. Shimmy across the ledge and climb the
drain pipe. Sneak along the wall, and enter the building using the window.
Kill the guard inside and take his keys. Go back outside and to the ground.
Lara can now break open any doors in the area. When you're finished
gathering items, go back through the door near the drain pipe. Climb it
and work your way to the right. You'll find a fenced area. Go through
the door up here. In here, climb up to the top of the machine and into
the crawl space. Go down the ladder, down the way, and the game loads
another area.
Drop down into a storage area and out the door. Kill the guard to Lara's
right. Run down the hall to the right, and enter the first room. Make
a note of the respirators in a locked closet here. The next door on the
right has a security guard. Kill him. The computer in here is attached
to various cameras. Monitor switch on the far left allows you to see into
Carvier's office. Zoom in on her computer monitor for a code: 14639.
Go back down to the end of the hall to the right and imput the code.
You can now enter her office. Search the room for items and information.
In the right cabinet of her desk is the security pass. Now run to the other
end of the main hall and use it in the card reader. Go down the stairs
and through the door. You'll be back inside the Louvre. There is only
one room you can get into. Go inside and take out the guard. Proceed to
the end of the hall. You should be back on familiar turf after you slide
the card once more and enter. You may go all the way back to where the
level began and bash in the door. The traps from before are of little
consequence if activated and Carvier's card opens all the doors. The area
behind it has a medkit and some bandages. Back upstairs where you
re-entered the building is a door by a sign. Open the door. Run through
the hall and down the steps. Keep a gun handy in case a guard comes out.
The door on the left has a guard in it, nothing else. Keep going down stairs
and go through the door. Go to the left, and then right into an area
with big doors, spotlights, and sand. Go through the blue door and the
level is finished.
Head to the back of the area and draw your weapon. As you approach some
little, white buildings, a guard pops out. Kill him, then search the
room he came from. You can learn some valuable info about artifacts
in these next few rooms we visit. Pull a switch in the room and it turns
on a computer and some lights. Leave the building, and as you run
past the computer, kill the guard.
There are more rooms beyond the computer. Here I must insist that you
save before entering. People have complained about a glitch that
locks you in the room and never lets you back out. Run inside this
next trailer and check the terminal. Then, take the fax that comes
out. Upon leaving the room, there is another guard. You know what to do.
Now, push the blue double doors open to the left and go inside. There
is a computer attached to a sonar machine. Use the computer to
operate the machine. Move the machine until it homes in on a burried
symbol. Keep the shape in mind. Leave the room and head over to the
fenced area. Find a ladder and climb down. Run round the scaffolds and
climb down another ladder. Then, climb up a ladder around the corner.
From here, hop over to the scaffold across the way and down another
ladder. Take out the guard on the ground floor. Don't climb up the ladder
here, instead just hop to the ground.
Once on the ground, head to a ladder on the right, climb up, then go
up the climbable wall. At the top, look to the right at a spinning object.
Hmmm...the symbols look mysteriously like the ones we've located and
some that are located in the back of the notebook. Above you is a place
you can monkey swing to the other side. Once there, jump up to a wooden
platform overhead. Pull the switch up here and it lowers a crane.
Go back down and jump over to the lowered platform on the crane. Hop over
to the spinner. Time to put in those symbols. Check the book and remember
the symbols we've found. From right to left the symbols are: A tree shape,
a target, a stick man standing on his head, and an upside down half moon.
As you get each symbol in place, go around to the side and pull the lever
that corresponds to it. This will prevent the shapes you want to stay still
from spinning while adjusting the others.
After all the shapes are frozen in place, a door opens. Go back up to
where you pulled the crane switch. The door is up here. Drop down inside
to end the level.
Walk forward carefully and drop over a few ledges. You'll get a cutscene
showing the room. Guess where you have to go? All the way to the bottom
where that evil skeleton warrior is. From the ledge, drop down and climb
the wall. You may get buzzed by a few bats, but Lara will be fine. Don't
shoot them unless they latch on. At the platform, turn right and jump
to a post in the wall. Next, jump into the hole near the post.
Drop down a few levels, then run and jump across the broken bridge. Pick
up the bandages in the hall. Then, go back to the edge of the broken bridge.
If you look to the right, you'll see a place where a gargoyle head is
missing. Run and jump to it. Then, turn to the gargoyle to the left. Hop,
grab, and shimmy around the head. On the left side of the gargoyle is a
raised place of dirt. Drop down. Here, there is a climb wall that you
must go down into a little alcove with. From there, climb the wall sideways
to the left and drop to the ground. Hop over to another post and pull the
lever. This causes slats to come from the walls. Follow them all the way
to the ground. Our little friend is down here. He doesn't die, but will
fall over after a few shots or punches. Once he is down, find the crawl
hole and pull the switch inside. It changes the position of the slats.
Find the lowest slat and make your way back up. At the top, turn to the wall
and pull up. There is another switch here. Using it opens a trap door back
down in the pit. Make your way back down to the bottom and KO the warrior
one more time. Drop into the trap door, and run around the corner. Lara
will push the door open and get stronger. Take the items and the
shotgun. Continue on around until the next area loads. Kick down the
wall and into the area ahead. The door in here closes as soon as you enter.
Save as this part is tricky. Pull the lever on the right and all sorts of
deadly traps begin. Run and jump over them. In the next room turn left
and head to the door. You'll get a new objective so check the book.
Go into the room behind the door.
Welcome to one of the most annoying levels of the game. It contains
four sub-levels and I will refer to them as such. Watch out for the
skeleton in the main room. First, find the pressure pad in the center
of the area. Lets do the water one first. Step on the pad with the
squiggle lines that don't curve up drastically. Three doors open
behind you. Enter the left door and pull the switch. A door goes up,
then turn left. Go through the big door.
NOTE: If you pull an incorrect lever you will be taken to a death trap
room. To escape, you must make your way around and locate an elevator
with a pull chain to get out.
Watch out for the flame warrior and pick up the ammo on the ground.
Go into the back room and dive into the water. Follow the passage until it
opens into a big room. There is an archway in here guarded by swinging
blades. Avoid them and pull the switch. Swim back up and climb back
into the room with the warrior.
The switch filled the hole in the room with water. Save and dive in. In the
bottom of the room, there is a small passage to swim in. Pull the switch
in the room and go back up to the surface. Swim to the bust of Neptune
and climb into the door above him. Pick up the medkit. Go back into the
water and the next door on the left has ammo. The final door in here
has a water pit. Jump in and grab the medkit at the bottom and keep going.
The tunnel turns down and there is another medkit. As you progress down
the tunnel, spikes shoot from the walls. Be careful and avoid them. Timing
is a must. After you clear the spikes, the path goes two directions. Swim
to the right for some air. Dive back down and head to the left path.
Grab the ammo on the way. Swim down the path and grab the gem on the
tower. On the side is a lever--be sure to pull it.
As soon as you pull it, the fencing above moves back. Swim up and you'll
be back in the area with Neptune's bust. Swim under it and back up to
where the flame warrior is. Congrats! You have the first of the four
elemental stones.
Now, back in the main hall, we move on. Step on the pad with the up curving
lines that look like wind blowing. Of the three doors, take the right one
to continue.
Run down the stairs and turn right. Push the wall, pick up the ammo, and
pull the switch. This is a pretty difficult level. You must use the hop
function--hold walk while jumping. The best advice is to be careful and
save often, even if you are on a pillar. Also, don't jump when the wind
blows. Eventually, you'll make it across. If you're having difficulty,
try jumping to a pillar a little farther away. Take the gem and come
back. This level really isn't that hard, just annoying.
Main hall again. Now we step on the one that looks like a star. Take the
door on the right.
Getting to the jewel is the easy part. As you walk forward, the room bursts
into flames. If Lara isn't far enough away, she catches on fire.
After this, just hop across the platforms keeping in mind that sometimes
they will either sink or blow up. After you get the jewel, little mini
platforms come out of the flames. Just wait for them and follow them back.
Main Hall again. Step on the last switch. Take the middle door
When you enter the room, a huge statue falls over and the whole ground
becomes unstable. You must step with accuracy, caution, and stealth.
First, don't walk forward, but drop over to the left to the floor.
Follow it around to the end. The ground will give and slide over before
falling. Jump to the next platform before Lara goes down with it.
From here, just make your way to the door expecting everything Lara
touches to collapse. At the end, as you near the jewel, a part of the
walk gives so be aware. After you pick up the jewel, getting back is
"easier." The floor is replaced and flame warriors are everywhere. You must
either stun them long enough or push them into the abyss in the center.
If you catch fire, run to the little falls in the room. Pull the switches
the warriors guarded and head back out.
Now that you have all 4 stones, there is a hall where you entered the level
for them. Under each painting there belongs a stone. When all 4 are
in, you see a door open. This is the fun part. Open any doors with the
pressure pad and choose a lever that will make you fall into the trap room.
Run around until you find the door across from what appears to be a metal
wall plate.
Go inside. The objective here is to turn 4 valves that correspond to
the stones. To help you locate them, each valve has a picture by it.
Also, mind the warriors in the room. Knock them over the edges.
Valve 1: Just to the left of the entrance.
Valve 2: Go to the bottom floor and find the ladder. Climb up. There
is a wire that you need to climb. Follow it to a ladder. The valve is up
Valve 3: Jump from valve 2's platform to the top of the generator.
Find another wire to swing across on. At the platform on the other side is
a ladder and the valve is up top.
Valve 4: Located in the center of the generator.
Turning the last valve makes platforms appear in the main hall. Head
back out of this room avoiding the blades and spikes of the generator.
Go up the stairs and to the left. You should find the elevator. Go inside
and pull the chain once. Behind Lara are some health supplies. Pull the
chain once more to be at the main hall.
Climb up the rubble from the crashed walk and jump to the first platform.
Jump from platform to platform until you reach the highest. At the top,
jump and grab to the circular walk and follow it to the side. As you walk,
skeletons pop from the walls. Either knock them out or ignore them. Lara
will come to a staircase. Go up it. There are more skeletons up here. Make
your way to a climb wall and go all the way to the right. There is a lever.
Pull it and go back to the stairs. The lever opened a door behind them.
Push in the wall and grab the shells and medkit. Lara gets stronger.
Go back over to the climb wall and drop off near the switch to refill
Lara's grip. Keep going up. She'll do some wierd manuevers and then you
must take her, by monkey swing, to a platform up top. Fill up her grip again
and head to the outer corner of the monkey swing area. Lara will turn
around and climb up. At the top, scoot to the left and onto an outcrop
of the ceiling. There is little room for error. Follow the crop to a door.
Climb the stairs and go through the door at the top. This is Lara's first
boss fight.
There will be a red ghost in the room as well as a blue sparkle on a statue.
There is also a bunch of ammo and medkits on the floor. Grab them.
The trick is this...if you get too close to the sparkle while shooting the
ghost, the sparkle moves. Keep the ghost out in the open so you can
watch the sparkle. When you shoot the ghost enough, he stops moving. This
is your opportunity to grab the light. When you do, a door opens in the
room. Run through it, swim forward a little, and kiss this painful level
good-bye. Sheesh, all that for a painting.
If you still have trouble getting the sparkle with the method above, here is
another suggestion: Intentionally chase the sparkle until it appears on
a statue in the front of the room (by the door).
This will give Lara enough space so that she can fight the ghost,
see the light and not disturb it. Shoot the ghost until he drops
his head. Lara only has 2-4 seconds to pick up the sparkle before
he comes after her again. The light will not move until the
very second the ghost revives. Since the light is now right by Lara, she
should have less trouble reaching it before the ghost awakens.
As you walk forward, the room floods. Swim up through the ceiling and into
the main room. All the way at the top you can get some air and some
Dive back into the water and locate the hole you originally came into the
level through--it's above part of the broken bridge. Swim through to exit.
Run forward and climb the box. Hop the fence and head to the doors
on the right.
Head up the stairs behind the computer and back into the Louvre. Pull out
a weapon and head upstairs. There will be a few guys to kill on the way
up. You'll see a cutscene and the museum being broken in to. Some guys
through poison gas. Keep heading upstairs and shoot the guy. When you round
the corner, you'll see gas seeping from behind the door. First thing's
first, Lara needs a respirator.
Shoot the guy on the other side of the door and take his weapon. Head into
the room with the glass cases where the lasers were earlier and take out
the guy. At the end, turn to the left and take out the guy and climb the
stairs. You should be back in the office area. Kill the guy at the end of
the hall and take the first door on the right. Behind the glass doors
is the case with the respirators. Also, Lara should have learned sprint at
this point. Press R2 and the left analouge.
Take a respirator. A green bar appears to show how much air is available
in the respirator. Leave the room and head to the left down the stairs.
Exit the door in the bottom and take out the guys in the hall. Go into the
door on the left side and yet more guys. Run to the left out the door by
where the guy dropped in and keep you weapon out. Shoot these guys too.
Walk down the stairs and into a main room. Go through the open door on
the right and watch the cutscene.
That guy swindled Lara out of her painting. Lara decides to revisit
VonCroy's apartment to find some more clues. To top it all off, there's some
guy with an obvious vendetta for her. There seems to be a very frequent
glitch in this level. People have said that changing weapons here causes
them to disappear. This hasn't really happened to me, but just be aware.
First, search the room for items and ammo. When you pick up the walking
stick, the guy rushes in. Take out your weapon, and after a few shots, he
leaves. Continue searching the first floor. There is info about the Lux
Veritatais and the paintings on the computer table.
Kick open the door behind the stairs and Lara gets stronger. Pick up the
items on the shelf. Go upstairs. In the bathroom there is ammo on the
floor and a medkit on the wall. Go up the stairs and enter the bedroom.
There is more ammo and a medkit in the closet. On the desk is info about
the cabal. Go down the spiral stairs and exit the apartment. Leave through
the front door. Watch for the lasers. First, head down the hall opposite the
lasers and push the door. Pick up the ammo and medkit. Turn and leave.
To the right is a door. Inside of here is that guy that wants to make Lara
dead. He shoots through the wall. Fill him full of lead then go through
the wall. Pick up the chocolate, his gun, and the ammo on the floor. Laser
hopping time.
All the lasers in the hall can be traversed by a simple sideways jump. As
you round the corner, explosives ignite. Turn to the right and carefully
hop down the stairs and drop to the ground floor at the break in the rails.
There is a medkit on the table and some ammo under the stairs. This is
a good place to save. Climb back up the stairs to a hall behind the
blaze. There are more lasers here and the guy is at the end of the hall.
Most of the lasers activate after you pass them, blocking any path back.
As soon as you pass the first set of eyes, there is some ammo. Pick it up,
don't worry, the guy can't shoot back here. Run forward and head to
a door on the left so the assasin can't shoot you. Pick up the ammo and
run to the door on the right. Now, the tricky part. Lara, even with her
long-range weapon, still can't shoot the guy. Wait for the lasers to
fade out, jump over the one on the floor, and hide in the door on the
left. With proper alignment, you can do this in one jump with out getting
hit. Save and go out and shoot him. DIE! DIE! LOL. Anyway, watch the
It seems Bouchard was double crossing Lara. She now journeys to Prague.
This area is another somewhat free-roaming environment with the exception
of guards walking around. Keep a gun drawn in the event you meet one.
Across from where you start is a red car and a reporter. Speak to the
reporter. You can't really mess up. My responses:
1. The big one with the snow on top?
2. Just tell me what you have on the art dealer.
3. You say he found something? A painting perhaps?
4. Keep talking until the money runs out.
5. All of them?
After the conversation, check the book. It says to look at Vasiley's
premises for the engraving. Behind the reporter is an alley.
Run back there and kill the thug. He drops a hammer. Run past the
reporter, go on past the fountain, and into the alley on the other side.
Kill the guy. While running, you should find a trap door on the road.
Pop the lid open with the hammer and go inside. Walk forward and
the next area loads. Run to the end of the tunnel and turn right.
There is a section of wall busted out to the right. Go inside,
climb the stairs, and enter the door at the top. Watch the cutscene.
Lara handcuffs Bouchard to a radiator and questions
him. Say what you like.
Me again:
1. A psycho huh?
2. The Cabal? Not the Mafia?
3. So they were working together?
4. Killed like Vasiley you mean! Why does Eckhardt do that to the bodies
Bouchard, and what does he want the paintings for?
5. A Lux Vertatis vault?
A new objective: To locate the vault of trophies.
Go through the door in the room and Lara will be in a giant room filled
with artifacts and done up elegantly. Climb up the spiral staircase and run
to the back of the room. There is a drawer that you need to push forward.
Lara will grow stronger. Then, climb up on the drawer and go up the
scaffold. Pull up on the next level of the scaffold and run and jump to
the platform across the way. Then jump to the next, and the next. Pull the
chain here, and a cabinet opens on the bottom floor. Go back to the bottom
floor and claim the medkit. Now, get back up top.
There is another chain across from the one Lara pulled to move the cabinet.
Pull it to make a clock on the floor light up the number 3. Sometimes
the chains get glitchy and you have to pull the one that moved the cabinet
again to get this to work. Head back to the ground floor and find a
grandfather clock behind a desk. Examine it and turn the dial to 3. The
clock on the floor becomes a staircase. Go down it. In this office, run
towards the desk and pick up a piece of paper. It contains the code for
a panel near a painting. The code is: 31597. The painting slides over
and Lara can claim the last obscura engraving. Go back up stairs and
leave through the door.
In the interrogation room, Lara finds Bouchard missing. Leave the room and
head back like Lara is going back to the sewer. As she passes by the
door on the left, Bouchard falls out...dead. Well, at least he left his
Go down the stairs and to the left is a red door. Use the keys and go back
to the main streets. After you climb the stairs, the reporter is waiting
on Lara. Talk to him. Afterwards you get a cutscene.
This is another annoying level. For starters, run across the room into an
open truck trailer. Grab the medkit. As you run towards a garage door, a
magnet moves a trailer. Go to the trailer behind the two stacked ones and
hop up. Walk to the end. You'll see that this trailer leans in closer to
the stacked two. Jump, grab, and pull up to the stacked trailers.
Walk to the left end of the stacked trailers and you'll notice a pipe
attached to a white structure. Jump to the structure and use it to do a run
jump to the wall to Lara's right. Lara comments that she needs to be
quiet. Walk with stealth pushed. Climb down the ladder near you and creep
to the other side of the room and up the ladder. Go into the door on your
left. (Both doors and sides lead to the same place.) Slide the card through
the reader and go in. There are two guards up here, and they will see you
no matter what.
Go ahead and kill them. There is a ladder in this room to the right that
leads up to a door. A guard will come out. Take care of him. Go inside and
turn a switch to move the magnet. Go back down the ladder. Run to the
back of the room and up the ladder. Make your way around to the magnet's
control booth. A cutscene starts showing the destruction of two motion
triggered guns that would have shot holes in Lara below.
Leave the booth and head down to the bottom floor. In the back of the room
is a green door. Go in and you'll enter a room with circular walls and a
ton of boxes. Run to the fence with the boxes near it. There are puppies
behind it for extra help. This is a tricky puzzle. I must also remind you
that Lara only needs a small amount of room to move, push, pull, or climb
the boxes.
Push the box on the left side of the fenced area door all the way forward
until it touches the box tower. Push the box on the right side of the door
up and to the left to touch the right side of the box tower. Lara will
point out a pipe she can climb. Now, climb up the tower and carefully
walk to the boxes that touch the fence. She should drop down to a lower
box. Pull the box in front of you back a little. Then, climb over it and
push it forward until it won't go any further. Now, stand on top of this box
and pull the very top box back a little. Go around to the front of the
top box and push it all the way back against the fence. Lara will get
stronger. Don't hop the fence just yet. In the room locate two boxes on
top of each other.
Pull them back a few paces. Climb up on top of them and Lara should see
a white structure with fencing on it. Jump to that. There is a valve
that needs to be turned. Doing this shuts off the steam blowing across
the pipe Lara needs to use. Go back to the box tower and shimmy over the
fence. You'll need to press triangle to tuck her legs up. On the other
side, drop and shoot the dogs. Lara will recieve an objective to shut
off the power to secure a route to the bio-dome. There will be a ladder
that leads up to a control panel. Pull the lever and watch the saws cut
the stone tablets and the vents. Turn Lara around and pull up to a beam.
Walk the beam down to where the saw is stuck in the vent. Hop up to the vent
and drop her in between the saw and the vent, grabbing as you drop.
Enter the vent and follow it to the end. Watch the cutscene.
Looks like the reporter has met his death early. Continue forward, then
drop down into the room. You can sneak up on the guard or just shoot him.
Pick up his I.D. card. If you pull out Lara's weapon as you walk to the
end of the room, she will aim at some gas tanks. Shoot them out from a
distance and it makes a wheel run through the lasers to trigger explosives.
Go on into the room at the end of the hall away from the lasers. There are
three guards in the booth. Kill them all before examining the computer.
Pick up the items and check the cabinets. Then, pull the switch to watch
the scene.
Time to head over to those lasers. This is extremely difficult and tricky.
There are also land mines that you need to watch for. They won't kill
you, but deal a ton of damage if you get too close. Pick up the gun on
the shelf before the first lasers. Back flip onto the stacked spindles
by the first red laser. Jump to the floor below minding the mine. Climb
up the little wooden slats next to the lasers in this section. A side jump
will clear these. Another mine on the other side. One more side jump
will clear the last lasers. This room should be familiar. There is a green
door on the right side that was blocked by blue lasers earlier. Go
through the door.
Run straight forward through a door and past a fountain. There is a
Speak to him. He ends the conversation by shooting pesticide at Lara.
From here on out, watch for man-eating plants. There is ammo behind the
plants at the far end of the room near the door. When you're ready, pull
a switch on the fountain's sculpture. It moves a figure. Head back to
the entrance of the room and take a right through the opening by the stairs.
Follow the path to a ladder. Climb up and take the ammo. Pull the switch.
This unlocks the door at the far end of the fountain room. Head back there.
Go through the door, push the yellow button inside, and enter the next area.
There are some strange tubes containing specimens in here. They will
come after Lara. There are humanoid beings and things that resemble pill
As you enter the room, the humanoids attack. Kill them. Climb up the stairs
on the right side of the room and kill the bugs. There is ammo up here.
Take it, then go back down. Run over to the other set of stairs across the
way. More bugs. Pick up the ammo here. Find a small outcrop on this
side with just mud on it. At the next outcrop down, look up and grab the
pipe. At th other end, let go and turn the two valves up here. Go back
across using the pipe. The valves caused a tube's floor to drop out.
Go to the tube and drop in. Lara lands in water. Pull out and go into the
door. In this room, you must line Lara up with the ladder ahead of her.
Slide down and jump grab for the ladder before she falls down the hole.
At the top of the ladder, pick up the medkit and proceed through the door.
Follow the tunnel arund and up a flight of stairs. Open the door and
quickly shoot the guy. Do not go into the water if avoidable. There is
a big, mutated, fish-like thing in there that can't be killed.
There is also no benefit, unless you land in the water, to climbing down
the stairs to the flower area. Just go over to the broken part of the
upper walkway and jump across. Go up the stairs and up the ladder. Snag
the ammo and go back down the ladder. Jump back across the gap and go down
the flight of stairs. Walk all the way forward until a pipe is ahead. Jump
to it. Grab some more ammo and turn the valve. This turns off some steam
by a pipe. Climb back up the stairs and jump the gap in the walk again.
Make Lara hug the wall and creep across to the pipe. Climb up, shimmy
to the left, and pull up when you can. Run and jump to a platform with
There isn't much point to climbing the ladder. Instead, climb down the other
ladder and push the yellow switch by the door. Go in, and push another
switch to enter the next area. There is a vine that decides to block the
gate. There is some ammo by the sewer pipe and stairs opposite the vine.
Climb the stairs. Pull the table out from in front of some pictures. Each
diagram tells which valves to turn in order to kill the vines. However,
only one is real, the one with the red X marked through it.
Follow the lines drawn to the vines to determine which shapes above the
valves will work. Turn the first, second, and fourth valves left to right.
Then, pull the lever near them and watch the vines die. In the next room,
a scene shows the layout of the room. You need to get to that dead guy
up at the top. Pull out a weapon and be ready to use it. Follow the path
to the right and shoot the guy in the hazmat suit. Pick up his I.D. card.
Next, go into the center area and climb the ladder. At the top, turn left
and go up the stairs. There is a door up here that Lara can't open. Keep
walking forward and jump across the platforms on the roof. If you need
health items, miss a platform and slide down. Grab the edge and drop
to a very thin ledge. Walk across, pick up the bandages, and then get back
up top. At the last platform on the roof, jump and grab to the break in the
fence. Pull out your gun and waste the guy up here. Lara points out a jump
that she can't make. So run around the tree, follow the small walkway
around, and jump the small gap. When you make it across, pick up the medkit
and Lara will be stronger. Head back to the large gap. Even with the
upgrade the jump needs timing.
Run around the plants to get speed. Be careful and jump from the part of
the gap that sticks out the most. Grab at the end. Follow the walk around
and at the end is a tree/vine covered with grass. Go up. Watch the
gruesome scene. Keep walking forward and pick up the dead guards' card.
At the end there is some ammo. One more card left. Go all the way back
down to where you hopped the large gap. There are two ways to get the
last card. If you have some life and and don't mind getting a little hurt,
drop down from the back part of the area where the gap is and drop. If you
want to do it the safe way, make your way down to where the ladder in the
room's center is, go around the corner and jump the gap. Kill the guy.
Take his card, take the ammo, then climb down to the ground using the
On the ground floor, just across from the center ladder, is a door. Go in
and swipe all three cards. The door opens and the new area loads. Go
down the stairs. Around the corner, across a catwalk, and into a little
room. Press the yellow switch and run to the small room similar to the
one you were just in. Get ready for a big surprise.
I said we'd see more of this guy later. This is Kurtis. He has decided
to put Lara out of the way for a little while. Kurtis operates the same
way as Lara and has a hand gun with a ton of ammo.
In this level, first pick up the ammo and drop over the ledge to the area
below. Pick up more ammo and hop over to the ladder. At the bottom, walk
to the right and jump back to the center across the way. Walk around past
the door and drop off the ledge. You should see health pills below you.
When you land, pick them up. Walk around and drop again. Lastly, drop
inside the metal fenced shaft and lift the yellow lid. Climb down two
ladders. Then, jump to the platform up and across from you. Enter the door
and be ready for some wierd stuff.
Kill the psycho coming towards you from a fenced area. Then, go in and
down the hall. Cutscene. Pick up the ammo and keep going. There is another
strange creature. At the end of the hall through the open door on the right
is an actual, sane human. Talk to him. Apparently, some bizzare experiments
have been being conducted. Leave the room and head right. Try to open the
door. Kurtis will now show off one of his unique abilities...farsee/sight.
This will give him the code for the door. Check his items if you have
trouble seeing it...06289. Run around the booth and into another caged
area. Shoot this guy. Run down the hall, another door. Continue on around
and shoot another freak. Go on through the door.
Kill the freak. There is another one in the room on the right along with
chocolate. As you continue around, you'll enter a cafeteria. Shoot the
freak in the orange straight jacket. Another will follow behind him.
Pick up the items and ammo in the cafeteria, but watch the power lines.
If you look, there is a door right across from the cafeteria with a number
near the door on a yellow paper. Remember the number. Shoot more freaks as
you round the corner and go out the white door. In the next room you'll see
a dead, dog-like creature hanging from a rack. Pick up the ammo and the
dead scientists' I.D. card. Go back to the cafeteria and run around a
corner in the area. There is a door near the fenced in section to swipe
the card in. If you run into the kitchen area there is a guy that needs
to be shot in a door to the right.
Go back out and up the stairs. At the top, take the medkit behind you,
follow the path around and jump the gap. You'll see a little control
panel. Input the code from the door...38471. Drop down the gap in the path
and land back in the kitchen. Go across the way and into the newly opened
door--the one the code came from. In the next area, you can see a
laboratory. Pun to the right and watch the cutscene. Shoot the guy that
comes around the corner, then trek up that hall. At the end is a grate
to kick out.
Crouch and crawl through. When Kurtis stands up, jump up to the next
crawl space ahead. You'll flip into the lab where the scientist was
attacked. No monster for now. Pull out the grate in here and crawl
through. Jump up to the next crawl space. Another scene. Stand back
a respectable distance, pull out his gun, and shoot the tanks next to the
fan. This blows the broken ladder down. Hop up to the walk and flip the
switch to stop the fan. Crawl through. Follow the beast into the next
space. From in here, turn right and go down the stairs.
Run forward, around the booth, and into the metal door. From the doors
at the end of the hall, run to the right and stop by the last metal door.
Kurtis will do another farsee. The code you recieve is for use on a panel
in the booth. Run back to the booth and punch in 17068. This unlocks
the metal doors where Kurtis got the code.
Head back down there. Behind the first steel door is the dead body with
the code, nothing else. Go out the door and to the next one on the left.
Pick up the chocolate on the desk and the dead guard's I.D. card.
Another freak comes in. Shoot him and go back out the door. Turn left and
follow the hall to a door. Use the card here and go into the area.
Across the hall and into the small room on the right is some ammo on
the bed. Take it. A few more baddies come out. Shoot them, and from the
room with the ammo, head left through the double doors. The next area
loads. In the next part, turn right and open the first door on the left.
Yikes! That strange beast from before rushes past Kurtis with little
interest. In the morgue where the beast ran out is another guy to shoot.
Do the deed, then leave the room. Turn left and run forward a little.
Another guy comes out. Shoot him, then quickly turn around and shoot the
one coming up from behind. As you run around, you can find the crawl space
that the beast went through. There are a few things to pick up in here.
When you're ready, go back through the space, turn left and follow the
path around the corner to a door that requires the I.D. card to open.
Go inside and watch the cutscene.
Well, we need to get rid of this pest. The only thing to do is avoid
its attacks and fill it full of lead. After a few rounds, it will fall
to the ground as if dead. DO NOT LET THIS FOOL YOU! After a few seconds,
it will get back up and head into a vent. Then, it will randomly
enter the room from anywhere. Use the opportunity to heal and pick up
the medkit and anything else in the room if you need it. Just keep your
eyes out for the beast and Kurtis' weapon drawn to help you find it.
After it falls 5 or 6 times, Kurtis stabs it with his dagger and it
won't get back up. Fight over. Pull the switch on the machine in the
room. Another cutscene.
We finally have control of Lara agin. Apparently, she and Kurtis have
decided to help each other. Press the yellow switch on the wall and
go inside. You must be EXTREMELY careful in this room. There are 2
machine guns that are activated by motion. Do not climb down the ladder.
Instead, turn to Lara's left in this room and drop over the side.
Ahead of Lara, to the left, is a very small crawl space. It's too low to
get through with a normal crawl, therefore, time for a belly crawl.
Press triangle to make her crouch, press forward to crawl, then L1
to make her slide on her stomach. She should make it through the space
with no trouble now. On the other side, stand up and turn the valve.
The room will fill with smog which disables the guns ability to sense
motion. Lara is now safe as long as she doesn't get too close to either
gun. Climb the pipe in the rear of the room near the second gun. Lara
will reach the top of the pipe, graba another to the right, grab a
ledge, and then shimmy across to a doorway. Drop down. Follow the hall
around and down a short flight of stairs. There is a yellow switch on
the wall.
Pressing it reveals a security camera. UGH!! More motion guns. Go into
the room next to the camera and pull out Lara's weapon. She will aim at
some tanks. Shoot them from a way back and the explosion takes them out.
Go down the hall and push the switch that was behind the guns. Go through
the door. Climb the ladder and follow the hall. The next area loads.
Go up the stairs and through the door. Lara looks at a screen. There is
another one of those wierd fish things in the water, so don't jump
in there just yet. First, run to the right of the screen. You'll see
a pond of water behind a fence. Jump into the water here. Mr. Fishy can't
get you here. Swim into the broken window and turn left. Pull the switch.
This restores partial power and lights up a side of the screen. Turn
behind Lara and swim forward into the next room and up to the surface.
Pull out of the water. In this room is a medkit. Pick it up, push the
button, and go back through the door. Follow the path back to the main
room. The door on the opposite side of the room, straight across from
Lara, is now open. Go over to it. Follow the tunnel in this door to a
yellow switch. Push it and go in. In this room, there is another
yellow switch that lets you see a camera. Check the room, then leave
the camera. Go to the other side and flip the switch. The doors to the
elevator open. Get into the elevator, push the switch and go down a
Follow the path around, down the stairs, and into the door at the bottom.
Pull the switch in this room, and the power is restored. Go back up
the elevator and into the main area again. When Lara enters, a scene starts
to show all the new things that work. Start by taking the stairs to the
right. There is a crane up here with a bucket. Pull the bucket all the
way back onto a track. Push the button next to it. The bucket slides down
to the opposite end. Now, push the bucket all the way forward into a room.
Push it under the dripping pipe.
Pull the lever and the bucket is filled with chunks of meat. Scoot the
bucket back to the track and push the button near it. Lara gets stronger.
When it reaches the other side, push it back onto the crane. This will
be a distraction for our fish friend. Go back down the stairs. Make your
way back over to where you jumped into the water behind the fence.
Climb the stairs here and go up the ladder. At the top, there are two
big buttons. Press each one to see different areas underwater. Pay close
attention to the locations of doors marked 1 and 2. Go out the door and
down the stairs. There are some pipes here. Climb them. NOTE: These
pipes can be glitchy. Lara may stop half-way up the second pipe. If this
happens, climb down a little, let go, and press X. Lara will usually
grab the pipe that made the transition between pipe 1 and 2. This refills
her grip. Go back up the second pipe. If she gets stuck again, climb down
a ways then go back up. She will still have enough grip to make it all
the way across.
At the top of the pipes, press diagonal left and Lara will shimmy across
a ledge. You'll see a wire to her left. When she gets here, drop. Walk to
the edge and push the button. A lift comes across. Hop on it and it will
take you to the other side. Go through the door. In the room, there is a door
directly ahead. Pull the switch and go in. When the door opens, shoot
the guy and check the shelves to the left and right of the door. You can
also view a fishy mutant in captivity. When you are ready, exit and head
to the right. There is a switch in here that lowers the meat into the
After you pull it, go back outside and jump into the center water pool.
Stay low to the ground so the creature has less of chance of eating you
if he finishes his meal early. Swim over to the switch marked 1. Pull
it. This opens a panel in the floor. Now, swim into a tunnel with
2 above it. Swim up. At the top there is a cutscene and Lara changes
clothes. Pull the switch on the wall in the room then swim back out to
the main room. The other door in the middle of the room is open. Dive
Swim around the corner and avoid the spikes in the wall. At the
intersection, go straight past the spikes. Then, turn left and fight
the current. There is a difference in the wall texture to the left.
A small swim space is in here. Go down, turn right, and follow it to
an intersection. Turn right and come up for air. When ready, go back down
and swim forward through the other branch of the intersection.
There is a wall at the end for Lara to push out. In the main room, swim up
and forward above a picture that Lara can read. Push this wall out for
another air room. The clue the notebook and picture give you involves
making two brothers come together...but which two of the statues are
brothers? If you've paid attention to the info up to this point, you'll
know that the two brothers are Vasiley and Limoux. Pull the chains behind
the two statues with those names. The ceiling above will crumble. Swim
back above the picture and get some air.
Go back out and head up through the crumbled ceiling. Cutscene. Run
forward, and drop over the first ledge. Up ahead, there is a part of
the ceiling that goes up and down to squash Lara. Sprint past it.
The trail ends in a room with purple vapors on the floor and a switch
to Lara's right. Little platforms rise up. You must pick the correct ones
to jump to or they will collapse. Start by hopping to the second to left
platform. All the others fall except for two in front of her. Jump to the
right one. Then, the one directly in front of her. This one, while stable,
will eventually shake and fall. Therefore, jump to the solid ground ahead.
All the mini-platforms after this are safe. Use them to make it across. In
this room at the end of the hall are suits of armor, bookcases, and
enemies that won't die. By the fireplace, there is a lever. Pull it to
make Lara stronger. It also slides a bookcase over to reveal bandages.
Take them. If you walk over to the table, you'll see a skeleton and the
notebook icon pops up. The notebook now tells you about the periapts--
the crystal shards/daggers. Avoid the enemies and go to the other
end of the room. Pull the chain to lift up a tapestry. Climb the wall
behind it. At the top, pull up onto the broken ceiling. Jump up and
monkey swing across the archway. Drop off at the end to give Lara a
break, then jump back up and swing to the left. Drop off on a metal
pole with a cage in the middle. Lara's weight presses the cage down
and moves a bookcase. Make your way back down to the floor and pick
up the painting behind the case. The fire in the fireplace goes out.
A crawl space is now available. Go through the door, into the water and
follow the tunnel. It's a one way thing. At the big room, swim all the
way to the top and get ready for the cutscene.
Remember that lady that got pushed into the pod in the bio level?
Well, she's back, well, what is left of her anyway. Kurtis, ever so
brave, decides to help Lara escape and deal with her on his own.
This battle is simple if you know what to do. Square is very important.
Pull out his gun and use square to target her face. Shoot it until she
opens some acid-shooting flaps on her back. Press square to target any
of the four flaps. Shoot it out. Then, target her face again and repeat
until all four flaps are gone. The flaps can only be destroyed while she
is spitting out the acid. If they are closed, they are invulnerable.
Her main attacks are her claws, the acid, and acid breath. When this form
falls, watch the cutscene.
Boaz isn't done yet. She changes into a flying bug. Avoid her lance and
slash attacks. She is simple to kill---just keep shooting her until she
falls, for good this time. Watch the cutscene.
Back to Lara. Check the notebook icon. You must find Eckhardt's Lab.
Take the first opening on the right. Lara will slide down a slope. Jump
to the next bit of solid ground. Hop all the way across and pull the
switch at the end to make her stronger. Turn, jump to the bridge, and go
back to the main hall. In the main area, the next door to the right
opens. Go inside and take the items. Back to the hall. All the way at the
end is a switch. This opens a timed door. Pull the switch and jump the
platforms. You must use dash and press jump to make it. She does
this wierd, arm-slinging jump. On the opposite side of the timed door is
a fire pit. Jump to the first platform, then jump to the ladder on the
left. Climb up, then climb the next ladder. Run and jump across the
broken bridge.
Slide down the section on the side, and jump to the fenced area nearby.
Pull the switch up here. Drop to the ledge below. Run and jump to the
staircase and approach the door. It catches on fire and splits open. This
ends the level.
Walk forward until Lara won't go further. There is a slope here with
blades to cut you. Looking to the left, you'll see a ledge. Slide and
jump to it before the blades get her. From here, jump across the pit to
the other side. You should make the jump untouched. Run into the room
and welcome to the lab.
In this room there are three alchemic phials you must locate. Don't touch
any of the water in here yet. You will be boiled alive. Go up the stairs
near the wooden structure. Around the back of it, you can pick up some
bandages. The first phial is back by the bandages on the table.
Number two---pull the lever near the grating in the floor. Climb up the
ladder to the right. Run to the left and take notice of a medkit on the
ledge. Jump and grab to it. Take it, drop to the ground, and head back
up the ladder. Some undead skeletons will be down on the floor now.
Jump to the raised cage and a part of it will fall out. Save in the cage.
Pick up the phial and jump back out of the cage. Climb the cage's walls if
you need to. Stay inside, and Lara gets lowered into some boiling water.
Stand on top of the cage and don't worry, the water won't get her.
Look for a crawl hole. Inside is the last phial. The walls in the pit are
climbable. Climb the wall opposite the crawl hole, and at the top, flip
backwards. Knock the skeletons into the pit.
We need to put those phials in. Run up to the wooden structure and insert
the first one. Climb up the ladder and run to the second story of the
structure and place the next. Go back to the ground. The final place is
in the back of the room near a boiling water pool. Putting the final phial
in cools all the water down. Jump into the water by the last slot.
At the bottom is the last dagger/crystal that Kurtis wanted. Take it and
swim back up. A door on the right in the room has opened. Slide down and
open the door at the end. SAVE!! THE FINAL BATTLE IS AHEAD!! Run into
the center of the room and watch the cutscene.
As a boss goes, he's pathetic. For starters, stay away from the barrier.
Get too close, and the field will hurt you. Eckhardt has two attacks.
He either sends electrical or flame sprays into the room. Sideways jump
them, or simply duck---this will sometimes work. You may want to keep
a weapon out to keep an eye on him, but don't shoot him. He can't be
harmed yet. Eventually, he will go around the room and summon creatures
from the ground. When he's finished, the beings rush into the center and
the room fills with either a flame or electric attack, easy to avoid.
Mind that if you catch fire, it will go out. The beings merge to form
Eckhardt. Quickly shoot him and he will fall over. Run forward and Lara
will stab him with one of the daggers. You have only a few seconds to
do this. Repeat until all three daggers are in him. Cutscene.
Here is the real master behind it all. He pretended to be a sub-ordinate of
Eckhardt's the entire time. You will not need your guns for this battle.
He is also a pathetic boss. Go over to Eckhardt's body and pick up his
hand. If you stand in front of Eckhardt, behind the pillar that is two
to the left is a switch. Touch it to drop a ladder. Climb up and and
avoid the beams Karal shoots. Run around the catwalk and up the next ladder.
One more ladder up ahead. At the top of this final ladder, run around until
you locate a part of the catwalk that juts out towards the Sleeper.
Jump to the Sleeper and you've beaten the game.
That's it for the game. Enjoy the ending.
Elfhuntress (Sara Noel) Copyright 2003





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