The Sydney Mystery Walkthrough

by Phil Darke

The Sydney Mystery by Twilight software is a point and click adventure and is supplied on 1 CD and runs direct from the disc, requiring no installation. The puzzles are not particularly difficult but you do need to sweep the mouse cursor over the whole screen to avoid missing anything.

            I particularly would like to thank Mag from Gameboomers, without whose help I would not have completed the game.

Act One

The game opens with a cut scene of your uncle being kidnapped.

You start at the entrance to your house. Walk forward to the door, open it and enter. Walk to the living room and take the boomerang from the wall. Walk left to the dining room and on into the kitchen. Look at the counter, move the jar and pick up the knife. Look at the second counter and listen to the answering machine message. Return to the door and go left into the bedroom. Look at the bed and pick up the shirt and coat hanger. Return to the bedroom and look at the ground to the left of the bed, pick up the scissors and tape.

Return outside and click travel elsewhere. Click on the City and then on North of the City. Go to Uncles house. Walk up the driveway to the front door, read the note and enter. Look at the table on the left and at the menu. Walk to the Living Room and look at the piano top and pick up the business card and look at the photo. Return to the Foyer and walk forward to the Hall. Enter the Dining Room and look at the table. Read the Newspaper and return to the hall. Walk to the Office and walk to the Desk. Read the Note on the desktop

Return outside and go to The Neighbour’s House. Walk forward and talk to the Neighbour about every thing. Walk back once and enter the yard to your right, look at the ground and pick up the stick. Go back outside and then travel to the Opera House, pick up the beer and leave.

Next travel to the City, at the first screen go right to the street. Walk forward to the phone box on your right, look at the phone box and take the coin. Walk back and then look at the ground to your left. Use the coat hanger to retrieve the screwdriver from the drain and then use it to remove the screw. Remove the cover and use the beer on the leaves, then pick up the coin. Step back and then continue forward along the street, to another telephone on the left. Pick up the “URGENT” sticker. Continue forward to Martin Place and look at the flowers. Use the scissors on the flowers and pick them up.

Return to the first screen and walk forward to the Town Hall. Keep walking forward until you come to a seat. Look under the seat and use the knife to remove the Silver Key, pick up the key and then use the stick on the gum. Walk back twice and walk up the steps. Pick up the brochure

Now go back to North of the City and travel to Reg’s house. Look at the fence and the letterbox. Pick up the Gold Key and walk up the path, up the steps and to the house. Read the note and take the pencil.

Travel to the neighbours house and enter the yard. Look at the tree and then at the branch. Use the sticky stick on the sparkle. Look at the ground and pick up the Bronze Key.

Travel to the City and then to The Rocks. Walk forward once and pick up the Rock. Talk to Reg about every topic.

Return to Reg’s house, enter the garden and walk to the side. Walk up the steps to the end. Look at the box and then use the rock on the box, next use the tape on the box and finally the sticker. Pick up the parcel and leave.

Go to Uncle’s house, enter and walk to the hall. Look at the photo on the wall to your right. Use the screwdriver on the screw and take the photograph. Go to the office. Look at the safe on the left. Use the Gold, Silver and Bronze keys in the first second and third keyholes. Open the drawer and pick up the partial menu. Look at the card to get Dame Gertrude’s address. Go back to the Foyer and look at the table. Use the partial menu with the menu and pick up the complete menu.

Act Two

Travel to the North East Of the City, to Dame Gertrude’s House. Go to the front door and knock. Use the flowers on the door and enter. Walk through the house and the garden until you see Dame Gertrude. Talk to her about everything and show her the business card. She will tell you the Exa Corporation’s location. Next go and talk to the neighbour and ask her about the Jalan Sehala restaurant, she will tell you where it is located.

Go to the City and the South Of the City. Enter the restaurant and talk to the waiters. Show them the menu and talk to them again they will tell you about the beach man and Manly beach.

Leave the restaurant and travel to the City, Walk toward the Town Hall and walk forward. At the location before the seat where you got the key earlier look at the stone on the left. Use the blunt pencil on the stone to obtain a sharpened pencil.

Travel to the North of the City and from there to the beach. Keep walking forward until you see a man in a Koala Bear suit. He won’t talk to you and says he wants some water.

Walk forward to the bush and up the steps. At the top pick up the Gold coin. Return to the City and from there to The Exa Corporation. Enter the building and walk to the vending machine. Insert the three coins into the appropriate slots and press the button at the bottom. Step back and pick up the bottle of water.

Walk up the steps and talk to the secretary about everything. Give her the parcel and talk to her again. She now tells you that her boss is in Hyde Park.

Return to the beach man and give him the water. Talk to him about everything and he tells you about Snakey.

Go to the south of the City and from there to Kings Cross. Walk forward twice then look at the view on your right. Pick up the wad of cash and return to the street. Walk forward twice and talk to Snakey. Give him the wad of cash and talk to him again. He mentions Jessica Doe. Talk to Reg and ask about Jessica Doe. He tells you where to find her.

Travel to the headland and try talking to Jessica Doe, she won’t help unless you are wearing Green pants and shirt.

Go to the neighbours house and walk to the back, wear the Green pants. Now return to the beach man and ask him for his shirt he won’t give it unless you give him a replacement. Offer him the Yellow shirt, in exchange he gives you his Green shirt.

Now return to the Headland and talk to Jessica Doe. When you have asked about all topics return to the City and to Hyde Park. Walk forward to the fountain and then left to the trees. Continue forward until you see a man sitting on a bench. This is Mr Michael Iden. Talk to him. At first he refuses to talk unless you can prove your identity.

Show him the photograph and ask about all topics.

You will now have another location on your  map. Click on The Blue Mountains and on the Cliff and then the Secret Lab.

Walk up to the house and then left to the back yard, then to the garden, walk forward twice and enter the basement. Enter the cellar and look at the shelves. Return to the front of the house. Use the brochure on the window.

Enter the house through the window and go upstairs. Walk to the drawers. Look at the notepad and use the pencil on it. A message is revealed, which mentions the old convict warehouse.

Return to the headland and ask Jessica Doe about the warehouse. She tells you where it is.

Head for South of the City and Snakey’s Warehouse.

Act Three

Enter the Warehouse and go up the stairs. Enter the door and walk forward. You find your uncle tied up in the bathroom. Talk to him.

Pick up the crowbar from the bath and use it on the pipes. Pick up the pipe and walk back. Snakey appears and locks you in.

Walk back and go to the sink on your right. Pick up the hammer and walk back. Look to the left and pick up the jacket.  Use the hammer on the door window and look through the broken window. Use the jacket on the floor, then use the pipe on the keys. Pick up the keys and use them to unlock the door. Walk forward and watch a cut scene of  Snakey being attacked with the hammer. Look at the note, it says “Harbour Bridge 7 O’clock Tomorrow morning”. Leave the Warehouse.

Act Four

Travel to the harbour Bridge and walk toward the man. Walk forward and look at the case. To the left you will see some symbols. I don’t know if these are the same every time or random but in my case they where $ % ! *

Press the numbers on the case corresponding to the symbols on the keyboard i.e. 4518.

The case is now open but the timer is still running. Walk back and under the bridge. Walk up the hill and forward. Walk to the bench and look under it. Pick up the gum and return to the bomb. Use the gum on the clock. Walk back up the hill and to the clearing look at the tree on the right and use the boomerang on it.

Approach the tree and look at the man lying on the ground. BIG SURPRISE!!






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