Tulles World part I, Roving in Candale

Hints for Roving in Candale. This is just a collection of hints

Q: What do I do with the mailbox?
A: Use trash picker on it.

Q: Where can I get the trash picker?
A: In the alley behind Artram's house.

Q: What do I do when the shopowner disappears with the ring?
A: Take his wine, by using the bowl on the tap

Q: How do I open the crate?
A: Drop it from the bridge on the tower.

Q: How and where do I get the bowl?
A: Give flags to the souvenir-trader

Q: How do I get to meet the mayor?
A: You have to give the invitation-letter to his clerk

Q: How do I learn the mystic tower-dweller's name?
A: Give the chalk to the playing kids outside the courtyard

Q: How do I open the little chest inside the mansion?
A: Use the pick-lock you bought from Marcus, with the money from your own house.

Q: What do I do with the rose?
A: I don't know, enjoy its smell, put it in your brest-pocket, give it to a girl

Tulle's World part II, The Ordeal

This game is under heavy re-construction. It has been available for downloading, but I have taken it down due to several bugs and other problems. There will be a remake of this game after the third episode.


Tulle's World part III, The glorious realm of Thendor


Part 1

Day 1

- Watch the nifty opening cutscene.

- Take your dagger and money-bag from the bag at the foot of the bed.

- Read the encyclopedia on the shelf, and look up "terrace," "laudra," "thamas," "candale," "eboria," and "talyros." Type "quit" to leave the screen.

- Exit the room to the bottom left corner and go down the stairs.

- Take the woman statuette near the plant.

- Talk to the Inn-keeper.

- Leave the Inn and head left to the crossroads.

- Go north into Terrace Town.

- Enter The Broken Tortoise-Shell (tavern).

- Take the tin cup on the counter.

- Talk to Everbow sitting at the middle table.

- Accept the mission, and then ask Everbow about Talyros and Laudra.

- Leave the tavern and walk north to the castle.

- Talk to the guard and ask to see the baron.

- Return to Terrace Town and walk south.

- Talk to the fisherman.

- Walk right, and take a piece of coal from the pile outside the blacksmith's workshop.

- Return to the Inn and take a fish from the boat at the dock.

- Return to Terrace Town and walk one screen to the left to the mill.

- Put the fish into the water before it dies.

- Walk right and talk to the fisherman.

- Enter the store on the same screen.

- Look at the nuts on the counter.

- Talk to Melindor to buy a nut, then greet her, and then reveal your mission to her.

- Ask Melindor about the princess and she'll invite you over for dinner with her aunt.

- Leave the store and walk left to the mill, and enter it.

- Take the bottle of fresh water.

- Return to the crossroads and head south.

- Plant the nut in the garden, and water the nut with the fresh water bottle.

- Wait for the flower to grow.

- Head one screen south to the Thendor/Thamas border and look at everything.

- Go left one screen back to the cave/garden screen.

- Talk to the genie guarding the flower.

- Enter Hermit Cucly's cave, and wait for him to talk to you.

- Use the black coal on the woman statuette, and give it to Cucly.

- Return to the Inn for the day to end and a cutscene leading to day 2.

Day 2

- Examine and then search the couch in the lower right corner to find a key.

- Leave Melindor's house (exit to lower left corner).

- Enter the blacksmith's workshop through the unlocked door.

- Examine the swords on the right wall, and take the one suited to you.

- Go to the castle, and announce yourself to the guard for permission to enter.

- Enter the castle.

- Try the right door, but Everbow is not there.

- Try the first door to the left, and talk to the Baron.

- You can't enter the second door to the left.

- Go to the crossroads and find Everbow.

- Search Everbow's body for a key.

- Go to the dock near your inn.

- Use the shell on the ocean.

- Enter the inn and talk to the Inn-keeper.

- Go to Hermit Cucly's cave and tell him the current situation.

- Return to the castle and use the right door to go to Everbow's room.

- Read Everbow's diary on the main desk.

- Read the spell on the desk with all the chemicals on it.

- See Everbow's grave-marker at the crossroads.

- Go to Hermit Cucly's cave and ask about the grave of the sleeping one.

- Go to Melindor's house and cut off a piece of her hair with your dagger.

- Use your dagger to pry the ruby off of the blacksmith's sword.

- Go to the mill and put the ruby into the millstone.

- Use the lever on the left to lower the millstone.

- Use the lever near the top of the screen to work the millstone.

- Use the lever on the left to raise the millstone.

- Take the grinded ruby.

- Return to Everbow's room at the castle.

- Add the hair and grinded ruby to the spell mixture.

- Use the tin cup with the mixture.

- Go to the magic gate between Thendor and Thamas and talk to the Gate-Master.

- Use the gate and watch the little cut-scene.

Part 2

- Take the path to the right.

- Take the anchor.

- Use the shell on the water-monster.

- Return to the first screen and go up left towards the castle.

- Use the anchor on the castle to get inside.

- Use hand on the door to the left on the upper level.

- Walk a bit down and then to the right to enter the room, and kill the guard.

- Examine the guard and find a tattoo on his arm: A2 B6 C1 D5 E3 F4.

- Open the silver door to free Hadraskar, talk to him.

- Walk up the staircase and Hadraskar will reveal the secret passage - enter it.

- The Dark Paladin Guard will attack you, but Hadraskar will save you.

- Read the note on the wooden panel to find out the code B,F.

- Pull levers number 6 and 4 according to the code.

- Enter the magical elevator.

- Pass through the torture chamber into the impressive hall.

- Enter the open door on the far left.

- Move into the room and wait for Hadraskar to enter and explain things.

- Take the soul-urn from the pedastal.

- Use your money-bag on the pedastal.

- Wait for Hadraskar to start talking, Cutzer will enter, and Hadraskar will teleport you.

- After being teleported, walk towards the outpost.

- A cutscene will leave you back at Talyros' Castle.

- Go to Everbow's room and just walk through the wall where the Berendien map is.

- Walk down the path until you get to the grave, and talk to Laudra.

- Use the magic mixture on the door, touch the grave, and watch the final cutscene!



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