Syberia 2

by Benoit Sokal and Microids

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    April 2004


Gameplay:     This point and click game installs on 2 CDs. CD1 in the drive is needed for gameplay. The main menu has the new game, load game, cinematics, credits, options, quit game and the Syberia recap. The options menu has the selections for subtitles, detail level, anti-aliasing, control mode (mouse or keyboard), sound and music volume.

The Syberia Recap has the synopsis of the first part of the story.

Press ESC to access the in-game panel that shows menu (back to game, load, save, options and main menu), inventory, dialogue notebook, cell phone and documents. Right click of mouse closes it again.

To use the telephone, click on the telephone in inventory and dial the number. There are several numbers in memory that can be scroll through using the arrows. Press enter to place the call.

To access documents, click on the document icon and then the document desired. Use the eye icon to read or the hand icon to take the document.

The space bar pauses the game. Double clicking makes Kate run. Check the different icons on the manual.

The saved games are located at the 'My Documents' folder. In the save games panel, click on new frame for new save or click on old one to overwrite that saved game with a new one.

Exhaust all dialogues until they are not listed on the notebook anymore. Talk again to different characters in case new dialogue selections appear. The correct dialogues are needed for further advancement in the game. Right click of mouse skips dialogues.

In every location, roam around and see the different special effects and graphics. The sequence of this walkthrough is just one way. There can be other sequences that can lead to the same point in the game.

Syberia 1

Syberia 3 - 20 april 2017


A sick Hans recounts Syberia for Kate. Hans asks Kate to get him to Syberia. Marson, Kate's former Boss wants her back home. Kate promises to take Hans to Syberia.



Turn around to the next room and see Hans' cylinder machine at center pedestal and Hans' mammoth doll at side table.

Enter the bedroom and talk to Hans. My dreams are now your dreams, Kate Walker.


Time to wind the train

Go to the train exit door. Before exiting the train, a phone call from Oscar informs Kate that they are now at Romansbourg. Check the cell phone to see that there is speed dial for Oscar, mom and the New York Office. Enter the door before the exit and see the bathroom.

Exit the train and meet Retired Colonel Emeliov Goupatchev, guardian of the Imperial Marches and General Store Manager, opening the lock of the General Store. Romansbourg is the last town before the vast wild glacial waste of the Tundra.

Go to exit at bottom of screen twice and talk to Oscar. Oscar wants you to talk to Hans. About Hans - While his passion is strong, his wheelwork is worn, Kate Walker. About Oscar - My place is here in my place. Note the monastery looming in the background.

Go to train winder metal box at the background and turn the wheel. Then pull the lever on the left. The train is now wound. Turn wheel again. Talk to Oscar and he wants you to fill the coal car before you can depart.


Fix the coal dispenser

Coal Dispenser - Check the next building that has the coal dispenser and a lever on a panel. Note that there is a child below the rail tracks. Pull the lever and see that no coal is released. The child is gone.

Gate - Go to the far end of the ramp and see a lever on the ramp and a closed gate. Click on keyhole - nothing I can do. Pull back.

General Store:     Enter the store that the Colonel went in to. Check the candy machine by the door. Talk to Colonel Emeliov, in charge of administration of this jurisdiction. (If you came here earlier, he's would be working on something on the bench). He says that there's a coal dispenser outside and you can fill the train for free. Maintenance doesn't come too often. Lowdown is lowdown, Highup is highup. People like you, Miss Walker, never end up going home. After this stop, there's nowhere to go.

So, we need to fix the coal dispenser, find the key to the gate and look around the place.

Candy machine - Look on the other counter that the Colonel was bend over on earlier. The broken candy machine has the label - Candyroff 625-122. Take the small key.

Go to candy machine by door and use the small key on bottom locks of the 3 candy machine. The right candy machine has coins. Take the coins.

Get coins from inventory. Insert the 5th from the left coin on left machine's top coin slot, then turn the knob and take sugar candy from the cup. Insert the second coin from the left, turn knob and take fish candy from the cup. Take the key from the now stuck drawer and use it on the first 2 machine's bottom drawer to get the coins back. The drawer of the third machine is stuck.

Coal dispenser and gate key - Exit the store and go to the screen below at the coal dispenser panel. Talk to Malka, the young girl below the bridge. Malka wants katalas - candies. Throw down sugar candy (fish candy is yuck) to Malka. She lets go of the balloon with the key. Kate takes the gate key from the balloon.

Gate - Go to the gate and use the gate key on the lock. Go down.

Nick Cantin, a detective was asked by Kate's boss in New York to look for Kate.

Down Below - Go to right under the rail tracks and see a weird vehicle hanging under the rails. Go to left screen and talk to Malka. Cirkos takes care of Malka. The Bourgoff brothers are liars and thieves. As you like, Kate Walker.

Coal dispenser engine - Go to left screen. It is under the coal dispenser. Look at the petrol driven generator. Press the red button. It is out of gas. Take the empty red can.

Bourgoff Brothers:    Exit right of screen. Go left and follow the wood fence with Cirkos posters. Go to the gate on the left and Kate will pull the bell rope. The small Bourgoff brother comes to the gate. Talk to Ivan. He sniggers and doesn't want to help.

Continue left by the fence. Look close at last Cirkos poster. Click on upper left of poster and Kate rips it off the fence revealing a break in the fence.

        Get gas:    Enter, go to crate at center of compound and see a youki inside the crate. Release the latch and the youki runs away and the obnoxious little man runs after it.  Click on black stove - this machinery stinks. Go to canopied area and see Igor, the big brother snoring. Take the red jerry can on top of the barrel before entering the canopied area. Kate replaces it with the empty jerry can. Talk to Igor and later Ivan will come back and Kate sneaks out. Exit the compound through the break in the fence.

Go left and see a dispenser that needs a token. Go across the bridge to the path towards the monastery. We'll come back here later. Go back under the rail tracks.

Coal dispenser engine - Use the jerry can on the petrol driven generator. Press the red button. Now, it's going. Talk to Malka on your way upstairs.

Coal dispenser panel - Upstairs, pull the lever on the coal dispenser panel. We have coal!


Hans Delirium

Oscar is excited. Hans disappeared. Talk to the Colonel at the store. Go to lower town under the tracks and talk to Malka.

Cirkos Cabaret - Enter Cirkos Cabaret, the building on the right with a sign.

Hans has a fit about Mammoth and Syberia.

Hans is in bed on the train. Talk to Hans and see that he is delirious. Talk to Oscar.

Go to lower town below the tracks and talk to Malka. Learn about the monastery, her mother and the stern Patriarch. Enter the Cabaret and talk to Cirkos behind the bar. Learn about Malka's mother, monks at the monastery and about shroud. Malka is in charged of the shroud dispenser. He doesn't have any warm clothes but the store has some.

Talk to Malka again. She gives you the token for the shroud dispenser and how to use the shroud.



Get in the Monastery

Shroud - Go to other end of tracks and pass the Bourgoff brother's fence (break in fence is barricaded) to the dispenser before the bridge. Insert the token on the coin slot and pull the lever. Take a shroud. Back out and go back to Hans in bed on the train. Use the shroud on Hans to get Hans' shroud.

Winter clothes to keep Kate warm - Talk to the Colonel at the store. He will lower the attic ladder. Climb the ladder and take the winter clothes on top of the crate. Go back to train and enter the bathroom. Finally, a new wardrobe for Kate! Exit train and talk to Oscar at front of train. Talk to him completely. Talk to the Colonel at the store for impartial clothes critique.

Monastery Gate - Go under the tracks, pass the Brothers' compound and pass the bridge to the monastery. Kate wears goggles. Pull the bell rope. The monk up the tower would not let Kate in.

Laundry monk - Take the path to the right and talk to the monk doing the laundry. Talk to the monk completely to learn about the Merula Alba - the White Raven. He gets distracted by the sound of the White Raven singing. Through great interrogation technique by the lawyer, the monk is made to reveal that women are not worthy to enter the monastery.

Go back to talk to Colonel Emeliov and get gold birdcall, silver birdcall, and black birdcall.

Give the monk the silver birdcall and he uses it. The birdcall was answered and away the monk goes. The Merula Alba is calling to me.... calling to me.... Take the monk's habit. Kate automatically wears it and er.. a new wardrobe for Kate.

Monastery Gate Tower - Pull the bell rope and the elevator goes down. Climb in and enter the Monastery.

Talk to the monk. Vow of silence? Look at the stove on the left. Take the box of matches from the stove on the left.

Monastery ramp - Exit at lower screen. See a wheelbarrow on the right. Walk the path to an open courtyard with meditating monks. Enter the chapel using the exit at top left when the view is of the buildings on the left of screen.

Chapel - See a locked grilled door on the right of the door. Look at murals of Saints at either side of the aisle. Go forward and the Patriarch comes out. Talk to him. He's very 'righteous'. He finally gets convinced to see Hans.

Cantin reports to Marson that after talking to the hotel guy at Aralbad, Kate is acting differently. The monks bring Hans to the Monastery.


Clues to cure Hans

The Holier than thou Patriarch will not cure Hans. He states Hans is dying.

Hans' room - Go see Hans at the far right room inside the building. Talk to Hans. Hans wants Alexei Toukianov, a monk who lived with Youkols. He can cure Hans. The laundry monk was eavesdropping. Continue talking to Hans. Exit the room.

Laundry monk gives clues - Talk to laundry monk completely. He gives a scroll and a stainglass mammoth. Read the scroll in inventory. Right click, click on documents, click on eye and then click on documents. The laundry monk's letter tells of Alexei, Youkol people and the stories of the great mammoth. The key is in the light of the mammoth's eye. Look at the stainglass mammoth also.

Go outside through exit on the left. Take the brush beside the bucket.

Chapel - Go back to the Patriarch at the chapel - the exit is at far left of the building complex. Talk to him and the high and mighty Patriarch finally irritated Kate.

Clues for the stainglass mammoth - Go to the Saint mural on the left. Use the brush on the book he is holding. Note the location of white circles - one at tip of cross and 2 at each side with 3 black dots in between. Exit the chapel to the courtyard.


Find the key

Library - Go to left screen and enter the door beside the cemetery. Walk down the circular ramp until the floor of the reading area.

Stainglass mammoth puzzle:

Take the long hook hanging at right side of the room. Pull down the lamps in the position shown by the white dots of the mural.

Pull down the lamp by the exit door and 2 lamps under each arm of the cross (with 3 unlit lamps in between).

A porthole cover is opened.

Climb the ramp to top left. At the end see the open porthole. Look out see a view of Romansbourg. Note the train, the Bourgoff brother's compound and the forest.

Place the stainglass mammoth on the hole.

Pull back and click the 4 leaves-parts of the cover until the shutter closes to the smallest slit. Each leaf based on the sun depicted on it open or closes the shutter. The right leaf closes the shutter and the left leaf opens the shutter.

Start at bottom, left, top and right leaf. The sun ray is focused to the other side of the chamber making a mammoth.

Brother Alexei's notes - Walk to the other side and see the shape of the mammoth with the eye centered on another circle on the wall. Look close and click on the center of the rosette. A wall opens to reveal a secret closet. Take Brother Alexei's book - notes and sketches of Alexei Toukianov from the Frozen North.

Read the notes. During his travels he used youkis to pull his sled. The youki gorges on orange salmon. Learn about the Youkols and the shaman's sacred harfang that loves lemmings. Their connection to the mammoths and how the Youkols has gone underground. Learn about the legend of live mammoths in an island called Syberia. The blue grass has an odor that can awaken hibernating youki. The Scarlet bramble mixed with walrus blubber or tallow's fume has healing properties. The plant grows only on tomb of one soul that is at peace. Read about the Legend of Syberia and the ark that is encased in ice. Take the Youkol relic that was behind the book.

Exit the building and go down the ramp. Look close at the wheelbarrow and take the shears.

Brother Alexei at the Cemetery - Go to the cemetery left of the library. See a monk digging a hole and a coffin. Look close at the break on the wall just above the coffin and Kate mentions about sliding down. Look at coffin. Hmm.

Go to the right and look close at a headstone covered with sacred bramble. Use the shears on the sacred bramble on the headstone. It is Alexei Toukionov 1895-1996. Pick up the herbs and brambles cut from the headstone.

Monastery Gate tower - Look close at the stove on the left. If you haven't picked up the matches, do so now.

Prepare Hans cure - Brother Alexei said in his notes that Scarlet bramble mixed with walrus blubber or tallow's fume has healing properties.

1. Pull handle on left to start fire.

2. Place the herbs and brambles in the pot.

3. Open the mold at base of cup.

4. Take a wick from the broom like thing hanging on the left. The wick is automatically placed on mold.

5. Close mold.

6. Open the tap.

7. Open mold and take herbal candle.

Hans' room - Place the Youkol relic on table. Place herbal candle on youkol relic. Use the matches to light candle. See mammoth shadows reflected from the rotating candle holder. Hans starts coughing and recovers. Talk to Hans.


Find a way to get out of the monastery

Remember the break in the wall and coffin at the cemetery. The monk is still there.

Get the monk out of the way to freedom - Go to the Chapel. The patriarch is gone from the Main Altar. Enter the inner sanctum and take the ornate key from the altar.

Use the ornate key on the grilled locked door by the entrance. Pull the bell rope at right. The bell called the monks especially the one at the cemetery to go back to the monastery.

Prepare the getaway at the Cemetery - Look at the break on the wall - kinda steep but with a sled I can slide down the slope. Pull the coffin. Now, that's the idea.

Hans' room - Talk to Hans. Let's go. We must be quick! See the patriarch coming.

The Patriarch and other monks try to stop Hans and Kate.

Wowee! That was some ride, ha Hans!


Clockwork heart for the cabaret horses

Talk to Hans. He asked that Kate fit the mechanical heart for the cabaret horses. Talk to Hans again. Exit the room - did Kate just trip on the doorstop by the central table?

Talk to the Colonel at the store. Go to lower town below the tracks. Talk to Malka and learn about the youki that Cirkos is trying to train.

Cabaret - Enter the Cabaret and see Cirkos try to train the youki. Talk to Cirkos.

Click on the lid edge of the stage to open the mechanism.

Place the mechanical heart on the knob at center.

Turn the heart by pressing the button so that the horse pointer is at extreme right.

Click the 4 inner screws to connect the pipes to the heart.

Click the middle hole at bottom left quadrant to attach first horse.

Click the rightmost hole at top left quadrant to attach second horse.

Click the leftmost hole at top right quadrant to attach third horse.

Click the rightmost hole at bottom right quadrant to attach the fourth horse.

Click on central knob and watch the fun.


OH NO!!! The train left without Kate!

Use the cell phone in inventory. Press the up arrow once and press send to call Oscar. Oscar says that Ivan and Igor have kidnapped the train, Oscar and Hans. Try to call again and Oscar will not answer.

Pull the lever on the right and the rail flips over to get the weird machine cart on the rail tracks. Click on it and Kate drives to just the other end of the station. We need power. Talk to Colonel at store until a half completed idea for the gangcar happens.

Go below the tracks and talk to Malka several times until the idea of using the youki is said. Talk to Cirkos at the cabaret to ask to 'borrow' the youki.

Bourgoff brothers' compound - Find the youki crying by the stove. Look on the table and read the newspaper that has news about Helena and ivory - the white gold. Now how do we get the youki to come? Brother Alexei's book states, youki loves orange salmon. Give the youki fish candy and it will follow you anywhere.

Go to the gangcar and click on it. Kate calls the youki and the chase is on...


Frozen North

The chase heats up when Ivan sees Kate. The bridge collapses. A crevice separates Kate and the train.

The only inventory items are the documents and the matches. Go to right screen and watch Ivan snigger again. So that's what they hijacked the train - the ivory, white gold.

Go to next right exit (glowing icon) and see a sacred harfang on the tree limb. Right across the bird is cairn with a frozen fish.

Distract the youki - Take the frozen river path far as you could go. The youki chases the beaver. Where is a dog training school when you need it? Try to control the youki and no go. Remember, he followed Kate when given fish candy.

Go back to main path and continue to top of screen. See a house at bottom of falls. Take branches by the rocks at the middle of the small clearing. Go back to the frozen fish cairn. Place the branches in front of the cairn. Use the matches on the branches. Take the fish offering.

Go back to the youki, give him the fish offering and get him away from the beaver.

A tree has fallen to make a bridge across the rapids. Cross the river. Go to right screen.

Cantin, now at Romansbourg reports to Marston about Kate.


Get the bear out of the way

Broken bridge - The path splits to right and forward. The right path is blocked. Continue forward and see a broken bridge. Check the ropes. Go to right screen and go to the lodge.

Lodge - A call from mom happens. Enter the lodge. Check the fireplace mantel. Take the Russian doll and the hatchet. Take the fisherman guide about orange salmon.

Exit through the main door and eeeek! - a bear blocks the way. Look through the window on the left. The bear paces.

Go to the kitchen, left of the back door. Take fish tank-basket from counter. Exit through the back door.

Dock - Go down to the dock. Remember what Brother Andrei's book stated - bears and youki loves orange salmon. Read the fisherman's guide and note that orange salmon "is fairly selective about the color of its prey. However, its preferred food remains green frogs".

Let's go fishing: We need orange salmon for the bear. Orange salmon likes green frogs.

Click on fishing pole. Kate puts the fish basket down.

Click on lure box in front of Kate. I used the top right lure.

There are 4 spots to cast the rod. Left water area by rocks has the blue salmons. Pool behind dead tree has the green salmons. Right water area has the violet salmon. 

The area to click on for the orange salmon is right of Kate and close to the dock (see orange arrow on graphics).

Test the caught salmons on the bear by throwing the fish out the window of the lodge. The bear is a picky eater - he only wants an orange salmon.

Give the fish filled-fish basket to the youki until you catch an orange salmon.

Bet you couldn't wait to get your chops around that boy, hah.

Go back to the window in the lodge and throw the orange salmon to the bear. The bear is in youki heaven and moves away. Exit the lodge and go to where the bear was. Take the fishbone (you can get another at the next location). Exit the lodge and go back to the broken bridge.


Catch a train

Getting across the chasm - Use the hatchet on the rope to get a rope with plate. Throw the rope with plate on the leaning tree. Tarzan, eat your heart out. 

Go forward and watch the youki chase a sacred harfang. Follow the youki and watch out! The brothers from Hell throw boulders from top of the cliff. A plane crashes above the cliff.

Climb the cliff wall - Use the hatchet on cliff wall to get the first foot hold.

Up - 3xs. R - 2xs. Up - 4xs. Left - 4xs. Up - 2xs. Right - 2xs. Up - 2xs. Right - 2xs. Up - 4xs.

Listen to Cantin talking to Marston while in Romansbourg.


The Russian Red Baron

Radar Tower - Go to bottom of screen and then go to bottom of screen again. Watch the brothers from hell try to run over Kate on a snowbike. They have Hans with them. See the train far across below through the trees. Turn around and follow the tracks at bottom screen.

Check the radar tower and the shed. Climb the tower and see that it can be turned. The shed has a radar detection screen and a callbox setup. The callbox setup has places for 4 numbers.

Go back 2 screens bottom right and then turn left diagonal from the tracks on the snow.

Crash site - Go forward 2xs and talk to the suspended pilot. He can not hear because he has his earphones on.

Wakey wakey for Boris:     Hey, it's our old friend from Komkolzgrad - Boris Charov! Wonder if he got to the moon.

We need to wake Boris up by finding his radio call frequency, so we can talk to him through his earphones.

1. First turn on the power using the top left switch. Now, we have red light on for power, yellow light for A and green light for B.

2. Let's work on A first. Flip B switch down - the green light goes off.

3. Flip the middle switch at bottom right to get the green light on. The red light at top right beside the number squares is on.

4. Now, play with the 3 switches above the green light at bottom right until you get a number at top right. Flip the left yellow and middle switch red up while the right blue switch is down. The number square shows - 03.

5. Now, let's do B. Flip A down and B up. The green light should be on now.

6. Play with the 3 switches above the green light at bottom right until you get a number at top right. Flip the left yellow switch down, middle red and the right blue switch up The number square shows - 28.

The calling number is 0328.


Radar Tower - Go to the shed and flip the red switch on the radio box on top. Cycle the 4 top buttons to show 0328. Press the button on the microphone. Listen to Kate trying to wake up Boris.


Drop in on the train

Crash site - Talk to Boris leaning on his broken plane. He suggests that you use the co-pilot ejector seat to get to the train below. Flip any number on the left panel and Boris will go Nyet, Nyet, Nyet! Exit out of cockpit and talk to Boris again to help you use the ejector seat.

Coordinates for train - Find the exact direction of the train and enter the coordinate in the system. Coordinates - radar - right!

Go to radar tower. Flip the red switch at bottom right of the radar screen. Nothing is seen at top left quadrant.

Go out and climb the ladder to top of the tower. Where is the train situated from here? The snowmobile tracks lead from here towards the train at the basin below. So we turn it the opposite direction.

Turn the handle twice pointing to B. Go down and back to the shed.

Look close at the Radar monitor and note that the blip is at intersection of 80 vertical and 20 horizontal.

Cockpit - Enter the cockpit and enter 80 on the left squares and 20 on the right squares. Press the button below. Bang on target, Kate Walker.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Waaaaaahhhhhhh!

Caught up with the train, Kate is happily greeted by the youki.

Where is Oscar?  - Go towards the engineer car on the left. Get a call from Colonel Emeliov and he informs Kate about the American detective's asking questions about her and Hans. While Kate talks on the phone, the youki checks up something on the snow. Hmmm. Check it out. Pull on the frozen... arm of Oscar.

Loosen Oscar - Talk to Oscar. The cold has paralyzed his wheelwork. Enter the passenger car. Look around and see a round metal plate that was under the central stand. Go to bedroom. Pick up the plan of the train from the floor. Pick the oilcan from the floor by Hans' workbench. Go back to Oscar and give him the oilcan to loosen him up. Oscar checks if all his hinges works.

Unhook the passenger car - Go to the passenger car and call Oscar on the phone. The train doesn't move.  Go to engineer cab and talk to Oscar. There's an uncoupling system on the passenger car. You are instructed to call Oscar when Kate finds it so that he can open the panel. Then activate the mechanism to unhitch the car.

Go back to the round metal plate at middle room of the passenger car.

Activate the unhitch mechanism -

Call Oscar on the phone to open the plate.

5 rods are shown in connect position. The rods need to be all retracted.

Play around with possible combinations to retract the rods.

Click on knobs 1, 3 and 5 in no particular order.

The passenger car falls down and Kate jumps to get to the engineer car. Listen in on Cantin reporting from the broken bridge. ....That Kate Walker is dead.


Youkol Village

The youki runs away.

Get to the mammoth statue

Go towards the giant mammoth statue. Get a phone call from Oscar about the sound. Look at the snowbike and the side bag on back end. Take the gauze blanket. Look at the giant wood bird. Place the gauze blanket on its mouth. That stopped the howling sound.

Turn around and go to the other side of the train. Go right of screen and talk to Igor. He was hearing the wind sound from the statue and thought the evil spirits got him. Igor leaves on the snowbike.

Go back to where the snowbike was. Click on the spikes left by the snowbike. Kate wears it on her shoes. Look at the sacred harfang on the wood structure to the right. Climb the ice ramp.

Ivan the Sniggerer - Ivan has Kate cornered. He has been collecting ivories as seen on the sled at top left. Move Kate anywhere and Ivan pushes her back. Call Oscar on the phone. Oscar blows the horn of the train. Ivan gets distracted and turns around. Look at the sled. Take the ivory knife and cut the rope holding the sled.

Kate falls through the ice floor. Marson talks to Mrs. Walker.

Find Hans

Kate wakes up inside a hut. Look out the window. Exit the house. Talk to the Youkol chief standing by the door. Hans is with the spirit woman. Follow the drums. Turn around and take the reindeer antlers from the pot.

Hint - It is best to look around the village first to orient yourself and see the legendary frozen mammoth ark encased in ice and other marvels.

Getting to spirit woman's abode - Go to right screen and to where the drums are. Try to click Kate across the drumstick-drumlog by clicking ahead but Kate can't do it. Let's find another way. Why does Kate keep on looking to the left?

Turn around and look at the sacred harfang on the stand. Look at the perch. Go to right bottom corner exit. Continue down the ice path. Look close at active spot right across the youkol stirring a pot. Take leather strap. In inventory, the antler and strap combined to make a slingshot.

Go back to the drums. The drum setup is powered by water flow. Look at where Kate is staring at - the second icicle away from the left banner. It is swinging. Click the slingshot on the icicle. Kate picks up a stone from the ground and breaks the icicle. It blocked the waterwheel.


Get fruit of the spirit door

Spirit Woman - Enter the spirit woman's abode. Look at suspended Hans. Talk to spirit woman. Hans is in dreamworld. Kate will need to journey to the corridor of dreams to bring Hans back. To get there, the fruit of the laughing tree (spirit door) is needed. Harfang has been following Kate and she can call them with music. Go to right wall and take smiling youkol mask. Go to left screen and take the prayer wheel from the table. Go to the door and check the dreamcatcher on the right.

Water collection - Exit and take the bottom exit 3xs. See a set up to collect water between large jars. Take the cork bung from floor and the empty flask hanging on right post of the contraption. Attach the flask on string by top end of the contraption. Turn the bone handle on the right twice. Take the flask full of water.

Youki pen - Take the bottom exit and find the youki in a pen with the other youkis. Look close at the gate. Take the fishbone if you have not done so by the lodge at the frozen north chapter.

Cave - Take the right exit from youki pen, forward and across the bone bridge. Enter the cave planked by torches. Enter and see frozen mammoths encased in ice walls. Go left and see a harfang perch in front of the tree. Look close at bottom right holes and see a lemming running around.

Fruit of the scared door puzzle:

See the red fruit behind the ice wall and a lemming walking across the floor.

The object of the puzzle is to get the lemming to pick up fruits behind the ice wall by guiding him through the ice tunnel.

Study the layout of the tunnel. The fruits available are at top tunnel.

1. Use the cork bung at right bottom hole to guide the lemming to the left bottom hole. Pull back.

2. Look close at harfang perch. Hang the prayer wheel on the horizontal bone. Based on Brother Andrei's book lemmings are favorite food of harfangs - so the lemming will be scared. Turn the prayer wheel.

3. Back at the ice tunnel, watch the shaking lemming climb left hole to the first leg of the tunnel.

4. Take the cork bung from the right bottom hole and place it on hole beside the lemming. This gets the lemming to cross the gap and move to left hole.

5. Take the cork bung from the middle bottom hole and place it on the bottom leftmost hole. Then click the flask full of water on top left hole to get that vertical tunnel filled.

6. The lemming floats up, stuff his mouth full of fruits and goes to the right. Now it needs to go up.

7. Insert the fishbone on top hole to make a ladder for the lemming. Watch it climb up and falls on the right tunnel, dislodging what is in his mouth. Take the dream fruit.

step 1   step 4   step 5
step 6       step 7

In case you need to call the bird again, pick up the prayer wheel from the harfang perch.  Go back to spirit woman by exiting the cave, go to bottom screen, right through the bridge, left at split path,  down, left pass the youkis and right by the water contraption, right and see the drum area.



Kate gives the fruit to spirit woman.

Kate gets sleepy because of the fruit's smoke.

Enter the cave, pick up the mammoth doll at far end of the cave and exit the cave.

Exit the area, walk the long path until you see a girl in a landing. Talk to Anna Voralberg.

Continue walking until the gate to the factory as shown by a screen with the street lamp lit on the right side of the road. The gate is to the right. Enter the gate and take the path to the right.

Enter the house, left to the reading room and talk to Father Voralberg.

Exit the room and climb the stairs. Check the locked door to the attic. Go down and check the clock in the foyer.

Go back to Anna Voralberg by going out of the Voralberg compound, left to the streets, through gate at end of the street and forward. Anna says that her father returns to the factory at 7:15 exactly.

Go back to the Voralberg Manor and the clock at the foyer.

Clock Puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to make the clock chime at 7:15 to get Father Voralberg to leave the house.

Look at clock face by clicking the top side of the clock and see that the clock reads 2:45.

Look at the clock case and note the 2 men by the bell and the pendulum are stuck.

1. The number panel (now on XII) has a switch on the left that moves the numbers 15 minutes ahead and a right switch that moves the numbers 30 minutes ahead.

2. Flip the switch to show 2:45. With the clock starting at XII, click the right switch 5xs and the left switch once.

3. Click on the 2 men above to wind the weights. Start-click the pendulum.

4. Now we need to change the time to 7:15. Flip the right switch 9xs to VII and the left switch once to get 7:15.

5. To wind the chime, click-lower the right weight.

6. To make the men ring the bell, click on the bell.

The clock chimes 7:15 and the father leaves for the factory leaving a key on the table. Take the attic key and unlock the attic door with the key.

Attic and young Hans - Talk to Hans but he will not respond. Give him the mammoth doll. He switches from boy to elderly Hans. Hans has lost hope. Do you believe that automatons are there to help us in our hour of need? You must open his heart for me. Can you do that, Kate Walker? Click on the table and Kate comes back to spirit woman's room.


Oscar and the train

Call Oscar on the cell phone. Oscar is being attacked? On the way out click on the dreamcatcher and hear Anna's words from the dreamworld - 7:15.

Cantin is now at the Log Cabin and meets the bear.

Exit the drum area, exit down until the water contraption screen, exit down to the youki pen and up at top of youki pen area. Go up the ramp and the bone ladder to the top.

Tighten the Giant Windlass - Go up the stairs on the left and then up to the bone covered stairs.  Look at the giant windlass. Note the cable around the giant horizontal bar is not taut. Pull the right lever and the horizontal bar turns by itself. This cable is the one that is seen on the tracks leading outside.

Go back down to the ice floor using the right stairs. Climb to the cave entrance. Talk to the youkis. They are afraid of Oscar.

Go to the train and check the cable. Enter the engineer cab and talk to Oscar. Kate gets Oscar to wear the smiley Mask. I'm only doing this for you, you know. Kate goes down and Oscar waves at the youkis.

Talk to the youkis and they will place the cable on the train. Check the connected cable on the train hook and see that the cable is still loose on the tracks. Pull the handle of the winch and it will tighten the cable.

Go back to the giant windlass above the tracks. Now that the cable is tightened, pull the right lever. Watch the train gets pulled inside the cavern.


Oscar the Automaton with a Heart

Let's go see Oscar. Go down the steps to the ice floor, down the bone ladder, right exit by youki pen, up the ladder at the end and go to the train.

Talk to Oscar about Hans and then heart. Be ready to be sad.

Kate Walker, I am really very pleased to have met you. It was really a very beautiful voyage. Now it is time to say farewell... Automatons are constructed to serve man... Goodbye Kate Walker. I have perfectly understood, Kate Walker. I am only an automaton and... it is time I served some purpose.

Chase Oscar. Marston calls Kate. Go to spirit woman. Talk to Oscar.

Oscar, to me you'll always be more than a simple machine.


To open his heart - Look at Oscar and see his heart.

Click the numbers of the time Anna stated 7:15. Going clockwise, click on the 3rd and the 7th button.

Click to make a cross or click #12, 6, 9 and 3 buttons in any order. Pick up his heart.

The Voralberg key is placed in inventory. Click on Hans-Oscar. Hans... You had planned everything to make it to the very end, whatever it cost...

Talk to the shaman. Kate must prepare for the voyage now - tooktook. Go to the train.


Prepare for the voyage

Go to the train and on the way take another look at the ice encased mammoth ark of the legends. Look at the train controls.

Train controls puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to produce steam and melt the ice encasing the mammoth ship.

Study the train controls. Insert the Voralberg key in the light pink circle at center top and between the gauges. This turns on the mechanisms. The lever at top left extends the collection snake. The lever on the right brings the collection snake up or down. The 2 switches at right of the control panel are used to get the snake to collect the items.

1. Insert the Voralberg key at top middle slot.

2. Get coal - Raise the top right lever. Raise the top left lever. See the snake collector gets extended above the train. Flip the right switch of the 2 switches on the right. See the snake collector get coal. The gauge on the right is now to full capacity.

3. Get water - Lower the right lever. Click on lever at top left. See the snake extend downwards to the pond.  Flip the left switch of the 2 switches on the right. See the snake collector take water from the pond. The gauge on the left is now to full capacity.

4. Turn the wheel at left of control and see flames at firebox at bottom of the control panel.

5. Turn the small wheel left of the central wheel. See the side tanks of the train fill with steam.

6. Flip the lone left switch to extend the steam pipe.

Watch the mammoth ark revealed.

Go down and right. See Hans go to the mammoth ship. Cross the bridge and talk to the chief by the ship ramp. Always follow dreams, Kate Walker. Take youki friend and will open the gates.

Go to youki pen by turning around, forward, cross the bridge, down 2xs. Go to the front of the pen and look close. Untie the gate rope. Watch the youki go ahead of Kate. Go back and climb to the mammoth ark.

Here we go! Cantin reports and quits. Goodbye, Kate Walker!


Seal Island

The ship runs aground at a seal island. Go to the back of the ship and talk to Hans.

Release the ship - Go down to the island. Go right and then up to a giant skeleton. Pick up the Narwhal tusk. Go down and follow the cable to the left. See the anchor embedded. Use the Narwhal tusk to release the anchor.


Ivan the sniggerer is back

Turn back to the ship and see the lift is raised. Ivan taunts Kate.

Get back to the ship -

Go left 2xs and then right to a small peninsula with a bunch of seals.

Click on the ship and see that the current brings ice floes close to the swinging door to the hold of the ark. Hmmm... How do we get rid of these seals?

Go left, take the diagonal left exit and see a seal nest with 2 eggs.

Place the Russian doll on the nest. Watch Kate call the seals off the peninsula to the new 'egg'.

Go to ice peninsula. A large crack appears. Use the Narwhal tusk to release the ice.


Get rid of Ivan

Watch Ivan pace back and forth above. Go left to the back of hold and look close at the murals on skin. Take note of them.

 - Go back to front and see a lever that controls a noose above. Remove the cask blocking the door. Climb the cask and see the noose and a knob on the pole. Go down and go through door.

Talk to Hans. Climb the ladder at center of the room and Kate notes this where Ivan stowed away. Look at the anchor. Pick up the ivory hook. Go down.

Go through door. Use lever to lower the rope above. Climb the cask. Use the ivory hook on the knob. Click the rope to wrap around the hook. Climb down and pull the lever.

The mast is pulled up, throws Ivan to the island and <Here lies Ivan holding a seal egg.>

The mammoth ark reaches its destination. There's a watch guard looking at the ship sailing in.



Hans goes ahead. Climb down the hatch and check on youki. He's asleep. Exit the ship and go right.

Sentinel - Climb the watch tower. Click on guard - he must be on guard a loooong time. Click on watchman's head and take youkol medallion.

Climb down, go left and down the steps. Here, there is a lower path to a chest and a higher path above to get to a tusk archway.

Go down to the chest and look close. Take the 3 stone plates with glyphs on them. Turn around, go to top exit and be at tusk archway.

Tusk Archway - Upon entering the archway, look close at flowers on the right side of the path.  Take a fourth stone plate and a Syberia flower of the blue grass. Read Brother Alexei's book and note that the flowers' odor is strong enough to awaken hibernating youkis. That's strong!

Go left and talk to Hans.


Open the gates

Click on lever left of the familiar hamster wheel cage.  Guess, who we need to power this up?

Hibernating youki - Go back to the ship by turning right just out of the tusk archway. Go down and try to wake up the snoring youki. Remember the notes in Alexei's book about the youki and the Blue grass flower. Use the Syberia flower on youki. Kate shakes her head.

Go back to Hans. The youki jumps in the cage and raises the gate.

What gave you the idea that Hans can't wait? <great music> Climb the steps and forward. Talk to Hans. There it is!


Play the song that calls the mammoths

Go down the right steps to the pot of sand structure.

Pot - glyph puzzle:     The object of the puzzle is to place the stone plates at the correct place. The correct place can be seen in the inner circle of the youki medallion.

1. Place the 4 collected stone plates and the 5th stone plate found here in the site at the correct place based on the medallion.

2. Pull back and turn the wheel to place sand at the center. If correctly done, a key rises from the center.

3. Save Game here for possible recheck of a clue. Be sure that you watch carefully the bottom stone plates when you pick up the ivory key. The stone plate with the Y glyph moved.




Go to other side of where Hans is sitting.

Flute puzzle: The object of the puzzle is to produce the mammoth call.

The flute is made out of:

1. Dark side panel by wheel - This is used to code the direction the dish points at.

Use the ivory key at cross shaped slot. It opens to a set of glyphs.

Look at the youki medallion and note where the Y glyph that moved in the post of sand puzzle. It is on the inner circle and a little to left of the middle bottom glyph. Look for the matching red glyph of the outer circle.

Pull out ivory key and insert it on hole that corresponds to the Y glyph. It is the send to the left bottom row.

2. Wheel - Pull back and turn the wheel to rotate the dish to where it is coded by the ivory key.

3. Side Panel with holes - The side panel with holes is used to code the sound of the call. This controls the flow of air in and out of the contraption. 

There are 6 holes that can be opened completely, partially closed and fully closed.

Use-click the handles to slide the cover of the holes.

Based on the mural of a man riding a mammoth see at the mammoth ship, adjust the holes as follows:

The top left, top right and bottom right should be left open.

The top middle and the bottom left are partially closed. One click only.

The bottom middle hole should be completely closed. 2 clicks are to be done.

Click on the horizontal handle to start the flow of air through to make the sound of the call of the mammoth.

The rains came. They are not coming. Hans is saddened. Wait. Oh!




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