Syberia 1

In the game, the player controls the actions of American lawyer Kate Walker, who is sent to a remote French village in order to finalize the take-over of a toy factory.

Once at the village, Kate learns that the woman who owned the factory has just died, and she has a brother who must be contacted in order for the takeover to proceed.

Her mission takes her across Central and Eastern Europe, which gradually leads her to question her own life.

The titular Syberia is a mythical island on which mammoths are said to live (inspiration could be Wrangel Island in Siberia, the last place on earth where mammoths survived).


Syberia 2

Syberia 3 - 20 april 2017


Note: All talk options are not necessary for the advancement in the game. Important words are in capital letters.


  1. Look at the clipboard on the right. Pick up the brochure. Read about the automaton KEY
  2. Click on your SUITCASE
  3. Click on the INN DESK. Pick up the KEY by the bell. Use it on the automatonís back. Push the RED button.
  4. Talk to MOMO (optional)
  5. Talk to the INNKEEPER. Select KATE and HELP
  6. In your room, pick up the FAX on the lamp table
  7. Call the OFFICE. Phone number is on the FAX. Number is: 12458902
  8. Go down. Pick up the 4 cogwheels from where MOMO was sitting (2 from floor and 2 from table)
  9. Talk to the INNKEEPER. Select MISSION. Take FAX 2
  10. Go out of the inn. On the road, go left twice
  11. Talk to the BAKER (optional)
  12. Go left pass the BAKER
  13. Take the PAPER on the left BENCH (optional)
  14. Click on the DOOR (same screen)
  15. Pull the chest lever. Put the FAX 2 on the door automatonís hand. Pull the shoulder lever
  16. Go right. Enter the left door
  17. Sit down
  18. Select MISSION. Take and read the letter from the NOTARY
  19. Go back to the WAITING ROOM. Go near the exit door. Pick up the HANDLE from the umbrella hanger. Leave the NOTARYís house
  20. Go right 2 screens and/or until you get DANís call.
  21. Click on the DOOR on the wall to your right. Zoom in. It is the Voralberg Estate entrance. Turn the KEY. Use the HANDLE on the TOP automaton. Pull the lever
  22. Go in. Go to you rightmost from at the FOUNTAIN. Go forward. You see the MANSION
  23. Go right 3 times
  24. Go near the automaton LADDER. Click on the machine on the left. There should be cross sign. You need a automaton KEY (e.g., see 1)
  25. Go right and/or forward until you see the GARDENER
  26. Go left. Enter the MAZE
  27. Enter the open GATE near Kate
  28. Zoom at the FOUNTAIN. Pick up the KEY
  29. Go back to the LADDER (see 24). Use the KEY on the ladder where the cross mark exist
  30. Climb up the ladder
  31. Go left. Zoom in on the SLANTED DESK. Take the INKPOT and ANNAís DIARY
  32. Go right twice. Click on the area where a WHITE CLOTH is covering something
  33. Switch on the BULB. MOMO reappears
  34. Talk to MOMO. He asks you to draw a MAMMOTH PICTURE. He gives you some PAPER.
  35. Go back to the BULB lighted corner (to the right of Kate)
  36. Zoom in on the WOODEN BEAM on the right (beside the bulb). There is and ENGRAVING of a MAMMOTH
  38. Go back to MOMO and give him the picture
  39. Follow MOMO. He is going towards NOTARYís house and beyond. So, get out of the Voralberg Estate in to the street
  40. Go left towards NOTARYís house. Go left until you see MOMO. Click on MOMO. Follow him
  41. Go forward until you see MOMO again sitting on a rock. (You pass a BOAT on the way)
  42. Talk to MOMO (optional)
  43. Go to your right. Go near the DAM. Click on the DAM HANDLE
  44. Go back to MOMO. Talk to him. Select HELP
  45. Pick up the broken HANDLE
  46. Go left until you find the OLD BOAT. Use the BROKEN HANDLE on the PADDLE
  47. Go to MOMO and talk. Select HELP
  48. Go to MOMO again and ask for HELP. He opens the DAM
  49. Go back to where MOMO was sitting on rock
  50. Go behind the rock and follow that road
  51. Follow the road and enter the CAVE. Go forward until you see the brown MAMMOTH DOLL on the cave floor. Pick it up and go back to the Voralberg estate
  52. At the fountain, with the multiple paths, take the second-left path. Go forward
  53. You should see a huge CYLINDER on a platform
  54. Pull the lever on the steel pillar under the third lamp to the right
  55. Go back to the fountain
  56. Go to the left-most path on the screen
  57. Enter the Voralberg factory (by the watermill). Go in
  58. Inside the factory, go right
  59. Now click little bit above the center of the screen to go to the back of the machines
  60. Enter the door. Go forward
  61. Pull the lever to your right. The cage turns
  62. Pull the lever to your leftmost
  63. Go out of the room and back to the factory floor (just in front of the main door)
  64. Go left and pass the steel staircase and go left once more
  65. Go left until you see the big CYLINDER. You also get a call from MOM (IMPORTANT: She will talk about Franck Malcovich)
  66. Go near the CYLINDER. Click on the automaton PORTER/MOVER
  67. Go right. Click on the DOOR behind the automaton MOVER
  68. You find OSCAR hanging on a chain. Go right and behind him
  69. Click on the LEVER to get him down. Talk to him.
  70. Select all options. PRODUCTION option will give you OSCARís card
  71. Go out of the room. Go to the METAL STAIRCASE. Go up
  72. Enter the ROOM on the top of the staircase. Go right
  73. Zoom in on the BOOKSHELF. Pull the SECOND BOOK from the right on the TOP SHELF. Take the MUSICAL CYLINDER. Zoom out
  74. Zoom in on the TABLE (optional). Look at the TRAIN blueprint/letters/the notes
  75. Go out of the room. Go left to the CONSOLE beside the room
  76. Zoom in on the CONSOLE. Click switch #3 ON (it turns red). Use the LEFT BLACK lever until you see a LIGHT GOLD plate. Put OSCARís CARD into the middle SLOT. Pull the RIGHT lever. (See the cut scene)
  77. Go down. Go right until you see OSCARís FEET.  Pick it up
  78. Go to OSCAR and give him the FEET. He goes to the TRAIN
  79. Get out of the factory and the Voralberg Estate. Go back to the main road
  80. Click on the top of the screen to go up the road, towards the HOTEL
  81. Go right and forward until you reach the CHURCH. Enter the GATE
  82. You get a call from OFFICE
  83. Go right. Go forward
  84. Enter the DOOR BEHIND the CHURCH, and enter a room
  85. Go right. Zoom in on the CROSS on the WALL
  86. Click on the CROSS. Take the KEY
  87. Zoom in on the WARDROBE. Use KEY on the KEYHOLE to the TOP RIGHT CORNER
  88. Open the 3rd drawer. Pick up the PURPLE musical punch card. (Other cards are optional)
  89. Turn the SCREW to the right of the opened THIRD DRAWER. Pick up the new KEY (must) and the SCROLL (optional)
  90. Go outside the room. Go left once
  91. Zoom in on the small CUPBOARD beside the ELEVATOR doors
  92. Use the COGWHEELS (see 8)
  93. Use them until all fits in the mechanism. Pull the lever.
  94. Go forward inside the tower. Zoom in on the CHURCH BELL automaton. Use the PURPLE musical card on it
  95. Go down. Go left twice. You should see the HAT-OFF grave (just like in the cut scene). Go to it
  96. Zoom in on the HAT. Use the KEY. (See 89)
  97. Enter the TOMB. Go forward and zoom in on HANS VORALBERGís TOMBSTONE. Click on the handle
  98. Zoom in again and pick up another MUSICAL CYLINDER (i.e., see 73) and a NEWS CLIP (optional)

99.  Now go back to the Voralberg factory again

100.    Go to the ROOM, up the METAL STAIRCASE. (See 71 and 72)

101.    Zoom in on the BOOK |SHELF again. Use the 2nd MUSICAL CYLINDER on the PHONOGRAPH in the second shelf. See the cut scene.

102.    Take the ANNA-HANS mechanical toy/statue

103.    Go back to the FOUNTAIN in the Voralberg Estate. Take the second-right path to the rail station

104.    Enter the STATION. Go forward. Click on the TRAIN LADDER/STAIR. Go inside the train CAR

105.    Talk to OSCAR. Select MISSION. Go out. Go left towards the TICKET COUNTER. Talk to OSCAR. Select MISSION

106.    Take TICKET and DOCUMENT

107.    Go to the NOTARYís house (see 14)

108.    Inside the NOTARY WAITING ROOM, go right

109.    Zoom in on the TABLE/DESK

110.    Flip the CAP/HAT of the STAMP automaton. Use the INKPOT on the OPENED CAP HEAD

111.    Put the DOCUMENT release permit on the stamp machine. Push the RED button

112.    Pick up the APPROVED DOCUMENT and go out

113.    Go back to the STATION and go just FRONT of the CAR DOOR (see 104)

114.    Go right from there. Go down the screen.

115.    You should see a WHEEL and a LEVER on the right-hand side

116.    Turn the WHEEL then pull the LEVER. Use the WHEEL again to retract the WINDING mechanism

117.    Go back into the CAR. You receive a call from DAN (the BIG LOSER J)

118.    Enter the CAR. Go further in the CAR past OSCAR

119.    Go to the SECOND ROOM with SHELVES.

120.    Put the MAMMOTH DOLL on the right shelf on the TABLE. Put the ANNA-HANS doll at the center ROUND TABLE. Put the 2 MUSICAL CYLINDERS in the LEFT SHELF

121.     Go to OSCAR. Give him the TICKET and the APPROVED DOCUMENT

122.    Enjoy the train ride J


  1. Try to get out. Talk to OSCAR. He will not go out
  2. Go out to the new STATION platform. Go left. Go left again until you meet the STATIONMASTER
  3. Pick up the HOOK on the bank, in front of the STATIONMASTER. Talk to him
  4. Go back and right until you reach the ARCHED-BRIDGED CROSSWAYS
  5. Go right 2 times. Then go left most. Zoom in on the LOCK CONSOLE. Zoom in on the SMALL BOARD above the BROKEN TELEPHONE
  6. Write down the number and call 2766-6742 using Kateís CELLPHONE
  7. Write down the LOCK CONTROL instructions. To raise water level: #41*. To lower water level: #42*
  8. Go back to the train using the MIDDLE STAIRS at the CROSSWAY. Stand by the TRAIN.
  9. Go right and forward until you see the WALL and the GATE. Kate sees a WINDING MACHINE also
  10. Go back and meet OSCAR. He calls you
  11. He tells you about the UNIVERSITY RECTORS
  12. Go out of the TRAIN. Go left twice, then right twice
  13. Go right twice and left once DOWN the STAIRS until you meet the HUSBAND and WIFE (COUPLE) in the BARGE
  14. Talk and select HELP
  15. Go back up the STAIRS. Go right into the UNIVERSITY and enter through the MAIN DOOR
  16. Inside the UNIVERSITY, go right once, then left once more. Enter the tall door into the LIBRARY
  17. Go down and pick up the BLUE BOOK on the BOTTOM-RIGHT TABLE on the screen
  18. Read the book
  19. Go left up the stairs. Go down the screen
  20. Click on the LADDER to climb up
  21. Pick up the YELLOW BOOK with the BROWN LABEL UPSIDE DOWN to your right. Read it
  22. Get out of the LIBRARY
  23. Go left. Enter the RECTOR ROOM and talk to them
  24. Select MONEY and SAUVIGNON. Get out of the room and go down the screen. Go right until you meet the PROFESSOR RON (he is observing the Mammoth skeleton)
  25. Talk to him. Select HANS and SAUVIGNON
  26. Go back to the STATIONMASTER by the BANK (see 2). You also get a call from the OFFICE
  28. Go back to the CROSSWAY. Go right towards the UNIVERSITY. You meet the STATIONMASTER again
  29. Talk to him again. Select SAUVIGNON
  30. Go back to TRAIN and pick up the MAMMOTH DOLL and go back inside the UNIVERSITY and talk to PROF. RON again
  31. Give him the MAMMOTH DOLL
  32. Enter the LABORATORY
  33. Zoom in on the SHELF to the left
  34. Pick up the 3rd MUSICAL CYLINDER from the 3rd shelf
  35. Go down the screen. Zoom in on the SINK on the right side of the screen
  36. Pick up the YANGALA COLA BOTTLE and the FORCEPS
  37. Talk to Prof RON. Select SAUVIGNON
  38. Go out and talk to STATIONMASTER. Select SAUVIGNON
  39. Go to the RECTORS. Ask about the SAUVIGNON
  40. Go talk to the STATIONMASTER again and ask about SAUVIGNON
  41. Go left. Go over the LEFT ARCHED BRIDGE
  42. Enter the PATH between the greenhouse-forest. Go forward until you meet the STATIONMASTER
  43. Enter the GARDEN. Go left twice until you see the RED BERRIES. Pick some up
  44. Go back just in front of the ARCHED BRIDGE and the FORESTED PATH
  45. Click/Move on the PAVEMENT on to the right (NOT the BRIDGE)
  46. Go right. Use the BERRIES on the BIRDS
  47. Climb up the STEEL LADDER. Go left up the LADDER again. Zoom in on the BACK of the MECHANICAL BIRD
  48. Pick up the REDDISH CUCKOO EGG with the FORCEPS (see 36)
  49. Go down and into the UNIVERSITY COURTYARD. DO NOT enter the UNIVERSITY. In your way, you get a WINE BOTTLE from the STATIONMASTER
  50. At the COURTYARD, go into the WATER SURROUNDED VIOLIN automaton MONUMENT
  51. Go around until you can click on the DOOR with the WHEEL
  52. Use EGG on the right compartment. Turn the WHEEL
  53. Enter. Go down. Pull the LEVER.
  54. Go to the RECTORS. Talk. Select MONEY
  55. Go back to the BARGE COUPLE (see 13)
  56. Give them the MONEYBAG. You get a KEY. Pick it up.
  57. Go up the stairs. Go into the STATION and to the LOCK CONSOLE (see 5)
  58. You get a call from MOM in your way there. You hear about FRANCK again (important)
  59. At the CONSOLE, zoom in on the controls
  60. Use the KEY at the KEYHOLE
  61. Press #42*
  62. Go talk to BARGE COUPLE again. Select LOCKS
  63. Go back to the CONSOLE and press #41*
  64. Go back towards the TRAIN and go towards the WALL (see 8 and 9)
  65. Meet the BARGE COUPLE. Talk. Select HELP
  66. Use the HOOK (see 3) on CHAIN
  67. Go forward towards the WALL/WINDING MACHINE
  68. You get a call from Prof RON
  69. Go back into the UNIVERSITY. Inside the UNIVERSITY, go forward and towards the MAMMOTH SKELETON in the CENTER (in front of the round UNIVERSITY BARROCKSTADT sign on the floor)
  70. Go left up the stairs in to the LECTURE HALL. Go forward until Prof RON begins his lecture
  71. Go back to the LABORATORY (see 32)
  72. Pick up the NOTES from the TABLE in front of Prof RON. Also, get the MAMMOTH DOLL
  73. Go back to the TRAIN (it is near the WALL) and stand just front of the CAR DOOR
  74. Go right across the front of the CAR DOOR
  75. Turn the WHEEL and then pull the LEVER of the WINDING MACHINE on the left. DAN calls again
  76. Go back to the TRAIN. Enter the CAR. Go to the SHELVES ROOM and put the MAMMOTH DOLL on the table shelf
  77. Use the new MUSICAL CYLINDER with the PHONOGRAPH below the ANNA-HANS dolls
  78. See the cut scene
  79. Kate puts the MUSICAL CYLINDER in the SHELF
  80. Go talk to OSCAR. Select MISSION
  81. Go out. Go right. Go to the BOOTH and talk to OSCAR
  82. Go behind the BOOTH (to the left)
  83. Go left and go into the STEEL DOOR of the GATE TOWER. Go up the STAIRS
  84. You get a call from OLIVIA
  85. Go down the screen then left. Enter the OUTPOST
  86. Talk to the CAPTAIN. Select MISSION
  87. Look into the TELESCOPE. Push the RIGHT RED BUTTON until the image of the DEAD TREE is clearly visible
  88. Talk to the CAPTAIN again. Select MISSION
  89. Zoom in on the SPECTACLES on the table to the right
  90. Click on the SPECTACLES
  91. Use WINE BOTTLE on the GLASSES (see 49). Use the YANGALA COLA BOTTLE on the glasses now (see 36). Zoom out
  92. Get the VISA and go down to OSCAR, and give him the VISA. Get the TICKETS
  93. Go into the TRAIN CAR. Give the TICKET to OSCAR


  1. Get out of the TRAIN and out onto the STATION PLATFORM
  2. Go left towards the GIANT automaton.
  3. Go left and talk to OSCAR
  4. Go left, then right-most towards the GIANT
  5. Climb up the STEEL LADDER beside the GIANTís LEG
  6. Inside the GIANTís CONTROL ROOM, zoom in on the SHELF above the BED. Take the new MUSICAL CYLINDER, the GIANTís BLUEPRINT and the HANDLE. Zoom out
  7. Zoom in on the CONSOLE to the right
  8. Use the HANDLE at the CENTER of the CONSOLE. Push the HANDLE UP TWICE. Push the RED BUTTON. The TRAIN is winded
  9. Pull the HANDLE BACKWARD TWICE. Go out and back to the TRAIN
  10. Go into the TRAIN CAR. Go to the BED CHAMBER. You find OSCAR tied and gagged
  11. Pick up the METAL SHEER on the floor
  12. Untie OSCAR. OSCARís HANDS have been stolen
  13. Go to the SHELVES ROOM. Use the new MUSICAL CYLINDER on the PHONOGRAPH
  14. Go out to the STATION PLATFORM by the TRAIN
  15. Go back into the GIANTís CONTROL ROOM (see 5)
  16. Use the CONSOLE and push the HANDLE UP ONCE
  17. Get out. Jump to the RIGHT
  18. Zoom in on the HOLE on the wall
  19. Use the METAL SHEER
  20. Go in. Go right. Zoom in on the SHELF to the left. Take the WHITE SPARK PLUG
  21. Get out and back to the TRAIN. DO NOT go into the CAR and stand by the TRAIN.
  22. Go right towards the other END of the STATION PLATFORM
  23. Pull the LEVER by the DYNAMITE BOXES and by the pillars
  24. Use the ELEVATOR to go down in to the MINE. DAN calls
  25. Zoom in on the POWER GENERATOR on the left
  26. Use the SPARK PLUG on the TOP of the GENERATOR
  27. Pull the LEVER to the right of the SPARK PLUG
  28. Go down the screen. Go forward the lighted PATHWAY. Go down the screen again
  29. Go into the ELEVATOR by the LEVER, and behind the carts, to go up
  30. Inside the factory, click on the LEVER by the SOLID STEEL DOOR, on the bottom-left side of the screen
  31. The huge DOOR opens. (You DO NOT need to go out now.) Go right
  32. Go up the STAIRS towards the MUSICAL ORGAN
  33. Zoom in on the PIANIST automaton. Pick up the SCREWDRIVER
  34. Go back to the front of the HUGE OPEN METAL DOOR (see 30). Go down the screen. Go left.
  35. Zoom in on the LADDER. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the 4 screws
  36. Climb up. Go left into the ROOM
  37. Talk to the DIRECTOR. Select MISSION
  38. Go down the LADDER. Go into the new HELENA ROOM to the right
  39. Go down the screen. Go right. Zoom in on the OPEN DRAWER on your left. Pick up the DIARY. Read it.
  40. Pick up the LETTERS. Read them.
  41. Call MOM using CELLPHONE. Scroll the numbers until you find MOMís number. Press TALK. Talk to MOM. You find out that HELENA is in ARALBAD
  42. Go meet DIRECTOR again (see 34). DAN calls
  43. Talk to DIRECTOR. Select ARALBAD and MISSION
  44. Go out of the ROOM. Take the MONORAIL on the right
  45. Go down/right. OLIVIA calls. Go forward
  46. Go left up the STAIRS
  47. Go right of the ROCKET BOOSTER
  48. Go up the SHORT STAIRS to the right and enter the SPACE CAPSULE
  49. Go forward
  50. Pick up the VODKA bottle behind the COSMONAUT
  51. Enter the CAPSULE again
  52. Zoom in on the CUPBOARD by the chair and the right-side to the photographs
  53. Pick up the KEY and the CANCELLATION LETTER
  54. Go out of the CAPSULE
  55. Go down the SHORT STAIRS by the left side of the CAPSULE once. Go right. Turn the WATER WHEEL on your left
  56. Go left and up the SHORT STAIR
  57. Click on the center of the screen at the CRANE CONSOLE
  58. Use the KEY (see 53) on the keyhole
  59. Pull the LEVER LEFT. Push the LEVER with the ARROWS Ė UP. Push the LEVER with WATER PIPE sign UP to TURN ON the WATER
  60. Go down and talk to the COSMONAUT (optional)
  61. Go right. Go left. Go right up the STAIRS into the SPACE CONTROL ROOM
  62. Zoom in on the CONTROL CONSOLE on the right
  63. Use the VORALBERG KEY lying by the CONSOLE on the left
  64. Open the RECTANGULAR looking GREY COVER to the right side of the CONSOLE, just under the I/O (ON/OFF) switch
  65. Connect the TWO WIRES
  66. Turn on the CONSOLE by using the I/O switch. The DISPLAY LIGHTS UP GREEN
  67. Pick up the BLOOD TESTING APPARATUS (the black box with a handle and a circular hole, on the right side of the console)
  68. Go out. Go left
  69. Now go rightmost. Go forward (center screen) into the METAL STAIRCASE. You find the AIRSHIP
  70. Try to enter, but you need a KEY
  71. Go back to the COSMONAUT
  72. Talk and select AIRSHIP and BIRD
  73. Go back to the AIRSHIP. Enter it with the KEY
  74. Pull the LEVER. Go back to the COSMONAUT. He is by the CONTROL ROOM now (see 61)
  75. Use the BLOOD TESTING APPARATUS (see 67) on the COSMONAUT
  76. Go into the CONTROL ROOM. Zoom in on the CONSOLE
  77. Put the BLOOD TESTING APPARATUS into the square space to the right
  78. Push the left button with the UP/DOWN ARROWS
  79. Push the SYRINGE button. Click on the BLOOD TESTING APPARATUSí CIRCULAR HOLE. DO NOT pick it up
  80. Push the SYRINGE button again
  81. Push the 3rd button with the TURNING ARROWS
  82. Push the TRIANGLE (4th) button
  83. Look at the COSMONAUT throwing the CRANK HANDLE
  84. Go out. Go left. Pick up the CRANK from the floor
  85. Go down the screen. Go left 3 times and go up the stairs left/behind the BOOSTER ROCKET
  86. Go forward towards the BLACK EAGLE/BIRD
  88. Go back into the AIRSHIP. Pull the lever inside the AIRSHIP (see 69)


  1. Go out. Go left until you get a call from OFFICE
  2. Go left into the HOTEL. Talk to the RECEPTIONIST (optional)
  3. Go down the screen. Go left. Go into the WOODEN DOOR to the left
  4. Take the GREEN DETERGENT bottle from the shelves
  5. Go out to the FOUNTAIN outside the HOTEL. Use the DETERGENT on the FOUNTAIN
  6.  Go into the HOTEL. Pull/click the ROPE to the right of the RED/BROWN CURTAIN
  7. Go to the RECEPTIONIST. Click on the CALLING BELL on the DESK (center screen)
  8. Go inside the COUNTER
  9. Zoom in on the COUNTER/GUESTBOOK
  10. Pick the BROCHURE on the right. Read the GUESTBOOK
  11. You find that HELENA is in the HOTEL and her ACCESS CODE is 1270
  12. Push the RED button and the STEEL DOOR opens
  13. Go to the STEEL DOOR and enter the SPA
  14. Inside the SPA, go right. Go left. Go down the screen. Go left into the HALLWAY (center of the screen)
  15. Pick the CRYSTAL GLASS. Go back once
  16. Go left
  17. Zoom in on the DOOR CONSOLE to the right (it has a small white screen)
  18. Type 1270. Pull the LEVER
  19. Go leftmost (NOT towards the WHEEL CHAIR automaton JAMES). Go right. Enter the newly OPEN DOOR
  20. Pick up the ACCESS CARD from the floor
  21. You get code: 0968
  22. Go back to the DOOR CONSOLE and use 0968 and the pull the LEVER to open the DOOR
  23. Enter the open DOOR. Pick up the GAS MASK to your right
  24. Go left and outside to the BEACH CAUSEWAY
  25. Go right until you find HELENA sitting on a bench inside a DIAS. Talk to her
  26. Get down of the DIAS. Angry RECEPTIONIST arrives
  27. Go down once. Zoom in on the BELL to the left, underneath the LAMPPOST
  28. Take the BELL. Zoom out.
  29. Go left until you are out the HOTEL DOOR by the BEACH CAUSEWAY (DO NOT go in)
  30. Zoom in on the CHAIN, under the middle LAMPPOST
  31. Use the BELL. Pull the CHAIN
  32. Go inside. Leave your MASK on the HOOK by clicking on it. They are on the right side
  33. Go right. Then left towards the WHEEL CHAIR automaton named JAMES
  34. Talk to JAMES. You get a call from MOM
  35. Talk to HELENA. Select HANS. You hear about a COCKTAIL Ė BLUE HELENA
  36. Look just under HELENA inside the BAR (about the center of the screen). Zoom in
  37. Pick up the LEMON and the JAR OF CRYSTALLIZED HONEY
  38. Look at the hotel BROCHURE you picked up at the RECEPTION DESK (SEE 10)
  39. Call the number written in RED INK Ė 46433643, using the CELLPHONE
  41. Go right of the BAR. Go left twice. Go right twice
  42. Go left towards the SQUARE TUB. Turn the WHEEL by the TUB to HEAT the water
  43. Use the HONEY JAR in the HOT water
  44. Go back to the BAR
  45. Zoom in on the BAR mechanism
  46. Pick up the small SCROLL containing a MUSICAL SCORE, just above the shaker
  47. Put the LIME on the left EMPTY SLOT; the VODKA (from Komkolzgrad) and the HONEY JAR with liquid honey on the right two empty slots
  48. Push in the I/O button
  49. From left, push the 2nd NOTE/BUTTON
  50. Click on the small LEVER on the right side (that has 2 MUSICAL SIGNS around it), and turn it to the right (or the other SIGN)
  51. Push the 3rd white NOTE/BUTTON from the left
  52. Push the BLACK-HONEYCOMB sign button above
  53. Push the LIME button. Then ICE-CRYSTAL button on the left. Push the rightmost SHAKER button
  54. Put the CRYSTAL GLASS (see 15) at the edge of the BAR TABLE
  55. Talk to HELENA
  56. Go outside the HOTEL and inside the AIRSHIP
  57. You get a call from OLIVIA

Back to Komkolzgrad

  1. Go up towards the METAL CAGE
  2. Zoom in on the CAGE DOOR. Use the METAL SHEER on the LOCK. Release HELENA
  3. Go into the CAGE and zoom in on the PIANIST automaton
  4. Use the SCREWDRIVER to get OSCARís HANDS
  5. Go left. Go down the screen
  6. Go into the ELEVATOR to the right
  7. Go down the screen. Go forward. You hear a noise. Go forward again. Go down the screen. Pull the ELEVATOR LEVER on the right
  8. Go down the screen, then forward
  9. Go into the large circular AIRDUCT
  10. Look left and zoom in on the open DYNAMITE BOX
  11. Pick up the DYNAMITE. Zoom out
  12. Go right. Go left
  13. Talk to OSCAR. Go right and inside the TRAIN CAR. You see the GIANT blocking your way
  14. Go out to the STATION PLATFORM
  15. Go towards the GIANT
  16. Use the DYNAMITE on its RIGHT LEG

Back to Aralbad

  1. Go outside into the Aralbad station platform
  2. Go left. Go right
  3. Turn the WHEEL and then pull the LEVER to WIND the TRAIN again
  4. Talk to OSCAR. Select MISSION
  5. Go into the HOTEL and towards the RECEPTION DESK
  6. Zoom in on the open BOX to the left of the RECEPTION DESK
  7. Pick up the MAMMOTH AUTOMATON. Get a call from OFFICE
  8. Go to the HOTEL BAR. Talk to HELENA
  9. Go outside to the BEACH CAUSEWAY
  10. Talk to HANS VORALBERG sitting on the bench
  11. You get a call from OFFICE
  12. See you Syberia 2!



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